How I fractured my wrist, and what happens now?

How I fractured my wrist, and what happens now?

It was just a numbers game. For the last few years I’ve been so focused
on progressing that, I started getting used to gambling with my body. And it’s true, I’ve walked away from so
many crashes that the working assumption was that I’d always bail just in time. After all, I’m Seth’s motherfreaking bike
hacks. Yes, I did suffer a separated shoulder which
will look like this forever, but that was soft tissue damage. This is my first skeletal injury ever, and
it actually could have been a lot worse. Let’s talk about how and why it happened,
and what its implications are. On Saturday I visited Grapefruit trails as
the first stop on my Florida trip. The plan was to meet with Patrons for a really
casual day of hitting jumps, grilling up hot dogs, and having some laughs. As you can see, things were going perfectly. Grapefruit trails is a community freeride
park in Palm Bay. With really sandy soil and basically no elevation,
the place has taken a massive amount of ingenuity to build and maintain. It’s an inspiration to any community that
doesn’t have a place to ride. In fact, the locals sometimes rely on better
dirt trucked in from the outside. While many of the jump surfaces at grapefruit
are bolstered with carpet, the BMX jumps at the back are as firm and grippy as any I’ve
ever seen. This is important, because I was riding my
single speed hardtail. I had it set up for singletrack, with 30 PSI
in the tires. And I should have been running double that. While carving left on the lip, my front tire
folded under. This happens when lateral force is applied
to your wheel. If the ground doesn’t give, your tire will. So halfway up the lip, I lost all my speed
and smeashed straight into the backside of the landing. This is the hand that took most of the impact. I knew I had hit the ground really hard, but
I couldn’t tell if I was hurt yet. We went back to the trailhead to grill hot
dogs and take a breather. Other than not riding, I was all but ignoring
my injury. After all, I would be back on my bike within
a week—I was sure of it. So after lunch I went back in to film the
locals. As the day wore on, I started to suspect that
something might be wrong. Although I could hold the camera with my right
hand, my left hurt so badly that I couldn’t even get my cell phone out of my pocket. I decided to wrap things up and maybe get
it checked out. The fractures were in my radius. That’s the larger of the two bones in your
forearm. One was hairline, while the other had a pretty
significant gap, not quite big enough to require surgery. The doctor said I could return to jumping
couches by 3 months, with light trail riding a little sooner than that. For now, I’m in a cast, and it’s itchy. It’s also really difficult to type with. When I shower I need to use this thing to
keep it from getting wet. I’m also going to need to rely on other
activities to keep my strength up. If I want to hit the ground running this spring,
I’ll need to maintain my cardio and bone density. We might even see a little bit of Seth’s
Hike Hacks. As for the videos, they will continue on. I can’t promise anything interesting next
week, but once I get back to my shop it’ll be business as usual. I’m kind of excited for the challenge. Since my instagram post I’ve been getting
tons of support from you guys, sometimes in the form of commiseration. We all deal with injuries, some worse than
others, and thankfully I’ll be making a full recovery from this. Anyway, thanks for all the well wishes and
keep an eye on my instagram for little updates about this. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. I did the same thing but I snapped the radius and it was completely displaced it took surgery but luckily not open surgery they just had to pull my hand and push the bone back in place

  2. I snapped both bones the radius and ulna in 4 places because my breaks didnt work and I went over a ditch. No surgery or physio but 8 weeks in 2 casts and 3 month recovery.

  3. I broke my wrist in almost the exact place. Although a far less dramatic crash. I also thought it was just soft tissue until aftre I rode back to the car, and went to a coffee shop with the group. The swelling and pain increased until I relented and went to the hospital. My break was almost identical to yours, but on the right wrist. Amazing the pain we will endure when in denial!

  4. Dude shithappens I'm broken both of my wrists twice now from just riding and I knew a lot of street riding on my full suspension mountain bike with full-size dirt tires cuz I do like to get out in the field and there's s*** out there I can jump but yeah I broke both of my wrists I was about 20 miles away from home my step my phone and half and I was like f*** duct tape was my best friend I made a makeshift cast get me home and immediately went to the ER

  5. Ive been skating for a few months now and when i sent a big jump i completely shattered bu tailbone. Its the beginning of summer so it looks like im going to spend alot of time inside which is killing me. I know this is a late comment but hope your recovery went well.

  6. I broke my wrist and my knee when I got hit by a four wheeler my leg cast was so itchy but nothing could itch it

  7. Oh wait? This is posted 3 days before I fractured my right arm!
    It happened when i tried to do a 360° on a long rail while skiing. I just slammed my hand on the rail!

  8. I broke both bones in my right arm on my bike too but it is summer and I'm too bummed that I can't ride for half the summer.

  9. I've fractured my wrist twice with only small fractures, didn't go to a doctor. Now it hurts sometimes cause of I didn't heal it properly

  10. I just broke my ulna and radius really bad. I will need surgery next week and I will be out from riding for around 3 months

  11. I broke my arm on the first day of summer I know it is not fun but you just have to get it over with YOU MAKE AMAZING VIDEOS YOU ARE A VERY Good PERSON. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  12. Do you think this could be prevented if you hadn’t reach out with your arms but let your shoulder take the impact?

  13. Sat here watching this, just as summer kicks in, 5 weeks after shattering the same bone. Two plates, over a dozen pins….not sure when I'll be back out 🙁

  14. I know how you feel. a couple of years ago I crashed on a dirtbike and fractured my radius and ulna in 2 different places. had to have 3 surgeries and fractured my skull in 30 different places

  15. My friend got a full arm cast and just took my bike and started to pleads it everywhere without holding the handle bars at all

  16. Never superman with hands out. Always bring the arms in. Great to see the explanation of what happened.

  17. You should check out mobius wrist braces, they are easy to ride with but will protect you when you need it.

  18. I know how it feels I snapped my arm 3 moths ago had to get surgery cause I ride over a grove and broke it 🙁

  19. I've broken both my feet, my arm and a few fingers and knocked out a tooth.

    Take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning.

  20. Kinda amazed it doesn't happen more often considering the speed and forces involved. You're right, every time you crash the odds go up. The other thing is age – I've noticed as I age, it seems to hurt a lot more when I crash.

  21. I fell yesterday on my left hand walking to wash my hands and I I couldn’t hold a pillow with my hand and my mom said, “it’s just a sprain” he has the same thing I’m positive I have a fracture

  22. I went to pull a wheelie on my mountain bike and the front tire flew off and I instantly pushed the front down stupidly and the two forks dug into the concrete and threw me about ten feet in the air and i broke my knee cap

  23. Seth is a beast, I fractured my wrist in the same way but it was nowhere near as bad as his. My fracture was excruciatingly painful. Props to Seth for handling it like a champ!

  24. Dude i just got the same kind of injury yesterday. Just got in to bikes and stuff but i guess i will have to wait for weeks now.

  25. I done the exact same thing today at the local pump track I tried to jump a double and landed the first two but I didn’t have enough speed to make it but I just thought of the famous last words.

    “Just pull up”

  26. I got a Metacarpal fracture from a month ago. I hate it! Im missing all the trails this fall 😭 more running for me

  27. i have a bad shoulder which wont ever get good again… one of the shoulder musscles just refuse to work so i cant raise my arm fully (touch my ear with my arm, i chipped the shoulder socket and there was some major soft tissue damage, it is still not good almost 6 years later and i suspect it won't get any better than it is right now.

    injuries suck, but you just have to deal with them and find ways to work around them.

  28. i was cycling at 50 kmh on gravel and i hit a twig with my pedal and did not bail in time, the result was grinding 2 meters down the sharp gravel, which would usually be enough to take off some muscle (and is why cycling in shorts is daft), however i walked of unscathed as usual since i wear a heavy jacket, a padded undercoat and some steel inserts. This makes it possible to do ice cycling and is something that my engineering mind devised before having to ever go for snow cycling. the point is that heavy armour and padding makes (at least road rash) dissappear. do not try to sue me, i never told you to try this.

  29. Yesterday I was riding a up big gravel jump and I went over my handle bars and my bike went over my head and banged my knee. Bed part was I wasn’t wearing knee guards😢

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