How to Center Your Back Wheel EASY – BMX HACK

How to Center Your Back Wheel EASY – BMX HACK

Hey everyone welcome back to this week’s tuesday tip, where in this week’s video We’re going to be showing you a tip that makes it much easier to center your back wheel So some you might already know this tip but if you’re new to riding bikes or you have a lot of trouble when centering your back wheel this tip Is going to save you a lot of frustration so the first thing that We’re going to do, Is we’re going to pull our wheel Backwards until it stops you, don’t have to worry about putting constant pressure on the chain We’re just taking out the excess amount of slack So the next thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to push your Wheel away From your drive side I Have right side drive so that means that when the bikes upside down it’s on the left so i’m going to be pushing my wheel to the right side away from my sprocket and then the next thing that you’re going to do after you do that Is You’re going to tighten your drive side so something that I do that makes this Easier is I put my thumb around this seat stay tube and then I grab my tire with my four other fingers and that allows Me to pull it backwards and towards my Non drive side at the same time then all you got to do Is tighten your drive side axle nut You don’t have to tighten it all the way Just snug enough so that it won’t move so you probably noticed that my wheel isn’t Centered Right now obviously because, we pushed it towards the non-drive side so to get it centered what We’re going to do is the exact opposite of what We just did on the non-drive side so what We’re going to do is grab the opposite Chainstay tube With our thumb use our other four fingers to grab the tire and then pull it towards the drive side Until it’s centered and then tighten down the non-drive side axle nut So as you can see my wheels pretty straight now my chain tension is about where I’d want it your chain tension isn’t exactly where You’d want it or your wheel isn’t straight enough for you you can loosen the Corresponding side that will fix that and pull it the way that you need to if you’re chain’s to tight loosen your drive side a little bit and pinch your chain like this and it should pull it forward loosening your chain if it’s too loose loosen the drive side and push towards your drive side on your wheel and that should push it back tightening it up and then depending on where your wheels at you just loosen the Corresponding side and push it the way that you need to to get it straight So this tips pretty simple it’s something that a lot of people probably already know but if you Don’t it can help you out a lot I hope this video helped you guys out and we’ll catch you in the next one thanks guys see ya

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  1. Thank you it works but there’s one problem my chain is not as tight as I wanted but it’s still pretty tight just like a loose tight

  2. Not bad. But honestly, NOBODY has ever done one of these and addressed the real problem. Especially frustrated must be the kids that still have frames made of hi-ten. The dropouts get squished, or indented, making the wheel always want to go into that groove. I dont have a solution, but thats the problem. Harry Main probably did the worst one ever, going on and on how easy it is, when he has a new frame every 5 minutes. Hi-ten frames also can get a slightly warped rear too, that one may not notice.

  3. My rear wheel is way closer to my non drive side and it doesn't move as easy as your wheel when I pull it. Am I doing something wrong? Also my wheel won't really pull back but the chain already looks kind of tight. I think that it's already at the back of my dropouts or something. Am I doing something wrong? I'm not sure why the wheel won't move, I guess I'm supposed to loosen something first?

  4. Thanks, I ride an e-bike and had to change a rear tube, I was going NUTS trying to get it properly aligned, this method worked and now I can finally adjust my brake's properly..

  5. People need to see where your putting your hands man. Nice to start the Video angle but you need to have the camera on the side. This Video is pointless

  6. My chain keeps coming off and the tire is slanted. And rubbing against the frame and brakes. What should I do?

  7. Hi what’s that tool called that extends into the peg, do you have a link I could order from on amazon? I don’t know what size to get it for my back tire either

  8. Hey i did that but when i start to grind my back wheel just move and i have to do it again, what should i do?

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