How to Adjust Your Motorcycle’s Clutch Cable | Allstate Insurance

How to Adjust Your Motorcycle’s Clutch Cable | Allstate Insurance

Hey what’s up everyone, it’s Matt from In today’s video, I want to show you how to
properly maintain and adjust your clutch cable. Before we begin, if you are unsure or uncomfortable
with any mentioned in this video, please seek professional help and have it repaired properly. Now if you are going to tackle this yourself, make sure you are wearing the proper safety equipment. I always wear safety glasses and gloves. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby. It is also a good idea to have the service
manual for your model so you can look up certain specifications. Alright, first let’s cover clutch cable
lubrication. Lubricating the cable will prolong its life
and also reduce pull effort, which will make riding more enjoyable, especially on those long trips. In order to lubricate the cable, we will have
to remove the cable from the lever. Go ahead and loosen the locknut and screw
the perch adjuster all the way in. On some models, there may be an additional adjuster at the other end of the cable near the engine. Loosen the locknut and screw the adjuster
all the way in. With both adjusters all the way in, there
will be enough slack to remove the cable from the perch and lever. You might have to rotate the adjuster slightly
to expose the slit in order to allow the cable to pass through. Now rotate the cable to release the barrel
from the lever. Now, with the cable end exposed, we can install
a cable luber tool, which can be bought for around $10 from any motorcycle dealer. This little tool clamps onto the cable and
allows you to force aerosol can lube into the cable without making a mess. Next, take a can of cable lube and insert
the straw into the cable luber tool. Here’s a quick tip, shorten the red spray
straw to make it easier to attach to the cable luber. Go ahead and spray the lube into the cable. You can see that I have placed a rag at the
other end of the cable to catch excess lube. Continue to spray lube for at least 10 seconds. Now that we finished lubricating the cable,
it’s time to reattach it and go through the adjustment procedure. Insert the cable barrel into the lever. Slide the cable through the slit in the perch
and adjuster. Turn the adjuster slightly to close up the
slit. Begin cable adjustment at the engine side
adjuster. Continue adjusting until majority of free
play has been removed. Free play is defined as “cable slack”
before the clutch is actually engaged. Now, let’s fine tune the adjustment at the
clutch lever. Turn the adjuster out to reduce free play. For this model, a free play gap of 2-3mm is
called out in the service manual. With the free play set, go ahead and tighten
both locknuts, the one near the engine, and the other one at the clutch perch. If you end up with a large amount of threads
exposed at both adjustment locations, chances are your cable is stretched out and needs
to be replaced. Alright, well I hope you enjoyed this video
and your clutch is now operating smoothly. If you’d like to see more of my videos,
head over to, or check out my YouTube channel MatthewMCrepair. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. Just remember if you are unsure of anything
discussed in this video, seek the help of a professional mechanic. Thanks for watching and see you in the next

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  1. I have a 1979 Honda 250 supper dream, it has  fuel, a gooood spark to the plugs, 150 psi on a compression test but it will not start.can anyone help ??????

  2. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for the video, did everything step by step, and my clutch on my VTX 1300 grabs exactly where I would like it to grab now, before it was grabbing all the way out towards the other end, no good. Thanks again, man very helpful 👍😁

  3. The clutch lever free play should measure 1 – 1.5cm on a Yamaha YBR 125 hence when I did this it had to be increased from the clutch lever end. Manual also states to adjust from the engine side only if necessary. Tried every possibility and 1st gear is still slipping to neutral or getting stuck in neutral. Can anybody help please ?

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