How To Build DIY Bike Storage | Blake Builds A Mountain Bike Rack

How To Build DIY Bike Storage | Blake Builds A Mountain Bike Rack

– Welcome back you
beautiful people and welcome to another DIY Blake Builds. This times all about
bike storage in a garage, a shed, in your house,
wherever you want to store your bike ’cause I wanna
build this and I wanna take you through the process of
me building my little storage system in my garage
because well, to be honest it’s a, pretty messy in there. Come take a look at this. (gears grinding) Right this is my garage. Look how I store by bikes right now, they’re just leaning
up against each other. Just, that’s a recipe
for getting scratched up, ‘specially if one is not there properly, it will fall over. Plus, look how dirty they look. Also, if I wanna get
this one, I’ve gotta move all the bikes out the way. Now, there’s a few ways
you can actually do this. You can put hooks in the
wall, and just put your bikes up through the wheel,
like hook them round. You can do that but, you
know with those plastic hook things, their rubber kind of breaks off and it starts to scratch the rims. I’ve had that done
before, mmm don’t like it. So what I’m gonna do, is
I’m gonna build the most epic storage system
right here for my bikes, for a bit of my kit, my
helmet stuff, so my helmets can be out and they can dry if their wet, my shoes can be out and
they can dry if their wet. So, yeah, let’s get started. I’m gonna move all my bikes out. Get ready, move the motor bike out. And I get started. Gonna measure it up,
right, bikes out first. (upbeat music) So what I’m gonna do, I’m
gonna measure the wall, gonna cut these down,
measure out one meter, that’s probably one,
two, three, maybe four that’ve I’ve gotta cut. Gonna put these on there,
drill them onto the wall and then in gonna place some board on it, which looks to me, better than that wall. Right, tape measure, let’s get measuring. (upbeat music) K so what I’m doing here is I measure out, two meters, which is the height of
my wall, that I wanna do. Gonna do it to all four of these. (tape measure retracting) (upbeat music) (skilsaw cutting) First bit of cutting done. Four of these one by one’s, battens. Let’s go in the garage and
put these on the wall dude. (whistles) (laughs) Alright, four of these things. One is gonna go there, one is
gonna go around about there, one is gonna go about there,
that’s gonna go, there. Right, let’s make some noise. (drilling) (hammer banging) (drilling) So I’ve got a cool little tip for you. If you measure out where you wanted to put your batten on the wall,
if you drill one hole into the wall, you put
your rawl plug in, you put a screw in, not all the
way, a little bit loose, then you can put your level onto it, and then you can move
it, screw it in so it’s a little bit tight and
then screw your pilot holes into the wall so you can mark
it, take it off the wall, drill your holes, and presto done. Stick your rawl plugs on,
and it should be level. Good to go, but hey, it doesn’t matter if that’s not level anyway ’cause
that’s behind the board. Who cares? (upbeat music) Done! Put those battens on, I
ended up movin them around a little bit because of
the boards that I’ve got. 1.22 meters wide so what
I did is I did it half way so I cut an extra one, so
I could put one board there then half way between this
one, the other boards gonna go. So its gonna go one board, two board, and there’s a little bit of a gap, which, with a bit of offcut I
can just fill anyway. So, that’s done, now
I’m gonna cut these big OSB boards, chip board,
whatever you want to call it and then I’m gonna place
them on there, screw them on, and then we get into the
nitty gritty bit on how you are actually gonna
just hang your bike. Let’s cut these boards and
let’s put them up on here. (upbeat music) (skilsaw cutting wood) (laughs) That looks way better. Looks like a mountain
bike shop, a cycling shop. Actually looks like my
local shop where I mountain. Now, let’s put tons of
screws in this thing, (imitates screwdriver) everywhere. Cover that little piece up
there and now the bit of offcut that I’ve got
and then I’ll show you how I’m gonna hang my bikes,
but look how cool that looks. (upbeat music) Ha! Done! That, (bangs on wood) pretty flippin sturdy. It has to be ’cause my bikes
gonna be hangin off that. That’s done, that’s the
hardest bit actually. You’d probably don’t
wanna have to do this, but this is the bit that
you really wanna know, is how’re we gonna put
the bikes on the wall. (upbeat music) (skilsaw cutting wood) (upbeat music) (skilsaw cutting wood) (skilsaw cutting wood) (skilsaw cutting wood) The bracket to hold your bike on the wall, it’s gonna need six of these
pieces to make a little bracket so your wheel can
slot in there and it can hold hold itself up on the wall. Now, the measurements
that you want to cut, so you want to cut two of each of these. So this bit here,
basically it’s one of them. It’s 16 inches long, but
you wanna cut two 45 degree angles on each side so it
can slot in and make a good connection when you screw it all together. The next bit is, you
wanna cut two of these. These are 22 inches long,
you wanna cut two of them so basically this is gonna
be the bracket that you’re gonna screw to the wall, just
think there’s a wall there, you get your other 22 inches,
stick it there and you get your 16 inch with two 45’s
cut out of it and your gonna slot that in there,
screw it all together, and then your wheel’s gonna slot in there. Then you’re gonna screw this to the wall. So four 22 inches and two 16 inches to come up with this bracket, yeah, right. Let’s get this two screwed together. Okay, when assembling
these things, the brackets, best thing is to pilot hole
drill all your screw holes because if you don’t, you
could split all your wood and that means you have to cut another one plus it doesn’t get structurally strong. So, there you go, we’ve got
our first two brackets done, now it’s how wide are you gonna make them. Well, I know my tires
go up to about 2.6 in. I’ve got a fat bike but I’m
not gonna make a fat bike one for this, that can
just stay on the ground. So, I’m gonna put in a little
bracket, I’m gonna cut a piece of wood, get your off cut
bits, I’m gonna cut that down to three inches and that’s
gonna slot in there. Top, bottom and up here as
well ’cause this bit here is quite crucial, if you don’t
have this one your bike’s just gonna fall out the
top, so you wanna cut three, three inch blocks like
this, to put in there. But this all depends on your
tire size really, because if you have a cross country tire
or a road bike or something like that, you want to
make that gap even smaller. But it’s just playing by eye,
for me I think three inch gap between the two of these
brackets is enough gap, a little bit of a trough,
for me wheel to slot in so it doesn’t fall of the wall. Alright, I got another
two of these to assemble, and I got loads of them to
cut, so let’s get assemblin. (upbeat music) (drilling) (plane engine roars) Go away airplane. Alright, two more brackets
to make and then we’re done. This will be the third
bracket that I’m gonna make for my bike to be hung up. Done those two, I’ve cut
some little bungs out so they can be on the wall
perfect, screw this one together, and then we’ll get back in
there and we’ll place ’em on the wall and ooh, we’ll
have the bikes all setup. Right, let’s do it. – A few moments later – Whew, black paint, paint brush, but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna screw all this to the wall, ’cause it’s getting dark out so what I’m
gonna do is put these all on the wall, get them all
ready, give ’em a bit of a sand, get rid of all the nasty
bits, and then I’m gonna start painting them, on the
wall, tape around it, so I don’t get paint all over the wall. I can do that in the dark, right! Let’s screw these to the wall. Ayy. Alright so this is one of
your brackets, and their gonna get screwed to the wall and that’s where your front wheel’s gonna go into. Where are we gonna put
this thing on the wall, that’s gonna be the
perfect height to get it in and to get it out so that
it’s not resting on the floor. So, your just gonna work
out how high your bike is on its back wheel, against the wall and how high the roof is. The roof is 88 inches tall, my
bike’s roughly 74 in length, don’t quote me on that, but
it’s roughly around that. Take that away because you
gotta make sure you get enough room above here on the wall. You want to get enough room,
above that, so you can get your wheel over and then drop it in. But still keep it off the floor. (drilling) First bracket on the wall. Let’s put the bike in and
see what it looks like. Ooh we, that is dreamy. Look at that, look at this, look at this, first bike’s on the wall, look how cool this bracket looks. So much better than those hooks ’cause it kind of scratched
the rim, don’t like it. Look at the scratches. That’s what those hooks do. This is not gonna scratch
my bike, whatsoever, it’s wood, never gonna do that. First bike’s on the wall, I’ve
got another two to put on. And then, I’m gonna
paint these things black and it’ll look really cool
on this wooden texture. Love it, right. Let’s get the other two on, and then we’re done. For the rack that is. (drilling) – A few moments later. – Right all three are done,
assembled, and put on the wall. Now, I’m gonna put all three
bikes in and see what it looks like but then, I’m gonna give these things a bit of a paint job. It will separate it from
the wall to the rack. Plus, black tires, black brackets. Let’s get the other two bikes. (upbeat music) Look at that, all three
bikes in there, perfectly! I’m glad that’s done, that’s finished. Super easy was of getting
your bikes in storage and off the floor and look
at that, I’ve got loads of room underneath I can put stuff on. Okay so, I’ve painted these
black, it looks pretty cool on the back of this wood, on the wall. It looks sick, kind of puts
it in its own little element. Right, I’ve got some off cuts of this OSB, right here, got two of them,
so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make some shelves so
that I can stack my helmets, my full face, or some clothing,
or some bits and bolts and I think I’m gonna put
them right about here. Probably put two, one and two,
and maybe some hanging bits so I can hang my helmets
if they need to be dried, or some shoe hole and hook
things which I’ll show you those in a bit, but their pretty cool. You can just slide you shoe
on so they can drip dry off of them just down the bottom so it doesn’t run down a whole bit of wood. Right, so, let’s put some shelves up. ‘Cause I think we need it. And, for the shelving bits, I recycled. I went to this recycling facility on the isle of right where I
live and I found these. Found these, look at these. These are old shelving brackets,
super simple, super easy, saves loads of time, and
I’m gonna place these up on the wall, might give
them a little bit of a sand just to get rid of all this rubbish stuff and then I’m gonna put them on the wall, and that’s my shelving done. So, let’s get started. (upbeat music) (scratching metal) K so I’ve given them a quick
wire brush, now I wanna make this shelf, let’s go
32 inches, just there. That’s gonna be shelving place. When you’re making the
storage bit, you wanna have some shelving, and you
wanna have some hooks. You wanna have everything
so that you can hang your stuff, ‘spcially when you come out, out of the rain, come
into your shed, garage, wherever your gonna store
your bike, you wanna have some place where you can hang
all your wet clothing, put your helmet and just
keep it off the floor when it’s a little bit damp and
off the mud so I’m gonna put two shelves, one here, and one there. I’ve got five brackets
but, I’ll just use four. (drilling) (upbeat music) Nice! First shelf, let’s get the level, make sure that is level, oh look at that. (Drilling) Super stoked with this. Nice! Super happy with that. So that’s shelf number one. I reckon shelf number two could
go a little bit off center just to make it look a little bit cooler. That, let’s quickly test that. Oh, that’s perfect for
my full face helmets. Probably wondering why I got three. Well, I had big crash on one of them, so I can’t use it again,
and that’s a different color as the other one, black and white, nice! Gonna put another shelf right here, I’m gonna go a bit longer than
this one, right across here, down on the bottom I’m
gonna hang all my shoes, let’s make the shelf. (upbeat music) Yeah, shelf number two, done! Ah, perfect! (drilling) Well, another shelf to
put some more goods. And that will clear the
bike that would be here. So, sweet, let’s move on to the
shoe stacking area. (laughs) One, two, three, four, five,
and six, the ones I’m wearing. So I’m gonna make a six shoe
rack, or a sick shoe rack so I can hang them, so I
want them to be like this, and then all down, so their
off the floor, and when their wet they can just drip dry off onto the concrete floor below. So, I got a perfect idea for this. Let me show you. Right, the shoe storage. I’m a size eight show, now,
the idea I’ve come up with is I’ve got this 38 by 38 piece of timber, you only need one length of it, comes in two meters something, what I wanna do is you want
to cut a 45 degree angle on one side, pre-drill two holes in it. That’s where its gonna get screwed to. The next piece of timber
you’re gonna need is this here, which is a 38 by 63 bit
of timber, there you go and what wanna do is that is
gonna be mounted to the wall, these are gonna be screwed
into that piece of timber, so by doing that you can slide
your shoe onto it, super easy (upbeat music) Okay so I’ve cut my 38 63
piece of timber, I’ve marked it one, two, three, four, five, six, that is for each pair of shoe so two, four, six, each pair of shoe. Now, the length of this, the 38 38, I’m going with 13 inches,
because I’m gonna have to cut 45 degree angle and that’s
gonna bring it down to about you know, 12 inches, but
that’s more than enough for the shoe I’ve got, but
if you have a bigger foot, maybe you wanna make this bigger. Now, I’m gonna cut another
5 of these, pre-drill them and then screw them onto each line down this piece of timber
and then we’re done with the first shoe rack, right, let’s cut another five of them. (upbeat music) (skilsaw cutting wood) All five cut, now to cut 45
degree angle on each one. (upbest music) (skilsaw cutting wood) So I got all six of my
pieces, all pre-drilled, with 45 degree angle’s,
now is it screw these to this bit of plank that
you’ve marked every six inches, bout 4 inches from the
outside to give you a bit of leeway and a bit of space. So, this is what it’s gonna
look like, every line, I’m gonna put it in the
center and I drill ’em in. Screw ’em in, all the way, do, do, do, do and I have a long line
of these 45 degree angle pieces of wood, just like
this, so I can slide my shoe on it, so it can dry happy
and not just lay on the floor. Right, let’s put them all on. (drilling) Look at that (laughs) That is gonna get screwed
to the wall and then all my shoes are just gonna rest on there. Super easy, super simple, yet effective. Right, let’s get this on the wall. Okay, let’s put it up there. Get the level obviously. (drilling) Super effective. Doesn’t matter about these,
it’s only holding shoes it’s not holding a bicy-
or a huge wet coat. So it’s holding a shoe. Look at that, super cool, I love it. And you can put your wet
socks hanging over the back as well, super easy, love it. Just, it’s good when
you’re a bit organized. Life is nice when you’re organized. Alright let’s build this
next one, ’cause I’ve got more shoes to stack. (drilling) Okay, second shoe rack built. Nice! Level. (drilling) Now I know which shoes
are, right I’m gonna wear these clips today, now I’m
gonna wear my trainers, I’m gonna wear my winter boots, what! Right, k this next bit of
storage I’m thinking about is my googles because they’re
just laying all around and I don’t want them to
get kind of scratched up and stuff, so, I’m gonna
build a little compartment so I can hang these things,
or just slot them in like a little cupboard,
like a little drawer system, just under here, maybe
build another one because you can never have too many googles, ’cause they get scratched up. So i’ma build something
that can go in here, so I can store my goggles. Let’s do that. Right this is what I’ve come
up with, take a look at this. So, I’m gonna screw this thing
underneath the shelf here and then I can store my
googles all in there. Super easy, super simple. I measured the length of
the goggle, and then I just kind of estimated the height
which is about three inches, which game me enough room,
enough leeway so I can put that underneath there so what
I’m gonna do, is I’m just gonna screw that in right
there and slot my goggles in. Perfect, let’s do that. (drilling) Look at that, I got a little
storage spot for my goggles. It’s just down to your
imagination, how you wanna store you’re stuff, but that is freakin cool. Look at that, oh man, I’m super stoked. And then my full face helmets, up there. Boom full face helmets,
goggles, tidy, bang tidy. That’s pretty much done. What else can we store,
hmm, let’s come up with some ideas or let me know
in the comments down below on a few ideas I could
do within my own garage for storage and what you’ve been doin. So, yeah, look at that,
that’s freakin cool. Or head over to the GMBN
tech channel where Doddy actually does bike
caves, cause they insane. I’ve been watching a few
of them to get inspiration for my garage, ’cause
there’s so many cool garages out there that people just
spent hours and hours of time just figuring out how they
wanna store everything. How they pack their bikes,
where they store stuff, how they work on their bike, its insane. Maybe I’ll build a workstation,
so I can work on my bikes. Hmm, let us know in the comments down below if I should do that. Right, I got a few more
ideas, let’s carry on, but I do like this, this
is super easy, super simple to store your goggles, I just
measured the goggle, and then I added three inches on top,
so it’s enough room to put my googles in, you don’t
want ’em too big, you don’t want it too small, but
that is perfect, right. More storage time. (upbeat music) Hooks for my bag, storage
for my goggles, shelf for my full faces, shelf for my
helmets, little hanging bits for my shoes, what I’m doing
is I’m building more shelves for my little tools that go
in my backpack, so I can just place them over there, like
my Garmin computer, all my toe pick tools and you know
inner tubes, and spare cleats, and all that jazz, I’m gonna
put it there as well so it’s all close to my bikes,
but that’s where I’m gonna put them for now because I
haven’t actually got a station to work on my bikes, yet, so. I’m gonna make some
shelves, so I can do that, put all my tools on, alright (drilling) Put my last little shelf there, looks super cool and now I
can put all my inner tubes and stuff and tools that
I need to have so when I grab my backpack I can
literally grab the stuff off the shelf, chuck it in my
backpack, all the essential things I need for the trail. Super happy with this. I like this is cool. You can put three bikes in there, you can have two so you can
have a little bit more space for putting other things
but I’ve got three bikes so I’m gonna put all three here, and yeah. I like how the shoe thing came out. It’s super cool, now my
shoes are gonna be super airy and I’m not gonna pile them
all on top of each other, because that’s what I was going before. Now, it’s super organized. I’m stoked, I am super stoked
how this has turned out. Hope you love this video. If you want to see more of this DIY stuff, please let me know in
the comments down below, ’cause I do wanna build that
work station just over there ’cause I’ve got that wall,
which I’m super stoked about and I have got some old legs
that I really want to use for a workbench plus my
dad’s given me a rusty old vice, which I wanna use. Super stoked, thank you
very much for watching this. I’m super happy with how
it’s come out and hopefully this has helped you out
so you can get out there you know, build one of these
so you can hold your bikes up in your garage, your shed, in your room, in your living room, everywhere. I love how this has turned out. I do like this storage bit
as well where I can put my helmets, my bags, and
my goggles, my tools, my helmets there, and my shoes. I’m super happy how the
shoe thing turned out. Super super cool, ’cause
I was just piling them up on each other. So hopefully this has helped you out. If you wanna see some more
rad comment, don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe
’cause your missing out on some rad stuff. If you wanna see another DIY
build just click over here, a work stand is pretty cool. Give us a thumbs up like if
you love this sort of content and you wanna see some more
storage and i’ll see you at the next one, see ya! Well I wanna work on that bench dude, work on that bench braa!

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