How to Change a Car Tire : How to Loosen Lug Nuts to Change a Flat Tire

How to Change a Car Tire : How to Loosen Lug Nuts to Change a Flat Tire

Hello! My name is Christopher Fiffie. I have
20 plus years of as an automotive mechanic. On behalf of Expert Village, we will be talking
about how to change a flat tire. We will go ahead and move this spare tire out of the
way for now that will allow us to find the jack point on this vehicle. Most jack points
are right here in this area. What is important is to properly jack the vehicle. Improper
jacking of the vehicle could allow the vehicle to fall and injure yourself or someone else.
It is also important to make sure that the jack lift head is also securely positioned
as well. What we will do now is take the lug nut wrench and loosen the plastic lug nut
After loosening the plastic lug nut caps, we will be able to remove the hubcap. By taking
the lug nut wrench and carefully prying it off. With the hubcap removed, we can now take
the lug nut wrench and loosen lug nuts. It is important to not take all of the lug nuts
off because loosening the lug nuts while the tire is on the ground will give you the necessary
to create torque to loosen the lug nuts. If the tire is elevated, the tire would spin
and therefore, would not be able to have the necessary torque to take the lug nut off.
We will go ahead and rotate to counter clockwise and loosen all of the lug nuts. With the lug nuts now loosened, we can now
go ahead and elevate the car to about this level which will allow us to pull the tire

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  1. those plastic lugs are junk, do yourself a favor and complain about them at your local dealership. NOW just think, when those plastic hubcap nuts that screw onto the nuts that hold your rim to the car, have been on for awhile. They usually break or crack leaving the hubcap stuck. (Then you have to pry it off.)

  2. Put your emergency brake on and also "chunck", put a large piece of 4by4 wood behind opposite tire for extra safety. Then change tire. This is from a mailLady of 37 years and I have had my share and can change one in 5 minutes.

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