How to Access and Remove the Spare Tire in a BMW X3 E83

How to Access and Remove the Spare Tire in a BMW X3 E83

Hi! Otto here for Bavarian Autosport. In this series of videos we are going to show
you how to access and remove the spare tire on various BMW and MINI models that require
more than simply lifting the trunk floor and pulling the spare out. Now if you have one of these models, we do
recommend that you practice these steps before you actually have to use them. If your BMW or MINI does not have a spare
tire check, out our space saver spare kits in our online store at and as
always please subscribe to our Youtube channel and like this video. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter
and like us on Facebook. Now lets go ahead and check out the steps. Lift out and set aside the trunk floor trim
panel. Remove the lug bolt wrench. Loosen and remove the spare tire securing
lock. Pull up the spare tire carrier lowering handle
and turn to release the carrier. Lower the spare tire and the carrier.

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  1. GO SLOW! Be careful when trying to do this for the first time. If you unscrew the main bolt too quickly the spare with all its weight will drop to the floor causing the cable handle to be pulled down and possible snap miscellaneous plastic extension pieces. Otherwise great vid.

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