How To Balance a Motorcycle Tire and Wheel from

How To Balance a Motorcycle Tire and Wheel from

Hi, I’m Brian Van from And today, we’re going to show you how we balance our tires After we’ve replaced them Before we head to the racetrack We’re going to use the static balancing method It’s easy, the equipment to do it is very affordable Simple to obtain as a matter of fact we’ve got them for sale on our website This piece of equipment Can pay for itself Very easily If you’re mounting your own tires we’ve already done a video showing you how we mount our tires We do have the benefit of the tire machine, so let’s get on to the balancing part now I’ve got my R6 rim here. I’ve got mounted on a brand New Avon 3D Ultra Extreme track tire Here is the balancing shaft and cones that work with that handy static balancer The first thing we’re going to do is leave one cone on Slide it through like so and what I’m looking for here is I want to have a fairly similar distance sticking out of either side Of the rim, after I have the cones on the shaft I’m going to snug this side up And I’ll show you what when I do here with the other side, we’re going to go ahead Install the cone on the shaft, like so Hold it tight because what you don’t want to have is you don’t want to have the shaft? Wobbling around inside the rim this right now the cones Are up against the bearing races. The first thing. I like to do is remove the old weights This wheel still had some of the OEM wheel weights on it, so I went ahead and removed them Static balancing method, it is very easy to do it doesn’t take very long And I’m going to show you how to do this now. The first step is, with the wheel weights removed We need to let this swing back and forth on the static balancer Until it’s stopped Once it stops The heaviest portion, okay of this wheel and tire assembly Is going to be dead in the middle, on the bottom We need to compensate for that by installing wheel weights Effectively Opposite of that heavy point Once we’ve done that and the wheel basically remains static as you rotate it It doesn’t swing on its own anymore As you rotate it around the balancer the job is done and And the balance will be good You can see it’s pretty well stopped here The more patient you are with this the better result you’re going to get There’s a lot of different ways to mark the tire because we need to mark this spot up here I’m going to use just a Black sharpie Come over here you want to kind of get right on that axis There’s different ways to do it obviously Things that might be a little more visible, but I found That I have no issues with that. Now what we want to do. We’ve already cleaned this rim using brake cleaner We want to install a couple of test weights on here And see how much weight it’s going to take to compensate When we get it into this position and watch it go. This one is not really taking off all that hard So we’re going to start off with about a half an ounce weight There’s a little bit of trial and error involved in this and the more you do it the more you’ll get used to How much weight it’ll typically take. Based upon how fast it’s moving Kind of swing it up here. We still need a little bit more you can still see that heavy spot wants to come down the other side What I normally do is I have a couple of test weights hanging around You can see what I’m doing. I’m just kind of folding it back half way Still a little bit, so we’re going to go with one more piece And now you can clearly see That it stopped moving. Okay. It doesn’t want to take off anymore. What we’re going to do from here Lets rotate it into a couple of different positions And that’s a nicely balanced assembly. What I’m going to do from here Right, I’m going to go ahead, and I’m going to peel back the rest of the tape Stick it on there nicely I’m going to cover it with some duct tape And that just ensures that the wheel weights are going to stay on the Rim You can get all kinds of different color all I have right now is white because normally i’m mounting on white wheels Right, you can get black, grey, all kinds of different colors to match your rim remember you can also reuse OEM wheel weights if you prefer that look and have them dead in the center of the rim This particular tire, it’s going to take about an ounce to balance it and that at the end of the day Is really, not bad. We’ve gotten a good result That’s how we balance ours. This is one of those things a lot of different methods out there We found this to be really effective over the years. I’ve done it a number of times Hopefully this video helps you decide whether or not you want to service your own wheel and tire changes on your bike

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  1. Wrong. If you don't have a wheel balancer and need to do this in an emergency you can use your axle as the rod and use two jack stands as the base and it will get you "close". At least closer than the method you describe. It wont be perfect though as the your wheel bearing have grease and drag, the wheel balancers bearings are very smooth and have a light lubricant in them to impart very little drag.

  2. How can you reuse the oem weights? Do you need some adhesive spray? I have a box of weights. If I can reuse them, then the box will last longer. I am looking into getting the tire balancer similar to yours but from Harbor Freight. Is theirs good or what you recommend around $40? Thank you for the video.

  3. I just use the box of weights, they aren't all that expensive or you could use duct tape. The only one we sell is more than what you are looking to spend but I have heard of people using the Harbor Freight one without issues. ~Aubrey

  4. I am new to turning my own wrench on my bike, but not new to turning wrenches. I hear a lot about dynamic balancing versus static balancing. How does static balancing hold up on the track?

  5. Great video! I was gonna replace my tires and bearings and take the wheels to a garage for balancing. Thought it would be to diffucult to do myself. But this video showed me that it is easy to do at home. Thanks !! 🙂

  6. Your a really good teacher, I don't know, I seen the others do it and its like watching a Crackhead politician. What do you think of Dynabeads? I found out most teachers my questions piss them off cause they don't know what I'm talking bout.

  7. I want to know if it matters what side of the rim you place the weights, I have no experience with balancing wheels on motorbikes but I've seen how they are done on cars and the wheel balancer machine will tell the tech which side of the rim the weights need to be placed. Should the same principle apply?

  8. Interesting, but a perfect balancing should be done dynamically with the wheel in movement with the specific machine

  9. Interesting, but a perfect balancing should be done dynamically with the wheel in movement with the specific machine

  10. I also use CounterAct Glass Beads…  As the Tire Wears down from its initial balance the Beads will keep it Balanceed.

  11. Great voice man, Radio Voice for sure… By the way, I am starting to get into balancing my own wheels and tires, I save so much time and money doing it on my own plus my friends help me when I need help and I balance their tires. Thanks for the video.

  12. A computer balancer does this way faster and more accurate… I mean nothing against this technique but this is caveman tech with equivalent results. I use a gyro/accelerometer balancer that I built myself for less than $100 and takes about 30 seconds to balance a wheel and tire within 0.01% for high speed runs. But then I have been writing software/firmware for 30+ years, revenge of the nerds, bitch.

  13. Great video I was wondering does the tape stay on there or are you just putting on to hold the weights in place for a certain amount of time before you remove it and is there somewhere where i can purchase the weights as well as that balancing machine that you used I like simple 

  14. Thank you for the feedback @Neigal Cox, the tape stays.  Most track day and racing organizations require that you tape over the wheel weights so they do not fall off on the track.  All items are available on our website, you should be able to follow the link in the description above.  Thanks!  ~Aubrey

  15. Great video mate saves paying someone to do a job you can do yourself and even make some money of your friends and others.

  16. Any reason you don't split the weights on left and right side of the wheels? Instead of putting all the weights on just the one side? 

  17. I have spent so much money on minor repairs. Im now coming to the point where  I realize that I should be able to do all the routine maintenance on my bike myself. Thanks for helping me learn to save a little bit of money time and stress.  

  18. Hello guys ! I actually have an issue with tires. Just got the tires from your shop guys (Sportbike track gear) and installed them on my R6 but feeling some vibrations. it is really weird, did the balancing three times in different shops. i am totally confused as the tires are new and the bike is brand new, got this pb just after replacing the tires, any suggestion ?? thanks for your help.

  19. Why not just squirt some balancing fluid into your tire like "Ride-On?"  Bonus, it will continue balancing your tire as it wears and it will temporarily seal a puncture. 

  20. Should I leave the cush drive on when balancing my rear wheel?  Also, when installing a new rotor, should I rebalance a wheel?  Thanks.

  21. Great video, just watched how to install a new tire as well. I've always wondered what that little metal piece was on my spoke. Thanks!

  22. Great video. Excellent education and explanation. I'd be an IQ sponge work with you ha
    I'd like to see a pic of the finished weights with duct tape over it, just for a visual cue. Thx either way

  23. Guy seems like a real sharp shooter..very intelligent in the motor cycle industry but he should try smoking a joint. Seems like the type to kick your ass of you made a joke about his sister. Anyway great video makes me confident in my ability to do balance a tire. I appreciate you Mr. sportbiketrack

  24. This is the way we all did it when I was racing in the 90,s and it still works just fine today on my road bikes and dirt bikes ,yes the computer ones do a more accurate job but as long as you follow this vid you will be in the ball park ,good job.

  25. Well done, that's half of the procedure. Now how's the dynamic balance on that wheel? For the same reason, why did you add the weights just on the other side of the rim instead of balancing them on both sides?

    It's quite clear you're trying to advertise your product and that's okay, but you could at least mention about dynamic balancing to people who don't know anything about physics, before giving them such beliefs about wheel balancing as in this vid.

  26. I just had new tires put on my bike. I just noticed the techs put on some lead strip weights; 1 strip on both sides of the back rim, and 1 strip on the left side of the front rim. The ride felt awkwardly heavier, but I'm not so sure if it's more so because of the new tires. Or is it the weights?
    I was also wondering if I remove these strips (they didn't clean the area of the rims they put the strips on) so that I can clean my rims first, what can I use to re-apply the lead strips. And am I going to strip the paint/color off the rim if I try to remove the strips?

  27. great video.

    Since i started riding 3 of my friends that ride have asked me how are my hands are handling the vibration. i told them i don't get any vibration and that all i feel is the engine buzzing. Turns out they had no idea motorcycle wheels needed to be balanced and all 3 of them had no weights on there wheels.

    Another friend of mine that has been riding for years told me to never take the wheel weights off. he said to leave them on when i change the tire and only get it balanced if it rides real rough with the new tire. i changed my front tire 3 weeks ago and the bike still rides real smooth..

  28. I just put on a new front Dunlop q3 on my 09 Gsxr, so from coming you is it highly recommend that I balance the front tire? I got on the free way and got up to about 110 and it shakes not to violently but I can definitely notice the difference I know that should answer my question or could it be something else??

  29. how du you know on wich side you must install the weight, left, right??? this method is not good!
    a car balancer is very very much better to balance the tires, it says where, on wich side and how much you must install the weight. sorry for my english

  30. What is the effect of an unbalanced tire on the front? Unbalanced tire on the rear? I just got new tires and I have a slight shimmy at high speeds. Could the front tire be out of balance? Thank you

  31. Nice video… Does it matter that you put all of the weights on one side of the rim? ( right v.s left )

  32. best simplest balance lesson i've seen on here. i have the same balancer and your method is dead on. thanks for posting.

  33. wish my balance went dat fukn fast. put a good used tire on my 82 goldwing n it took fukn 30min & 4oz total in various locations

  34. Does it matter what psi you have the tire inflated to? Did you do this right after seating the beads at 10-20psi, or after you had blown the tire up to operating psi level?

  35. where can i buy such an balancer?? because my fuckingg garage asked 100DOLLARS to remove front and back and to balance them am sick of this rip off tell me where do i buy those things greets

  36. can bike tires be dynamically balanced like on cars? I have a professional corghi wheel balance at home that you can use on bikes but just never bothered. I think I need to get an attachment for motorcycle wheels

  37. thanks for the video A++. What do you think if you just place the lightest spot of the tire to the heaviest spot of the rim, i heard good results, with that configuration you sometimes don't even need to use weights to balance it out, and if you do it would be with minimum weight attachment, if you would make a quick video showing that method it would be fantastic 🙂

  38. Too many thanks för your clearly explanation!. am asking if its posibel to do same Balance when the wheel istalled on the Motorcykel???????????

  39. How do you mount the tire with the white dot in relation to the valve stem & core to minimize weights needed?

  40. Question. No one seems to do anything to hold the bearing spacer in place. I have noticed the spacer moves and alters the balance making it a moving target. As the spacer moves it alters the balance. I'm experimenting with balancing with the axle assembly together to hold the spacer in place. Any comments?

  41. and what if its not done ? will it affect the balance of the bike while leaning ? plz help im facing an issue while cornering my rear is sliding alot since i change my tyres ! i havent done wheel balancing as no one does it in our city

  42. Before I seat the bead. I balance the rim and tire together. Moving the tire on the rim. A lot of times you can eliminate 1/2 of the weights.

  43. How do the weights stay on the tire , is the adhesive that strong , also what happens if one of the weight flys off ? Thank you for your time

  44. Thanks for the video's Mr. Brian Van…. I just love reading and commenting on some of these intelligent comments people leave under your video's 🙂

  45. Can anyone explain the concept of balancing the tire accordingly? How important is it to be super precise etc

  46. Why can't you just put the wheel on the bike( remove brake pads and obviously belt or chain) and just balance off the wheel bearings?

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