How to Adjust Brake Drums on Cars : How to Remove Tires & Brake Drum

How to Adjust Brake Drums on Cars : How to Remove Tires & Brake Drum

Hi, my name is Nate McCullough on behalf of
Expert Village. In these clips we will talk about the proper way to inspect and adjust
your drum style for your brakes. In this clip we are going to talk about the proper way
to spin off our lug nuts, remove our tire and how to break free our brake drum. Once
you have your wheel and tire assembly removed and rolled out of the way, you have access
to your brake drum which is this large metal assembly here. There are a couple of things
that you want to look for right away to be sure you can get it off. When the vehicle
is built, the brake drum is installed and they fit on small metal clips around two of
the wheel studs. This drum has been off since the vehicle has been made. It’s probably even
a replacement drum. In order to get the drum off if it’s a new vehicle, those clips will
have to be broken and removed. They are a throw away item and do not need to be reinstalled.
Once you have your clips removed and they are there, you take a hammer and strike the
shoulder of your brake drum. The shoulder is this location here. You can hit it as hard
as you want. It will not damage that surface. Do not hit it on the weight because the weight
is put there to balance it. If you hit it on the weight, the weight will break off and
cause a vibration while you are driving. Take my hammer, do a strike on the shoulder. As
you can see, the drum popped out in front of the assembly, take it and slide it off
and that is the proper way to remove your tire and brake drum.

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  1. i work at a garage and this happened to a vehicle i was working on, all we did was drill out that screw and replace it

  2. I have try everything to take that off. Until, I remember I could find some help here on youtube. I will try it on mine I hope it works!

  3. why are these videos not in order, (numbered) 1. 2. 3. 4. ect. – its a nightmare to navigate.
    good videos,terrible presentation.

  4. hey, i'm a musician, and a few days ago i saw 'brake drum' staning on my papers, any idea what kinda music i can make with this except hitting it with a hamer?

  5. nice vid, guys check ericthecarguy for seized up brake drum removal tips he makes it look simple and worked for me this weekend 🙂

  6. ive seen so many comments saying this, read the second half of the title which says "how to remove tires and brake drum"

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