How Much Did the Barbie Car Cost To Build

How Much Did the Barbie Car Cost To Build

[Music] grind hard crew today we’re gonna talk about everything we bought for the Barbie car total it all up so you guys know exactly how much we spent and honestly we’re pretty curious on what we spent too so let’s get started this episode is brought to you by Skillshare home to thousands of classes that teach you a new life skill the first 500 of you guys that sign up using the link in the description will receive two months of premium free so click that link and learn something new so the first step of the process for me was actually getting the Power Wheels toy because everything else basically doesn’t matter until I know what size everything needs to be and I chose the pink Mustang because out of all the Barbie cars I thought that it was the most pink and the most ridiculous which obviously a big part of the Barbie car the whole point is to be ridiculous so I was tracking them down they’re actually pretty expensive like used they go for 200 bucks easily some of them 250 and they’re only 300 new I found a guy from Spokane that had one and offered him 65 bucks and he took it so that was the Barbie shell [Music] the next step was actually buying the go-kart I was trying to price out parts individually all the steering components axles wheels tires and it just added up super quick so the obvious choice ended up being buying a used go-kart so I found one locally on Facebook marketplace offered him 250 bucks and then got this mantra he just custom made blue frame motorcycle engine that was really old tired and not running well and that’s really how things got started the first day we just got the go-kart running and then realized the engine and it was not gonna work it was underpowered old it’s smoked it was way too heavy and way too big to fit in this tiny little body so we talked about different options I kind of wanted this stuff a snowmobile engine engine into it just to be stupid but that would have been more complicated in a lot of ways and way too big so in the end we settled on destroying my more-or-less perfectly good dirt bike that was a big cost that we would have had to spend if we wanted to buy an engine and didn’t already have the dirt bike to steal it from and I would estimate from looking on Craigslist that you could get a similar engine or dirt bike with a similar engine for maybe 500 bucks or so if you shopped around or if you went on eBay and with the Chinese route it’s about 500 bucks for a comparable engine so we’ll say the engine would cost $500 if you bought it we bought the gold spray paint for the gas tank and the original wheels and the frame of the Barbie car because it just looked bling-bling and that’s where we wanted to go then I bought the tan spray paint for the seat so it kind of matched the interior of the car and that ended up being a really nice touch and then we got the matte black for the flares as well so we ended up spending about 20 bucks on spray paint and then the flares are from five dollar buckets at Walmart I bought two of them so that totals $10 [Music] so at this point the Barbie car was running well looking good the next obvious choice was lights so we spent 10 bucks on the headlights 15 bucks on the tail lights and then 30 bucks on the under glow in the under globe we really haven’t included in a video but we have all these different colors and modes it can flash it can dance and we just keep it on pink because that’s the coolest so we got a strip under glow underneath this side this side and the tail once we got it running and driving we initially used the air filter off of the old engine that came with the go-kart and it was not big enough it was terrible so we got this air filter off the internet for about 15 bucks and then once it was time for a muffler we ordered this just Universal motorcycle sort of muffler thing for about 30 bucks basically it just looks cool and then there were also some little odds and ends like the crankcase breather air filter just a little tiny filter that was like ten dollars and then brake line and fuel line and the fittings and stuff associated with that probably about twenty dollars like oh the barbie sticker how much did that cost the Barbie sticker was a ground score on eBay it was like six bucks yeah and then all the other stuff really to put it all together was just scraps of metal or or whatever I had laying around my shop or stuff we stole from my dirt biker Oh a bunch of zip ties I bet we used five dollars in zip ties on it he’ll add that to the list so our next big purchase wasn’t really necessary but the first time I drove the Barbie car I completely rolled it and bent the rear axle so we had to buy another one of those and that was $60 okay when you hit the brake you die so before we decided to turbocharge a Barbie car just all costs spent to that point was five hundred and forty six dollars or one thousand and forty six if you include the cost of the motorcycle of what we think that would cost so that’s pretty dang good we had a lot of fun for five hundred bucks now when we decided to turbocharged Barbie things got a little more expensive so basically as soon as we started talking about the possibility of turbo charging the Barbie car I made a a base shopping cart with all the things I thought we might need so that included a hundred and sixty dollar turbo which was the cheapest and smallest turbo I could find on eBay an oil cooler that was about $30 a $70 oil scavenge pump which ended up not working so then I ordered another oil pump which was just like a little cheap plastic transfer pump that actually worked just fine and that one was only twenty-five dollars and then once we got it we had to do a few other little things like I had to get a custom oil line made and spent way too much on that it was $40 and then you know some oil to run through it another ten bucks and that was really about all the costs for the turbo kit so once we knew the turbo was gonna work by that time the wheels and tires from the old go-cart sucked from the get-go but they were getting really bad and really burnt up from all the North Idaho dyno tuning we were doing so we went to be in my carts and got new tires all the way around new wheels the new hubs and tie rods for three hundred and four dollars and fifty cents and that’s everything we spent on the build so that totals one thousand one hundred seventy-five dollars and fifty cents so not too bad considering how much fun we’ve had that’s for sure and then add the other five hundred to that if we had to actually buy the engine so that’s how much Barbie cost once again thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video Skillshare is an online learning community that has over 21,000 courses to choose from Ethan and I are taking the how to sketch design and draw cars like a pro by Kai Wayne Vaughn thanks to this course we are better able to communicate ideas to each other and see how things look before we actually spend the time to build it so like we said at the beginning of the video the first 500 of you guys to click the link at the top of the description get a skill share premium account for free for two months so check it out and start learning something new you [Music]

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  1. Your math was off at the end because you said 10 dollar twice instead of 10 and then 15 when talking about headlights and tail lights.

  2. I like all your videos. I love the hoops of the barbie car. send me some rings and tires for guatemala, I deposit the money. please.

  3. Your $5 price difference was because of the tail lights. You specified that they were $15 in the audio, but only marked them as $10 in the text on-screen.

  4. hey men sold me the turbo and oil intercoler and oil pum to colombia and another pipe and conector for the real bike turbo in bogota…

  5. Yea but then how many hours did you guys spend in the shop building it? And how much do you charge for labor? $150/hr? $250/hr? $300/hr? Now I really want to know

  6. How much did the Barbie jeep cost to build? I'd pay big $ for a custom build jeep! He'll with the Barbie car , the jeep is nasty!!!!

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