How does the Steering Wheel automatically returns to its center?

How does the Steering Wheel automatically returns to its center?

you might have noticed that after making a turn when you release the steering wheel it will automatically return to the central position you will be amazed to find out that this steering wheel return ability is not achieved by any complicated mechanism using Springs or valves instead engineers have achieved the return motion of the steering wheel solely by giving the front wheels an angle called a caster angle let’s discover the interesting physics behind how providing an angle to the front wheels makes the wheels and the steering wheel come back to their original positions first let’s have a closer look at the steering wheel mechanism it is clear that the rotation of the steering wheel is transferred to the rack and pinion mechanism which then turns both the wheels if you observe closely you can see that the wheels are turning along a particular axis this axis is called the steering axis in the current demonstration you can see that the steering axis is perfectly vertical however this is not normally the case in practice in practice the steering axis will be slightly inclined to the vertical as shown this angle is called the caster angle you will get a clearer picture of this angle when it is viewed from the side let’s watch how this steering mechanism works at first you might not notice much difference from the previous mechanism however when you understand the concepts of patch area and pivot point you will notice a big difference patch area is the area where force is transferred to the wheels it is clear that the wheel is pivoted to turn around at the meeting point of the steering axle and Road let’s call this meeting point the pivot point in the first mechanism the patch area is in line with the pivot point however in the second case the patch area is way behind the pivot point to understand the effect of this trailing patch area let’s study more about the forces acting on the wheels during cornering assume that your car is making a perfect circular turn in a level plane to make this turn what the car needs is a centripetal force in a level plane turn this centripetal force should come from the frictional forces at the wheel patch area and this fact is clear from this snapshot now let’s analyze in detail what this frictional force does to the front wheels in the actual steering wheel geometry we saw that the patch area is behind the steering axle meeting point or pivot point if you no longer hold the steering wheel in this turned condition the effect of the centripetal force and the wheels is obvious it will produce a restoring torque and the wheels will automatically realign to the center let’s watch it from the top view also to get a better idea however for the initial geometry with a zero caster angle there won’t be any restoring torque since the centripetal force passes through the pivot point in short just by giving a positive caster angle to the steering mechanism engineers were able to attain the restoring torque we salute the brilliant minds that visualized such an ingenious idea and avoided the need for a complex mechanism it is clear from these discussions just how critical the caster angle is for a vehicle’s straight-line stability the caster angle is not adjustable on modern cars but if during the wheel alignment operation any variation is found due to wear and tear of the connected parts the issue should be fixed we hope you will support our educational services on and don’t forget to subscribe thank you

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  1. Centripetal force is the object or in the case car wanting to move in a linear motion not inwards at the center of a circle. The frictional force that is acting upon it is what’s going in the opposite direction not the centripetal

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  3. Very simple, it's because of the power and weight that pushes or pulls the car straight forward. Just pull up while the wheels are turned. You will feel that the car doesn't pull up as powerful as when you hold the wheels straight forward.

  4. you will make it easier to understand if you compare it to a wheel chair front wheels , it has the same idea.

  5. In drifting, if I turn left and release the steering wheel, how come the steering wheel automatically goes to the right, but not central position ?

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    Its like someone got caught up with the title and thought initially:
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    "How DOES a Steering Wheel Automatically ReturN to Center." Lol

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