How To Build WooFunnels Tutorial – Full WooCommerce Sales Funnels + Cart Abandonment [Free]

How To Build WooFunnels Tutorial – Full WooCommerce Sales Funnels + Cart Abandonment [Free]

It’s time to buckle up in this extended tutorial
video I’m going to show you how to BuildWooFunnels a full sales funnel leveraging WooCommerce.
The best part is everything were going to use is free to show you everything. But let’s
first take a look at what were going to build in this video. So here we have a fully customized
sales page where you can promote your product or your services can be great for physical
products, Digital Products services, you name it. So working to build this beautiful sales
page right here next. This will lead your buyer to a beautiful fully customized the
checkout page. And there’s something really neat about this and this also is not to cost
you anything. You can kinda see it right here. This check out skin 1/2 cart abandonment features.
That means if someone makes it here and puts their email address in but doesn’t complete
the purchase. You’re going to have the tools to get them back interested in making this
purchase and enticing them to come back to your checkout page. This also is not gonna
cost you anything and you might be thinking wow this looks really nice. I don’t have the
design skills and it looks very complicated know it’s not we are going to use the most
popular page building tool that is out there. It’s called Elementor. This has millions of
people using it. It is so powerful and at the same time. It’s super easy to use. Everything
is point-and-click drag-and-drop. So you see some text right here that you want to change.
You can just click on it and start typing away if there is something that you might
want to move what you can just drag and drop it and if you want to delete anything just
right click and choose delete it is so easy to use. It’s easy to change the style it’s
easy to drag and drop new elements on your page. I can go right here and here is a long
list of elements and keep in mind this is all free. It’s not a cost you anything. So
if you wanted to add a video instead of this image, it super easy. I just drag and drop
the video element there it is. I can right-click on the image click on delete and I’ve already
customized that all you have to do is click right here on the video and paste in a link
to your video. This is going to be so easy for you to use to set up to fully customize
exactly how you wanted to look so let me go over what were going to cover in this video
first were going to get website hosting. You can skip that part of you already have website
hosting. You don’t have to watch it. Just skip ahead in the video description down below.
I’ll have timestamps to get you through the different segments of this video than Morgan
install WordPress to customize it a little bit work and install what we need to install
working to configure that, then working to create a fully custom woo sales funnel. Now
what I try to do in my videos is I don’t try to just give it to you so that you have it.
I want to teach you so that you can create these things on your own outside of this video
is separate from this video and that is the goal let’s not waste any more time. Let’s
go ahead and jump on in to the tutorial another first step to getting a web hosting account
is to open up your web browser open up a new tab and then visit this link right here
know when you visit that link Siteground is gonna take 70% off what it cost to create
a new web hosting accounts you’re in a safe 70% through this link. So just go ahead and
enter wanted to share for a quick moment why I recommend Siteground.
They are fantastic in the four most important things when it comes to your website hosting
number one is the speed of your website, you’re not going to find a higher performance. Webhost
in this price range. Number two is support and they are known for having the fastest
and best support when you need help, they’re going to give it to you. The third item is
special features for WordPress users. They have plans that include one click staging
easy migration that it is filled with features for WordPress users and forth is security
a very secure hosting platform. Now you don’t even have to take my word for this. You could
ask anywhere on the Internet for a hosting recommendation and consistently the recommendation
is always going to be Siteground in this price range, so you don’t only have to take my word
for it. Siteground is the most highly recommended web hosting provider for a reason. Okay, so
when we get to this page right here and go ahead and click on WordPress hosting actually
all three of these right here were going to be the same exact thing. So I’m a click on
get started now. They have three plans and there some minor differences between the plans.
What you’re going to want for sure is either the grow big or the go to geek out the reason
you would want these plans over the startup is they have more WordPress related features,
such as they will migrate your WordPress website for you. They have caching so it’s higher
performance faster loading hosting they come with advanced backup features and my favorite
feature is one click staging. What that means is when you’re making changes to your website.
You don’t have to make it to the live website. You can do it in this private area were only
you can see the website and then you can click one button and push those changes to your
life website. That’s why you’d want to pick the grow big and this is typically what I
recommend if you are going to have a website you want more resources and higher priority
support. You might want to pay a little bit extra and go with the goat geek plan right
here. Keep in mind because you visited Siteground through 70% is taken
off of the cost of your hosting plan. Let’s go ahead and choose the grow big I’ll click
on get plan right here. This is where you can choose your domain name if you’re going
to be registering a new one. Or if you already have a domain name so you can go right here
in just enter in a domain name that you would like to register on this account. The setup
process will be the same whether you’re registering a new domain name if you already have a domain
name. It’s gonna be more convenient if you register the domain name here at Siteground
for me. I already have a domain name something to choose this option, and then I’ll enter
my domain name here. I have entered in, let’s create a I’ll go ahead and click
on proceed now if you’re registering a new domain name if it’s taken it will let you
know that you can just keep trying a different variation of the domain name that you want
to register. Okay, so now we are on the last step to enter in our billing information.
This is standard stuff you put your email address and that’s good to be the email you
use to log into your Siteground account. Then you put in your name and your billing address
your billing information right here and then right here is a final confirmation of your
services so I’m in go ahead and fill it out and then will do this step right here together
have gone ahead and filled out all of my billing information. So here is the final order details.
It’s confirming the plan. It’s confirming the data center. Now it’s going to choose
a data center near where you are. So if you’re in the USA. It’s can automatically choose
the USA data center. If you’re in the EU. If you’re in the Middle East is going to choose
error in Asia is going to choose a data center nearest to you then. Right here you could
choose the. Your pre-paying for this. So by default it’s 12 months and you can increase
this to 24 or 36 to increase the savings that you have it just to verify the price that
you’re paying right now and then we have these few extra services that it’s going to offer
to us. They first one is because we chose the grow big were getting a free website transfer.
This is normally $30. It’s included for free. Whether you use it or not. And then there’s
this option right here for SG scanner. I don’t recommend it but you can add this if you want
you can always add this at a later time and then right here. We just have the final confirmation
of the cost. I think you’ll agree this is a really low cost to get a full year of web
hosting and especially one that’s as good a Siteground. Next we just need to check these
two boxes right here and then click on pay now. All right if you filled everything out
correctly. It’s can it take you to this screen. If not, it will kick you back to fix whatever
might be inputted wrong and then this is our final confirmation. The account is created
successfully. You’ll get an email receipt if you registered a new domain name, though
also be an additional email there to verify your domain that new domain just to verify
your email address that is tied to it now, and all we need to do is click on proceed
to customer area right here and it’s going to log us into Siteground. The next step is
to click right here it says set up site and right here you just want to verify that this
is listing your domain name and this is the domain name that I entered it when I created
my hosting account. Now what were going to do is click on create a new website or start
a new website some to click on select and then right here it’s going to reveal the options
that I have available to me. I’m in go ahead and choose right here where it says WordPress.
Even if you’re going to use WordPress and WooCommerce. I like to manually install WooCommerce
myself some and go ahead right here for WordPress and then click on select now what were going
to do is create a login for that WordPress-based website, so fill that out and then click on
continue. I filled mine out and I’m the click on continue right here at this step. It’s
just an upsell to that Siteground scanner that SG scanner, go ahead and click on finish.
I’m not going to be adding this to my account okay if you’ve done everything correctly.
It’s going to create. Start the process of creating your website all right you’re all
set now. If you registered your domain name with Siteground in this process, you can go
ahead and click right here it says manage site to go to the site tools. If you have
a domain name that’s registered elsewhere. You just need to go to where that domain name
is registered and update what’s called the DNS servers and this is what you want to put
in these two server addresses. Right here you can click right here to get additional
instructions. So if you have your domain name at Go Daddy. You could also just go to Google
and do a search for Go Daddy update DNS servers or you could contact where you’ve registered
your domain name at and asked them to change it for you. Next you’re going to want to click
on manage site and this is going to be the control panel for this domain that you’ve
just registered and you can do convenient things here, such as an email accounts access
the file manager you have those DNS servers. Again we can see the IP address of this server.
Now the first thing you always want to do when you add a website address to your hosting
account is create an SSL certificate Siteground makes a super convenient and it’s also free.
So what we want to do next is click right here it says security and then go right here
where it says SSL manager will click on that and right here it says install new SSL door.
You don’t have to install anything. We just have to create it so right. Here’s a drop
down and I’m in a choose, let’s encrypt this is going to be completely free and then I’ll
click on get right congratulations have now installed a SSL certificate which is crucial
for a website today and Siteground can automatically renew that certificate for you. So the next
step is to log into WordPress for the first time so many go right here it says WordPress
and then I’m the click right here it says install and manage. This is where we can install
additional WordPress installations or we can see a list of our installations right here
in manage them now if you look all the way on the far right. There’s these three dots
and when you click on it. We get some options here. I just want to show you these really
quick if you ever forget your admin password right here is your option to change it. Hey
it happens to all of us. You can reset permissions move this and delete this if you didn’t want
this WordPress installation anymore. Stay away from these last three options. Just know
that you can update your admin password if you forget that we have this little icon here.
This is log into the admin panel. This would be the WordPress admin panel summit click
on that, it’s can open up in a new tab and it’s going to take us right into WordPress
now when you have a site on Siteground and you log in for the first time you’re going
to see this wizard right here. We don’t actually want this summer to scroll down and click
on exit and it’s going to get us out of that onboarding process okay we just have a few
more steps to go through so what I want to do next is go to where it says plug-ins and
Siteground’s good install these two plug-ins the first one is for caching working to use
that at the end of developing our website so working to deactivate that by just clicking
on the activate the last is this that says WordPress starter. Go ahead and click on the
activate for this and then delete it. That was what was causing that onboarding process.
I’ll confirm that by clicking on okay so that is the first step in the next step is. We
need to tell WordPress that we have an SSL certificate and you can see right here. It’s
is not secure on the URL there working to fix that right now. So what we want to do
is click on settings and it’s going to take us here where we have some WordPress information
and then these two areas right here it’s going to show us our URL for the website and if
you notice what’s missing is the S and HTTPS so working to click there and add an S rent
click right here at an S and so now when we log into WordPress and view it on the front
end. It’s can you show us the version that is secure and using our SSL certificate so
will scroll down and click on save changes now before you do this know it’s going to
kick you out of WordPress and you’re gonna have to log back in and this is normal summit.
Click on save changes and then here we are, and you can see it doesn’t say not secure
in the top left anymore and now has the padlock right there. So go ahead and log in. This
is the username and password you chose when we created this site gets can it take you
right back here. I’ll click on dashboard. You can see we still have the padlock right
there and now working to take a quick look at the front end of the website just to make
sure that it’s also using this SSL certificate. The way we do that is right here it says my
WordPress and view site were to go ahead and click on that and it takes us right here and
this is what your website looks like right now and you can see that we have the SSL certificate
because were showing the padlock there as well. Congratulations on installing WordPress
for the first time so moving back to the dashboard of WordPress. I just want to walk you through
a couple simple settings that will make your WordPress experience better in some of these
settings, we need to go through anyway. All right, so were on the dashboard and we have
these front boxes and they’re called widgets. But if on the area right here it says screen
options. If you click on that you have these various checkboxes and that will get rid of
some of those so I can get rid of activity quick draft I can get rid of at a glance and
I’ll just leave this right here and then I would click on screen options and then that
goes back to how it was. Now when you add any plug-ins to your website. It might add
widgets. That’s how you’re going to go in and disable the ones that don’t matter to
you. Okay, off to the left. Here we have posts. This would be blog posts that we have media.
This is where you be able to upload images and videos and PDFs. Then we have pages. These
are going to be where the main content is of your website, so this would be your homepage,
your about us page. Those types of pages. If you do use the blog posts and you want
people on your website to be able to leave a comment during a find those here where it
says comments then we have the appearance tab and these are to be the visual aspects
of your website and this is where we can go in and create a menu and things like that
plug-ins this is where you can extend the functionality of WordPress, so a lot of the
features are can add you will be adding them via a plug and this is the true game changer
of WordPress and white so popular where it says users. This is where all your user accounts
are going to be including the one that you have and I were to go through this in a second
to just change a few variables there and then we have tools. This is where you can migrate
or push and pull your data if you’re moving from one platform into WordPress. We will
be covering that and then we have the settings organ have to go through a few of these slits
just knock this all out really quick so for someone to go to users and I’ll click on all
users. Just you can see it right now it’s just me so many go ahead and click on it right
here. You might want to go through here in add your first name in your last name at a
nickname and then you can choose what is going to be displayed publicly summit to go ahead
and do that right now, so I’ve added my name and a nickname and this is how I like to have
my name be viewed in emails everywhere, Adam, and then [email protected] crafter now if you feel the
story out and there’s this drop down here you’re in a be given options on how to have
it displayed. So right now you could see in the top right. It just shows the email address
but I’m to choose that nickname right here and you can see now it’s dynamically changed
right there, [email protected] crafter okay this is where you can change the email tied to your
WordPress user account and you can also change your password there as well. So go ahead and
click on update profile sets are you to do that and it’s the same thing if you wanted
to add a new user if you’re going to have multiple people logging into your website
okay. The next is go to settings and then here it says Gen. we actually took a look
at this, we added our SSL certificate. Now every website has a title and a tagline by
default. You can see right here at saying my WordPress and just another WordPress site
so you can change this to whatever you wanted to be and this is actually tied to right here
where it says my WordPress so this is where you might want to add your business name.
It may be sneak in a couple keyword phrases unnaturally that go along with your website
will organ it is show go through changing that as well. Later in this video, but this
is where I wanted to show you that you can do that here is the email address for notices
are to be sent to. So if there’s anything important related to your WordPress base website.
This is the email that those notices would be sent to right here you can be able to change
the language of your site and it’s also a good idea to enter in the correct time zone
now for my time zone. I -8, but I live in an area where there is daylight savings so
the time changes twice per year. So for that situation. I can scroll up here and I can
choose my city name and for me the closest one would be Los Angeles somata scroll up
here. It is a Los Angeles and it’s going to put the correct time in there for me. You
can change your date format your time format and all that. I’ll go ahead and click on save
changes to just know that this is where those settings would end up being. Now the next
is super important right here it says permanent links. Let’s go ahead and click on that. These
are basically the link structures and always want this set to post name right here that’s
gonna make your links look natural. All right, I’ll go ahead and choose that scroll down
click on save changes then I’ll click back here to the dashboard and that’s pretty much
it. Those are just some of the important settings that you want to pay attention to that are
available in word press. So here I am back on my WordPress dashboard now working at a
couple free tools to our website and the first one is going to be called Elementor, so open
up a new tab in your browser and visit WP Elementor ELEMENTOR and go
ahead and click on enter. It’s going to automatically take us over to Elementor’s website and download
it for us. It’s all super convenient Elementor is a page building tool you can do some really
amazing things with it. Now it’s free, but they also have a professional version. In
this tutorial were just can go over the free version of it. Let me just click on pricing
really quick so you can see that doubt. The cost is very low. It’s $49 for a single site
license and that is very low at the Pro version has lots of additional features but were not
to be using them in this video so I just wanted to point it out for you that might be something
that you want to look at later date. Now the next thing that we are going to download go
ahead and open up a new tab and enter in WP Astra. This is going to be
a WordPress theme and it’s also free. They also have a professional version of it. Let
me click on no thanks that we don’t need in this tutorial. If you wanted to check it out.
You can click right here it says Pro and it’s going to show you the additional features
that come in the Pro version you can click on pricing and you can see it’s only $59 for
the professional version of it but were not to be using that in this video. Okay, so let’s
go ahead and now install them. She can see down here on my web browser I see that both
of been downloaded. Let me go ahead and get rid of those notices. Now it’s going to depending
on your computer. Most likely down load those files to your downloads folder. I’m on a PC
right now. So what you want to do is let’s first install Elementor were going to go to
appearance click on themes were going to go to add new in the red. Click on upload theme
so this is going to be for Astra. It’s a theme you can’t upload it to plug-ins we have to
upload it to this area that says themes seeking click on choose file to select it for me.
I’m just gonna drag and drop it across like that and then click on install. Now it’s just
gonna take a moment I’ll go ahead and click on activate to activate this theme we get
this big notice, to go ahead and make that notice go away for now. All right, so you
can see we have Astra it’s now installed and activated. There’s some additional default
themes that get installed it super easy to remove these you can hover over it. Click
on theme details on the bottom right. It says delete and then we just confirm it by clicking
okay and then these themes that were knocking to be using are now gone. Okay so next let’s
install Elementor and this is a plug-in surrender. Go to plug-ins click on where it says add
new then up here it says upload plug-in will click on that the same thing. I’m in a drag
my downloaded file over click on install now to go ahead and upload install and then will
click on activate to activate Elementor. Once you do that it takes you to this getting started
video for Elementor that’s okay I’m in a covered fully in this video go ahead and click on
dashboard and so far we have downloaded two of the tools that we need for this video are
theme which is Astra and a plug-in Elementor and will in this video. Add a few additional
plug-ins. All right, so now it’s time to build our WooFunnel it’s can be so easy. From this
point forward sorting to go to plug-ins add new organ to do a search for CartFlows one
word and you actually see both of the CartFlows products. This is the final builder right
here it’s completely free and there’s gonna be in onboarding that will walk us through
installing everything else is needed. And here’s the cart abandonment tool that accompanies
it. But don’t worry it’s going to be installed when we go through the onboarding process
so click on install and then run to go ahead and click on activate and now what we want
to do is click where it says start wizard, working a walk through this right so the first
step is to click on a let’s go in this working select our page building tool we’ve already
downloaded Elementor so will leave that although you can use an alternative page building tool
if you wanted but will keep this on Elementor and then I’m to go ahead and click on next
and right here it’s asking me if I want to install WooCommerce and in this case I do
and you can see right here the cart abandonment recovery solutions can be installed as well.
Someone go ahead and click on yes you might be asking why wouldn’t I want WooCommerce
well if you just wanted to create marketing funnels were your generating leads, then perhaps
you wouldn’t want to install WooCommerce on a particular site so that’s why the options
there and then right here just it’s gonna pull the email you have associated with your
website and were just giving you an awesome and offer here and you just getting an offer
here for a free training course that will teach you how to use CartFlows okay so I’ll
go ahead and click on allow and then were on our last step right here to create our
first flow. I’m not gonna do that because I want to go through in set up WooCommerce
properly summit click on exit set up wizard right here and it’s gonna take me into the
CartFlows settings now just to familiarize yourself with it working to BuildWooFunnels
and this will be separate from our WooCommerce store. However, we can create a totally new
and dedicated checkout experience which is called a global check out. I will take a look
at that quickly. At the end of the video right here you have the option of changing your
page building tool in the future. And then there is a very flexible options here for
your permanent link settings. We talked about these earlier but you have lots of flexibility.
If you wanted to do something different with your permanent links working to stick with
what we have here, but I just wanted to point out that these options are there. They do
have documentation on their website if you’d like to learn more about the permanent links
okay and out what lastly they have a Facebook group community here and if you needed support
on the free version or the Pro version you have this option right here okay so now let’s
click where it says WooCommerce and it’s going to take us in here and what we want to do
now is go through the WooCommerce set up wizard so click on a run the setup wizard and it’s
gonna take us in there just a few steps to get our store all up and ready the first one
is to put in the location of your store. So my go ahead and fill this out. So mine is
filled out. Now you would choose your currency. I’m going with US dollar, and then right here
is are you gonna sell physical or digital or both of the reason it asks. This is because
some of the steps are to be about sales tax and shipping. So if you’re going to be selling
digital goods, you probably won’t need to go through those so when you choose this,
it’ll skip those options, but I go ahead and leave it right here for both. Just like that
and then I’ll uncheck this. I don’t want my data being sent to WooCommerce and then let’s
click on a let’s go. It’s going to just verify the info take us to the next step now right
here is actually very nice. It’s asking us what payment methods we want to use one of
the nice things about building a WooFunnel is that WooCommerce has all these payment
integrations so you can have more than one, and there’s a wide variety but right here
it’s offering this stripe and PayPal I go ahead and leave both of those turned on because
I want to use them in this video but I ready have a stripe account with this email so that
uncheck that as I already have it and then I’m in a go ahead and click on continue. But
this is saying it’s going to automatically add the gateway for stripe forest which is
nice, someone go ahead and click on continue. I like using stripe. Personally, there’s other
gateways in other countries, such as Molly and razor pay. But those of the two that I
want to use okay so this is regarding shipping. Remember I said that for him do physical products
organ have to go through shipping and tax. So here is where we set our shipping rates
and right here is an additional service for creating shipping labels. I’m just gonna uncheck
that because this is not the full WooCommerce tutorial. I’m showing you how to BuildWooFunnels
but up leave a link in the video description for a full WooCommerce tutorial right and
so here we can set up a shipping zone right there and to how you want to ship on the net
on dial visa to settings often click on continue. And lastly is some recommended plug-ins to
install along with it. First is to automate the taxes on uncheck that but do check out
the full tutorial on WooCommerce. This is actually kinda nice. There is a new admin
experience for WooCommerce for different key metrics and reports we should leave that enabled.
There’s an option if your MailChimp user, I’m not. I am a meal or light user and I’ll
show you how to add that to your site later. It’s much better than MailChimp someone uncheck
this and I’m in uncheck this Facebook integration right here and this is confirming that a plug-in
called WooCommerce admins can be installed. Click on continue. All right, so now it’s
going to take us to this step here worth offering to install Jetpack. I don’t want Jetpack it’s
good to give us some of these options you can add them if you want. I personally don’t
summit click right here it says skip this step and then scan it take me to the last
step right here and I can jump into creating a product or I can just go back to the dashboard
of my website. I’m in choose that and so far I’ve already installed CartFlows to build
woo funnels and I have installed WooCommerce. So now let’s go ahead and take care of that
gateway that payment gateway information really quite some to go where it says WooCommerce
and I met, go to settings and these are to be all of our settings for WooCommerce. I’m
in a go ahead and click on payments and this is a list of the payment gateways and whether
or not there enabled so I do have stripe enabled some of the click right here it says stripe,
and it’s gonna take me into those settings. So for stripe. You get two types of keys to
connect it into stripe you get your test mode and with this box checked. It’s going to be
in test mode and so here’s where I need to put my test mode key summit to show you this
in a moment, but if I uncheck this you noticed it. Now’s doesn’t say test. It’s is alive
and this is where you put your life keys and you want to put them both and some to check
this box and I’m in a get these two pieces of information on stripe so if you go over
to stripe. Here it is just you can create an account incredibly easy. But
I ready have an account, some to go ahead and show you what that looks like so here
is where you get your keys. This is just a test account I used for tutorials like this
and you can see right here it says get your test API keys not to click on this because
this can show my keys. I’m going to copy and paste those over in just a moment, but it’s
gonna show you two keys that you need to copy and paste over. It’s incredibly easy so it’s
a publish key and a secret key in your to copy and paste those there and you’ll scroll
down and click on save someone to do that for myself right now. Okay so I’ve gone ahead
and done that and it’s now in here in saved so I’m in a be able to do test transactions
and just make sure everything’s working right. Emails are being sent the receipts. Everything
works perfectly. Before I go live. But when you do go live your and you need to come in
here and your need to uncheck this to put it in the live mode and make sure your life
keys are in their right, just click this little notice here about stripe. I’m in a go ahead,
click that little X on the right and that’s gonna go away and there we are were all set
here so next thing we want to do is create our products so him to go to products right
here and I’m going to click on create a product now like I said, this is not the full WooCommerce
tutorial. I have a link for that down below so you can create a physical product or a
digital product that you’re going to use in your WooFunnel so I’m in a just dismiss this
so what you want to add is a product name and then we scroll down right here you want
to add your price and then if it’s a digital good. You can click on virtual and it’s gonna
remove some of these options here that are just not needed now if it’s a download that’s
actually really good, because WooCommerce provide security protection and the delivering
the downloads. So if I check this box right here you’re gonna see this new option here
to add the file that is going to be delivered. So this is great for e-books, or any kind
of digital asset that you are selling. You can now have a delivery system and you can
control the download limits and also when the download link expires. So for me I’m going
to uncheck downloadable up at a price in here of 20s seven dollars like that and I will
put anything for sale price. Now what’s beautiful about building woo funnels is if you want
to do more with this website. For example, have a learning management system on it. You
can go and get a learning management system that’s been integrate with this. So if you’re
wanting to sell online courses have a full tutorial actually on that and creating a sales
funnel for now put a link to that. Down below, but everything pretty much integrates with
WooCommerce so that’s where the power of building woo funnels actually is right so I put a price
in there and I’m in a scroll up and I’m in a click on publish now obviously there’s a
lot more that you can do. You can add images right here product images, product galleries,
you can do all sorts of things, but this is what we need for our sales funnel groups.
I think it would’ve helped if I put a product name in their summit to properly fill this
out a put a product name in here and then I’ll go ahead and put my price and then publish
it right there it is. And so my product is now created. Now there is some visibility
options. That’s important to point out when you’re using WooCommerce it’s going to create
a shop page and every product you create. It’s can create a product page, and will automatically
add new products to that shop page but we get visibility options and so if you’re having
this product be just for a sales funnel. You might want it to. To adjust the visibility
so right here it’s his catalog visibility shop in search results, but I’m a click on
edit and I’m just gonna make this a hidden product like that and then click on okay.
This means no one can search for the product and it won’t show up on the shop page, but
you have options for what you want to do there I go ahead and click on update. So now we
have our one product. If I click right here, again, where it says all products you can
see we just have this one product right here that I’m going to use inside of the sales
funnel. Okay so next time you go to CartFlows and then I’m in a click on add new and working
to create a new funnel. Now there is funnel templates or you can create your own’s you
can go right here in design your own from scratch using your page building tool. In
this case were using Elementor a click back on the templates. Some of them have a pro
badge that you can see right there and these are for when you have the Pro version of of
CartFlows installed on your site and then down here are a few free funnel templates
now on all of them when you hover over it. There’s an option to preview this funnel if
you wanted to preview it just to see what it would look like, okay, some to go ahead
right here in choose this funnel. I’ll go ahead and click on import what’s gonna do
is it’s can import the designs where all I have to do is point and click change whatever
I want images and text, and it’s also going to have the structure for our funnel and there
it is. So it’s created the three steps of this funnel a landing page. A checkout page
and then a thank you page so what I need to do now is just go ahead and give this funnel
a title click on ahead and given it the name accelerator e-book funnel. You can name this
whatever you want. It’s just for your purposes only. It’s not to show anywhere on the front
and okay on the bottom right click on updates and we’ve added our first funnel so you would
then go into each of these steps and start customizing it to how you like and with the
check out. You can see we have this notice that says no product assigned what we need
to do is link this up with that product that we created but will do that in a moment. Let’s
first take a look at the landing page to go ahead and click on edit and it’s gonna take
us into the settings. Now there’s two things that you can change here, right here it says
landing page you can change is this is the title of the page and this is the link to
this page and this will be the link to the entry point of your funnel so we can change
this and I’ll go ahead and do this now Named e-book offer, but the link doesn’t change
automatically. I would want to click on edit and then replace it with the text that I want
and then click on okay so now this is going to be the link. I’ll go ahead and click on
update just to make sure that’s how it’s going to work and it’s also to change how it looks
on the list of the final steps which I’ll show you in a moment. Okay, now for each step
in CartFlows there is going to be some options down here so right here it says landing pages
settings. Sorry to have this when we have our check out step in our thank you page that
just some options and what this is going to do right here. This is the link that will
always take your visitor to the next step in your funnel and you don’t have to worry
about links changing you just saw me change a link you don’t have to worry about any of
that with CartFlows. All you have to do is use this link and it will automatically do
the rest. And of of that for you and then we have this option here for you to add custom
scripts to the step of this funnel and you can add custom scripts to each one. So a good
example is if you’re using any third-party services for sales notifications or for a
live chat you can go ahead and drop your custom script in right here for that. It’s super
easy to do. Okay so now what you would do is edit this landing page using Elementor,
so we click right here it says edit with Elementor. It’s can it take us into the Elementor interface
and let Seaman a click on got it. And here we are now Elementor is super easy to use.
Everything is pretty much drag-and-drop, point-and-click, so if you want to change some text you can
just click where you want to change the text and start typing away. It’s that easy and
same thing for a button. Here’s a button I can click on its and then we have some settings
here on the left and I can change the text of the button. The link of the button and
we’ve already put the link in there for you to go to the next step. You can change the
size and the spacing and then we have a tab here that says style, and this is where we
can change the topography we can change the color we can have a hover action we can do
all of that. It’s all point and click easy. Here’s an image I can click on it and then
right here on the left, I can choose a different image if I want I can easily change that.
The same goes for everything pretty much on this page. I can just click and change my
text, I can click and change my image over here. You have full control over all of this
and so now what you want to do is go ahead and change it. This right here is a little
different. A frequently asked question. Let me click on it to show you how that works.
Each of these questions that you see here are separated here on the left. So here’s
the first question I can click on it change the question title and the answer for the
question. I can click right here to collapse it. I can add new items and I can duplicate
existing items I can rearrange items like this and I can remove items. It’s super easy
to work with the plus in the minus to extend an open the question and close it. I can also
change those icons right here and then I can click right here it says style and change
some of the style and formatting. If I wanted right so if I like what I see. I’ll go ahead
and click on update it’s going to save my changes in the number to get out of Elementor
and the click on the little settings icon on the bottom left forgot to say how to add
new items to your page you can click on the dial pad right here on the right and here
are the different Elementor modules and you can just drag and drop whatever you want.
So I wanted another button I drag-and-drop and there is my button and I can style it.
Let me show you one more advanced tip with Elementor you can right-click. So on this
button I can right-click and I have some options, check this out. One of them is copy and then
on this button right here. I can right-click and I have some paste options I can paste
the button which essentially duplicates it or I can just paste the style so watch this.
There I just pasted the style. It was that easy to do, so it’s very intuitive using Elementor.
This is not the full Elementor tutorial output a link to that down below right over every
aspect of Elementor in detail the very powerful tool. It’s insane that it’s available for
free and there is that pro version of course okay when go ahead and right-click again and
then use delete because I didn’t want that button there do one last update, and then
to get out of Elementor you would click up here on the top left and then we have some
options but we want the option that’s his exit the dashboard and it takes us back here
so were good on this landing page someone click right here it says back to edit flow
now want to hear your notice is that title of the step. It changed to e-book offer in
its link to that page title’s let’s go ahead and take a look at our check out step go ahead,
click on edit and here we can do the same thing we can change the name. Let’s take a
look at the options that we have down here and we can go through them step-by-step. So
the first want to select the product and this is were working on link this check out to
that product. So I’m going to click here and start putting the names of the product that
was just e-book should start pulling it up. There is accelerator e-book so now I’ve linked
this dedicated check out for this WooFunnel right here and then we can start going down
the options now were using the free version of CartFlows. The Pro version is going to
give us an order bump option and that’s where we can make an additional offer on the check
out one click, it gets added to the cart. So for me in this example, I would probably
do an audiobook for nine dollars or seven additional dollars you be surprised at how
many people actually take you up on that. We also have a feature called checkout offer.
So when someone clicks on place order. It will present them with another offer before
the payment is processed and then there’s also one click up sales available in the Pro
version. Those are separate dedicated steps right here we have the checkout design so
this is where we can change the primary color and for check out skin in the Pro version
of CartFlows. You can have it be one column or a two-step check out something that you’re
used to, probably seeing on ClickFunnels. You have options here for the font family
as well and then in the Pro version you have full control over all the checkout fields
you can rearrange them. You can add custom fields to your checkout. But that’s not needed
right now. And then lastly we have the custom script so we have this all set up. I’ll go
ahead and change my step names and then click on update so you can see I just named it e-book
check out like that and let’s just go ahead and jump into Elementor Summit. Click on edit
with Elementor right here and it’s gonna pull it up so here it’s the same thing that you
just on the landing page. Step where you can change anything you want so you can add testimonials
you can change these guarantee badges right here. You can add frequently asked questions,
you can change it however you want. Okay so I’m in a go ahead and get out of here. Click
on this right there. Click on exit the dashboard and the click on the back to edit flow right.
We’ve already done the two of the steps of this WooFunnel that were building so the last
one is our thank you page. Click on edit and here I’m going to change the title as well.
But let’s take a look at the settings we have here so we have our design settings. That
was similar to the checkout and then there is an option here for what fields you want
to show so we can show the order overview the order details the billing details we can
show all of this. If we want or we can uncheck this and show just the particular items that
we want in that we have our custom script option so let me go ahead and change this
and will take a look at it have updated it out. Click on edit with Elementor and it’s
all pretty much the same thing point-and-click to change your text and your images. You can
make this look however you wanted to look. Is this a great opportunity. I would drag-and-drop
a video in and that just a video thanking them for making this purchase. Let me just
drag-and-drop video in like maybe right there so to be nice and small. I would have a video
in their thinking people for making their purchase. Tell him what the next steps are.
Is it to go here and join my Facebook group visit here to share this with someone else.
Whatever you want. Those next steps to be. This is the perfect opportunity to have those
okay I want to go ahead and click on updates and then a minute click the icon here and
I’m in exit the dashboard and then I’m a click right here it says back to edit, flow, and
here you have it. This is a fully done WooFunnel that we just built together and were offering
an e-book then we have our dedicated check out we have our dedicated thank you page.
If you want to see this in action, we can click right here it says view can open it
up in a new tab. Here it is. As you scroll down. This is our sales page and we have two
ways forward. We have this button right here and we have the button up here. So when it’s
clicked it’s going and then take the buyer here to your checkout page has been fully
customize where they can put in their billing info and then right here they can put in their
credit card information. Now you’re seeing my stripe test gateway information so I can
copy and paste that in just the test that out if I wanted to and you see a lightning
quick. This is because were using Siteground. That’s just great hosting service. So if you
wanted to get back into editing a step you can choose that option right here but out
here is our sales funnel. Now the next thing you want to do is enable the cart abandonment
features, which is a very unique feature to CartFlows. So what that means is if a buyer
comes here and puts in their email address but doesn’t complete the purchase. You’d be
surprised at how many people actually do that. Some estimates are as high as 70% of buyers
don’t end up checking out and it’s not because of a problem with your product. It’s we get
distracted or we have cold feet and were not sure. So that’s what cart abandonment is it’s
capturing that information so that we could then send them an email saying, oh did you
forget maybe left something in your carts. Let me show you how to enable all of that.
So working to go to work his WooCommerce and then the last option. There is cart abandonment.
This is also a product by CartFlows that you’re getting for free. I could tell you this works.
I use this myself and you’d be surprised at how many tens of thousands of extra dollars.
I make on a monthly basis just by enabling this. It’s crazy easy. I’m initially the quick
version of enabling this. I put a link down below to a full length tutorial on setting
this up, but it’s super easy to get as beautiful dashboard here right here is our follow-up
emails. So it comes with emails that you can use, so let me show you the anatomy of an
email. So you’ve got your template name. You’ve got the subject and then you have the trigger
and this is when this email goes out so you can see this right here is an email, thou
gone 30 minutes this about the next day in the so go out on the third day. By default,
when you first install the plug-in they’re knocking to be activated, so we need to activate
them. So click on edit and then right here you can change that template name if you wanted
and you can toggle this on right so email subject. And these are following best practices
for cart abandonment email so you might not want to change anything so right here it says
put purchase issue? Here is the email text and there’s these tokens that go in here so
you can change the tokens right here to whatever you want them to be. However, you want to
structure this email now. What’s unique and amazing about this is this is going to be
a dedicated link and each buyer is going to have a unique link, it’s gonna take him back
to the sales funnel that we built for them right back to the WooFunnel and then what
it’s gonna do is it’s gonna fill in anything that they had already filled in. So it’s can
eliminate the pain is much as possible for them okay and we have some options down here.
You cannot have this automatically generate a coupon discount. So I took this box, you
can discount it a percentage or just a fixed amount off of the shopping cart and you can
enter what those values in and when that coupon expires. This is going to allow you to give
scarcity and this is why cart abandonment works. You don’t want to make this offer right
away. You might want to make it like two days down the road, but you can also set an expiration
for it. You can also give them free shipping. So if that ends up being something you’ve
identified is a roadblock for people or you can include free shipping and anyways and
you can also do the auto apply so they don’t even have to have this copy and paste of the
coupon code they can auto apply it when they click on the link to take him back to the
checkout. This is powerful, powerful stuff right and then you can decide when this goes
out is that 30 minutes 30 hours 30 days you can make this number be whatever you want
and you can make the time. Be whatever you want and then you can have a test email sent
to you. You mind if you do a test email and when you click on the link. It’s not can it
have the same experience as the buyer because you’re not an actual buyer. It’s a test email
just to make sure the email works. When you click on the link it just to go to the default
WooCommerce location so just keep that in mind rights so you want to go through in enable
some of the summit to turn that on, click on sex and let me uncheck the coupon because
we don’t want that all click on update changes and then now when I click on follow-up emails
you’re gonna see that this email template is now activated, so you want to go through
all three on this third one. It is already set for the messaging that you are including
a discount she might just want to pay attention to that. If you didn’t want to add a discount,
but we already added the language here for that. Okay so we it’s just the recommended
to you to have this sequence of three in these time ranges and to do it this way. At the
very end. If they haven’t bought on one into to give them discount at the third offer not
keep in mind if the first email goes out and they end up purchasing it’s can automatically
stop the second in the third email from going out so they’ll never get this third email
about the discount if they buy prior to and that we have the settings tab right here.
These are important so this is to enable the feature to begin what you want to make sure
that you check you can also disable tracking on user account. So if you’re testing your
check out you don’t want these emails coming to you and you’re the admin you can uncheck.
You can check this box right here, right here is to be the from name in the email address
and all of that for your emails. This is really cool says enable web hook. You can now enable
this through. This is this feature right here with Xavier and connect it wherever you want,
or if your email autoresponder platform accepts the web hooks you can go right here and it
can automatically pass that information, you can instead of having your websites in those
emails. You can do it from your email autoresponder as well so you have those options right there
and before you ask it is this GDPR compliant. It certainly is. You can just check this box
right here it’s can add a note underneath the email field and you have control over
what that note says and you can translate this. Go ahead and click on save changes and
then I’m in a do a refresh here. So here I am on the check out and when I scroll down,
you can see here is that note, it’s right there and someone can click right here to
say no thanks, and they can completely opt out okay this is amazing stuff you’re getting
all of this and it’s not costing you anything. Let’s go back into CartFlows. Now you can
optionally add CartFlows Pro okay just a few more things with CartFlows. Remember we did
the add new you can do a create your own and use your own designs completely. There’s a
bunch of tutorials on the CartFlows YouTube channel about how to create check outs and
funnels by scratch or from scratch and you can easily do that when you’re inside one
of your sales funnels right here you can add additional steps so right here it says add
new step. You can add check outs you can add up sells down cells. Whatever you want now
the up cells in the down cells are reserved for the Pro version of CartFlows. It is one
click up cells so just one click, and it’s automatically added to the order you can do
some amazing stuff with it. Now here’s CartFlows website you can see all the features. I mean,
this just too many features to list. It’s a full featured sales funnel platform you
get started for free with a higher converting checkout and the cart abandonment and then
you when you’re ready, then you can level up here to have it be enabled for other ways
of making money primarily additional templates that you’re going to have available for you
your you have different type checkout formats. You can do that to step check out you can
have the one click order pumps. The checkout offers up cells and down cells and you can
stitch those altogether and have the upsell and down till path B however you want it and
deeper training a custom fields. There is just so many additional features that the
Pro version has you can see on the cart get the that cofounder of it. It was partially
my idea and we built this together for you. So that’s an option that’s available for you
but we want you to use the free version of CartFlows so that you can use it to get started
to build WooFunnels without having to pay any kind of money and you can test your ideas
and only when you’re ready to go that next step. When you’ve already built the traffic
and you already know how you’re going to get people to your site then you could go ahead
and purchase the Pro version. When you only if you want to offer additional items inside
of your funnel right off the bat. You can do so much with the free version, especially
when you mix in the cart abandonment solution. Okay, so two more things that just the cover.
So first I want to show you how to make this funnel be your home page of your website.
So if we go to the homepage right now. We didn’t do anything with it. This is it. So
you might want that homepage to be your sales funnel. It’s super easy, what you want to
do is you want to go to settings and then where it says reading right here and then
we want to make the homepage via static page and then right here it says homepage working
to choose the step so we want to eat this step to be the offer, not the check outs you
actually have the checkout be your homepage for working to make the landing page that
we created and then click on save changes. So now it’s gonna happen is when I go to my
homepage, click on visit site. Now it’s your sales page right here so you can have a one
product funnel website super easy. Using this free version of CartFlows. Okay, there’s probably
just one left last thing that you’re gonna want to do on your CartFlows website and that
is to add an email marketing tool. So what you’re gonna want to do is open up a new tab
in your web browser and visit WP light I love mailer light. It is a fantastic
tool. They have an amazing free tear it fully integrates with WooCommerce very easily not
want to make this video longer, so I’ll have a link down below to the full tutorial of
integrating Miller light setting it up integrating it with WooCommerce and for your sales funnels
it super easy. Let’s go ahead and take a quick look at the pricing and this is what’s awesome
so you can get started with Miller light. They have a free tier that will allow you
to store oh up to a thousand subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month. This is a great
way to get started, and then only once you’ve built this up you proving the concept of what
you’re trying to build your WooFunnel for then you can move into one of their paid plans.
Let me just tell you this is the most affordable email marketing application platform out there,
it’s better than MailChimp. It’s more affordable than convert kid it’s more affordable than
drip at all of these tools a Weber so I highly recommend mailer light fully integrates with
WooCommerce for building WooFunnels there you have it together we built a WooFunnel
you can continue making additional funnels as many funnels as you want for your WooCommerce
based website. As you saw everything was free now throughout the video. I talked about several
things that you might’ve needed to download orbits a piece of information, and I got links
all compiled for you down in the video description box you can asked open that up and just click
through to those some of those might be referral links. If you did purchase say hosting or
something like that. A small referral fee does go to support this channel and the work
that I do trying to share these tutorials with you now. Wherever possible I contact
these companies and try to get them to have an additional discount for you and I’m happy
that I’m able to deliver discounts on a lot of the things that you might need for your
website but everything we covered in this tutorial was absolutely free. Now you might
have some questions but I will. I want you to I want to be able to answer those or use.
You can ask in the comments section. Down below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions
that you have now if you found some value in this video please support me in help this
video. Get spread out across YouTube, and the way you could do that is just by simply
giving it a thumbs up. That’s all it takes is giving it a quick thumbs up. And if you
have friends or anyone is asking about sales funnels or building. WooFunnels if you could
share this video with them. I’m sure will help them out and they’ll see you as the rock
star for the one that has the answer, what, thanks for spending this time with me. Please
subscribe and click on that notification bill, I’d like to be able to share additional tutorial
videos like this with you. That might bring value to you and your business. Thanks for
watching and I can’t wait to see you in the next video.

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