How to Add Motion to Wheels and Tires

How to Add Motion to Wheels and Tires

hey folks welcome back to my next video
and in this video we’re gonna look at how to add motion to both tires and
wheels so let’s take a look for frequent updates please subscribe to
my channel with the link below and be sure to follow me on instagram at tomenglandphoto alright folks welcome back so what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna look at a technique used to add motion to both the tire and the wheel
itself which you have to do pretty much separately now we’re gonna work on a
couple wheels here but we’re only going to go completely through one wheel so
the process for the other wheels in the car is pretty much duplicated so with
that we’re just gonna go through show you the techniques on one wheel how to
duplicate the actual selection you have to a new one and of course show you the
technique through from beginning to end on how to create motion with the wheels
and tires so a couple things with this what I’m gonna do is I’m going to
eliminate the the rotor holes it’s cross-drilled and I want to eliminate
those and reason being it’s just because of the motion with the rotation they
wouldn’t really be visible if it was rotating and it’s just easier to take
out and take it out now because I want the rotor to be visible but I don’t want
those particular holes to be visible as well alright and the first thing we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna create a new layer and it’s gonna be a copy of the
background layer and we’re gonna go down to the blur gallery and select spin
blur now with this selection here we’re gonna move the middle of this to pretty
much the middle of the wheel it is where we’re gonna want that to be and with the
selections on the left and right as well as the top and bottom you can simply
drag the corners and we’re gonna make a selection around the wheel around the
the wheel itself so that looks pretty good so far now we can adjust the blur
angle which is on the right here but with that what we want to do is we don’t
want to create too fast we don’t want it too slow we just want a little motion to
that and of course that has to do with your photo depending on how quick the
car you want moving in your photo you will adjust this to your liking now we
can move the middle portion around if we want to but as soon as we make the
selection we’ll take the middle and we’ll just drag this to the very center
of the wheel itself and to copy the selection on windows will hold
CTRL + alt and click and drag or CMD + option on a Mac and click and
drag it over to the second wheel or even the third wheel depending on how many
wheels you hope to blur here so with this particular example we’re only
working on the left side of the car the right side which is the rear wheel would
need some of the same techniques on it but for the purpose of this I’ll just
leave that out just be sure of the technique that you’re seeing here simply
duplicate it over and do the same thing on each wheel that you’re hoping to
create a blur on now with this here we’re gonna create a mask on this and
reason being is that with wheels yes they would rotate but the actual the
brake calipers themselves would not so we’re creating a mask and we’re just
painting over this just to show a little visibility and this here with the AMG
logo on it we’re just gonna paint with a black brush on the portions to bring out
the wheel itself so so here on the front wheel we’re just going over the caliper
itself and we’ll just paint in some portions to make sure they’re visible
through the blur of the wheel itself and when we create this you’ll see that on
the round wheel itself with the portion of the car here it does bleed over onto
that so what I’m doing is making a selection around that will feather the
selection just point to is fine and we’re just gonna paint away on the mask
here with a black brush and just paint away the portion we don’t want any blur to at all will deselect that that looks good so far so the wheels are pretty
much done now the treads itself obviously they are not moving so we have
to create a new technique for those we’re going to create a new copy of the
background layer and use the pen tool and just trace around the corners here
and make a nice selection for just the tread of the tire itself so we’ll go up
when we get to the wheel here just continue up like the wheel was visible
because we can mask the same later and we’ll go around and we’ll connect that
right click to make a selection on this and point to is fine we’re going to go
down to filter the blur gallery and for this one we’ll use the
blur and what we got to do is we just click and make a selection here of the
motion of what the tread would be so this is pretty simple just click until
you get to the end and then when you have a nice selection here just push
enter and again this is something you can adjust the speed here on the right
but just make it so it looks consistent with the speed of the wheel itself and
the tread is a lot easier to get in terms of motion than the wheel with the
tread it’s quite simple there’s a there’s a good variance of speeds you
can have with this one here and the same thing we will select around the car just
the back portion of the car here and this is the mask out what we did with
the path blur make a selection same as usual and we will paint over this here
all right so we’ll take a look around that looks oh there’s a little little
mistake here on the top so what I want to do I just want to get rid of that
little little bump there in the tire so we’ll just quickly make another
selection around this very quick and that’s good and same thing we’ll just go
on to the mask and just paint this little portion away get a little the
tire make sure it’s round now looking at this example of the GLA you’ll see that
there is a reflection you see it often with wheels and motion it’s a reflection
that doesn’t necessarily come out when you use your own technique to to put
that in so we’re gonna create these using we’re just gonna create a
selection here we’ll drag up and we will go to the adjustments and with the
curves adjustment we’ll take this up and we’re gonna blur Gaussian blur and
we’ll just this 9 or 10 should be fine and then we can use the levels here for
the curves and we could just drag this up to create a little more light on that
portion yeah we’ll just do the same thing down here this isn’t necessary but
it does add a little bit to the realism of the motion of the wheel and select
that same thing we’ll go to curves adjustment and we’ll bring up the
exposure here on that Gaussian blur to finish it off and it’s with and without
and we’ll merge everything there and of course with the front wheel you will do
the same there now on this wheel here you’ll see there’s the center cap there
and that’s with the design of the wheel and how thick it is importance and not
in others then it’s a little darker in the center now it looks good as is but
if we wanted to add this we can just create a selection around here and the
same thing with the with the curves adjustment we’re gonna create one but
we’re just gonna drag this down and that’s our first step with that we’re
gonna adjust the saturation of this here just to take some of this color out of
this so blur Gaussian blur same thing and
then we’re gonna create a hue/saturation layer and make sure it only affects the
layer beneath it not every layer just the curves layers all we want to adjust
on this and we’ll just take the saturation down and as a final step here
I’m going to mask out just the center let the center cap there to be a
different exposure a little brighter and we’ll just paint over that and that’s it
that’s a technique on how you create motion on both tires and wheels so
thanks again for watching the video and I’ll see you again in the next one

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  1. Excellent stuff! Not sure how you don't have 5-6 figure subs to be honest! Loving the tutorials.

    Quick note, on the last step instead of creating a new hue sat layer to remove the colour shift, just set your curves layer to luminosity and it won't affect the colour. I do almost all of my curves layers at luminosity so I don't have to deal with pesky sat shifts!

    Great stuff again

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