How to build Ice Racing Tires

Hey guys and welcome to todays tutorial where
I will be showing you how to build your own ice racing tires, and ofcourse it´s for a
motorcycle. So here we got an old and used Dunlop tire it´s for the front and I will
sacrifice this one just to show you how much rubber there´s left on this one. So let´s
take yhis one and mesaure, and it shows us that there is 11 millimeters left on this
one. And this is just so we will be able to calculate how long the bolts will be that
we will use. So now we have mesaured the tire and know it´s 11 millimeters left. Now we
will mesaure the nuts that we will use. And this one is 9 millimeters. So 11 plus 9 equals
20. So 20 millimeters will dissapear inside the tire. and the rest will be in the nut.
So everything over 20 millimeters will penetrate the ice. So I think maybe a 30 millimeter
screw will be okey. Now when we know that it will dissapear 20 millimeters inside of
the tire and the nut we can build ourselfs a tool. Mine looks like this and the thickness
is 20 millimeters and the hole that I´ve drilled inside of it is just so I can put
the screw and the part that´s going out is the part that we will be grinding. And before
you start to grind, you want to get yourself your drilling machine and the right tool.
So you will spin the screw at the same time as you are grinding it. This will make it
alot smoother. When you are grinding the studs you dont need to have the same grinding machine
as I have. You can use an ordinary, like this one and just strap it to a table, start it,
use your tool and your drilling machine and it will give you the same effect. So, now
I have been grinding a couple of studs and as you see when you are spinning it at the
same time as you are grinding them, they will be really smooth. before you start to insert
the studs into the tire, make sure that you have drawn an centered line around the whole
tire. This will make it much more easy to work with. Now it´s time to decide a pattern
for your tire. And if you are going to use ordinary washers or if you will use
the metal band. And I will use the metal band because it will give you a free pattern for
every hole in it, and it will give you more strenght in the tire because when you are
going really fast and the tire spins the screws will become really heavy and when you accelerate
the tire will grow and you might blow up your tire and if you are using this one you will
get more points that will hold the tire togheter so, I suggest the bands. Now I have take the
metal band around the whole tire and added some extra centimeters to it, so when we put
it on the inside the end point of the band will go over the starting point. So the first
and the last one will be in the same hole and this will make it hold togheter so, so
the tire wont expand. Now when you got your line on the tire, and you metalband is ready,
you just have to drill a hole through the line and this will be the starting point. And I´m
using a really small drill, this is maybe 3 millimeters. The tire is so soft so even
if the screws are bigger you´ll be able to get them through. I´m going for this one.
On the line. Drill a hole. And this is the starting point. So now I´m going to insert
the band, and go through with the screw, and then I will be able to measure out where the
next stud will be. Make sure that you cut some of this metal band on the opposite way
so you will be able to insert the studs on the side aswell. Now I have inserted the first
stud. On the line. And the metal band is inside And I know that I will insert them in every
second big hole in this band, and it´s 40 millimeters between them. So I will measure
40 millimeters from this one and drill a hole on the line and insert the next one. When
you have drilled your holes on the centered line, you are going to use your metal band
that´s going the opposite way that you was cutting before and enter the stud in the middle
of the band. Go to your holes in the tire, and enter the right hole and screw it through. then you just continue and you will have something that looks like, like that. Now when you got
your studs on the centered line and you got your metal band inside of ityou can start
to drill the holes in the metal band and build the sides of the tire. So you will be able
to turn the bike on the ice. And to drill this you will drill it from the inside. We
have drilled some holes and we have inserted the screws. Now it´s time for the outside.
Either you use a washer and a nut. Or as I do, i use this ones, it´s a nut and a washer
in the same. And before you screw them on, take som loctite, add it to the screws, this
is just to make sure that the nuts wont go off when you are riding. And, this you should
do on every single stud that you have on the tire. It´s some work to do it. And when you
are going to tight it, just go on the inside of the tire and screw on it, so it will be
tight. Well, That´s it for today. I hope that you have learned something and that you
will build your own studded tires. If you think I missed something please read the description
because I will text everything there and if there was something else that I missed please
comment down below and I will try to answer you. Take care til next time, See you!

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