HOW TO BUILD LED Light wheels to your Motorcycle

HOW TO BUILD LED Light wheels to your Motorcycle

in this video we can show you how you
can build your own LED light wheels on your super model or on your dirt bike we
have been filming with these slides couple of years these lights work we
can’t sell a pole on kids but we can sell everything what you need to build
your own lights but you know anyway here’s how you can do it so here is all
you need to build one LED light wheel you need cheap tights you need couple
flat iron wire connectors power tool battery wire this car extras connector
whatever you know what I mean wrapper a little bit LED strip and uber
tape or duct tape here is the wheel and we need duct tape or tape and we can put
over tape or duct tape here on the rim on the wheel and the reason why we’re
going to do that is because we will glue this LED strip with hot glue so
you don’t want I don’t know what’s gonna happen but we always when we have built
these LED wheels we have covered the wheel with the uber tape because the
duct tape sometimes when it take the duct tape off it leaves like all the
nasty shit on there on the wheel but our tape doesn’t do that so that’s why we
are using like our uber tape and of course it’s better looking that way so
first tape your wheel and always when you start taping your wheel remember to
clean it because if it’s dirty the tape you know come off and this is a good
idea to tape the wheel because if you want to take the lights off you can
chase reap the tape off from the rim and then you got clean rim and after you have covered the wheel
with tape you’re gonna need the LED strip we’re gonna use big long bolt like
this drop it on the wheel hub and this trip has own clue but it’s so weak that
it’s completely useless that’s why we’re gonna use a hot glue and it’s better if
you have a friend who can help you to do this because this is quite tricky to do
alone this site is done now and you can do one
wheel with one LED set like this like I said before you can do one wheel with
one latest LED strip like this because there is like these wires on both ends
and start start this side the same place where you start the first LED strip so
somewhere here then we can connect the wires to the battery and after after you
have done both sides with LED light it just ruin my fucking rim yeah nice job
boy but anyway connect the LED strips with soldering iron like that then you
need to do wire like this aprox sex 16 centimeters long but if you have dirt
bike wheels 21 in front 19 and at the back you have to do longer wire and
after that connect these wires what you just did to this LED strip wires with
soldering iron so like I told you before that we can
sell all the parts what you need so you can build your own because we ain’t
gonna sell these what we do here big is you cannot burn your house maybe nobody
knows what happens you know with these these are not street legal this I don’t
know what country do you live but this this might be this is not legal at all
so but selling these parts like this it’s illegal but and with these parts
you can build something like this but it’s not good idea and after you have
connect these wires cover those with the tape or whatever you use and then use
cheap tights yes after that we can start building the
mount to this pottery right here we need flat irons like this and then we’re
gonna need these exhales connector whatever it is you know the right right
name then we’re gonna weld these parts like this so it will hold this battery like well
we’re gonna show you isn’t it beautiful you can paint well I changed my mind
and after you find time yeah you can play any black or whatever color you
want this is interesting it’s black black is beautiful color this
can I help it yeah it’s gonna try faster and meanwhile the paint is drying we’re
gonna cover at the wheelhouse again we don’t want any scratches through the
wheel hub because these are nice nice wheels so we’re gonna cover the wheel
hub with the uber tape I guess you can do you can use duct tape
also but it’s gonna be gonna have the same problem that sometimes when you if
you want to take the lights off its and white and they see the duct tape this
duct tape usually leaves so this is just to cover the wheel hub and after that
race the battery like this you should ship tights it’s beautiful and now we’re gonna place
this pottery on the wheel hard now you will need this slice of rubber and just
again cover the wheel hub like that are you guys ready connect the wires to the battery we got
through the emotion LED light wheel but anyway I have to remind you that these
whites are not street-legal these lights can be fire hazard these lights can
broke tought broke down when you write the bike fast speeds we have used these
lights couple of years we have done videos with these lights couple of years
we haven’t had any dangerous problems with these lights but you never know
when you build stuff like stuff like this anything can happen it can be fire
hazard and we don’t want to read any news that there is like forest fires
because people has done wheel lights and something has gone wrong we can’t sell
kids on our web store like bolt on we like kits on our web store because we
don’t have any license to sell wheel lights like this but we can sell
everything what you need to build your own wheel lights so if you want to take
the risk you can take it and go to a web store there’s like a couple of leftover
kids and if those kids are sold out I don’t know when you are watching this
video but go to our web store and you will see the picture what you need to
build LED light LED light wheels like these speakers um I’m pretty sure that
you can find every single thing what you need to build your own LED light
from your local stores cool-looking lights

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  1. tuleeko ledien mukana se kaukosäädin millä vois vaihtaa väriä. BTW mä kasaan tämmöset. Mun pärräst tulee joulukuusi 🙂

  2. Блин все конечно здорово, но такой вопрос вам ребята. А вы не подумали что из-за батарейного блока на ступице создастся противовес, то есть балансировка собъется ? Если я допустим похожую идею хочу на какой нить к примеру CBR 1000 RR впихнуть которая ебашит под 300(я конечно условно но все же ) представьте какой там расколбас будет и какая вибрация

  3. I don't understand the need for the big heavy tool battery? They are LED strips so use hardly any power and you would only have them turned on a short while at night… so all they need is a tiny power pack which could be USB rechargeable? Then you could neatly strap to the hub with some zip ties and barely see it.

  4. Anybody else pick up on the fact that he doesn’t want to ruin the wheel with glue but it gets ruined by solder😂😂

  5. Surely it affects the balancing of the wheels and could ruin your bearings? I know the bulk of the weight change is near the hub but there will still be an impact.

  6. This is horrible and stupid…. here is a guide but quote we don't know how it will go.
    You are going to cause someone to have an accident or set fire to their wheel (damaged cells)

    I could list things but i see others already know this is retarded..
    You look so proud at doing something so stupid…

  7. Fuck man. Don't do this. Especially a front wheel. Hot glue will not hold. I can just see it flying off and getting all wrapped around your spokes and forks. Anything can happen. Yes. A hack job by a hack shop. Cool wheel. Build one but mount it on your shop wall not yer bike.

  8. These are not waterproof… And also they had a problem of charging and turning on and off…… But the one I made… Were waterproof.. No problem of charging and turning on and of…… Now that's called excellent work…

  9. The Dutch law says that this is not allowed, even under your car, there are high penalties for this.

  10. Simple answer to the balance issue is to built a flexible pack of batteries in series that wraps around the hub instead of a big honkin pack stuck to one side.

  11. Mise à part avoir un accident car la roue n’est plus équilibrée et qui plus est tout peut se détacher en roulant c’est complètement idiot, bricolage à 2 francs cette vidéo devrait être supprimée

  12. A shout out to everyone with neons on their bikes and cars
    The 90s called they want their lights back
    Dumbest shit ever

  13. See my same video of installing RGB led lights in motorcycle wheels without batteries.

  14. Lads does this mean you need to buy two kits for the second Battery? Also would I have to buy a Milwaukee battery charger? 🤔 looks the mutts nuts 🥜 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  15. Your video inspired me and I did this to my two fat tire mountain bikes and the comments I get thanks for the idea goes for safety and never got pulled over by the cops lol people definitely see you coming.

  16. Nice mod…certainly does the job – the effects look great
    I'd rather run power to the wheel with brushes – I'd be worried about the weight imbalance with the battery.

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