How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop

How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop

Well, that’s what I get for just turning my back and walking away. About had a wreck. Anyway, thanks for tuning back in this week to see how I’m gonna ship this wheel. I gave it a kind of a lot of thought, pondered long and hard about how I was gonna do this Initially, I thought I was gonna lay it down That was my intention, but a couple of things were kind of nagging at me one, that this is an 80″ wheel and the length of my forks are only 48 inches So I was just gonna barely get under the half way point of this wheel and I was concerned about keeping it balanced. Then I got to pondering, if I laid if flat it’s be pretty easy for the trucking company to put other boxes, or what other cargo on top, whatever, so that kind of bothered me. So I thought maybe I’d probably stand it up. And also I think it would be the most efficient use in the trailer, as far as space goes. So then if became the question of how do I stabilize it to keep it upright, cause it’d be kind of top heavy. Well, I had a little extra large pallet here. Most pallets are 40 by 48 I had one that was 48 by 50 so that’s the one I chose to use. And I put a half inch sheet of OSB on top of it to kinda give it a little better foundation And then, in the middle of that, after I got it pretty well screwed down, I put a lot of screws in this whole thing as you’ll see as we go. But, uh, underneath, where the wheel is gonna set, I put another 3/4″ piece of OSB underneath it to take the weight of the wheel itself. So, I hope it’ll work. We’ll see how it kinda goes. It took me a long time to crate this up, and there was a lot of stopping and pondering, and, well,, what am I gonna do next? So, not to say that I really had this all well planned out. I kinda flew by the seat of my pants and it kinda just evolved. So, this is what happened and we’ll hope it works. So, it’s supposed to be about a five day delivery time from Montana to Virginia So, sometime next week we should maybe hear how well it traveled. Yeh, we hope we crated it up sufficiently. So, once again, thanks for watching!

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  1. Again, marvellous watching someone work. Just glad it is you Dave.
    nb. Love the single axle trailers in the States. Here in Australia, they love axles, axles are good. the more the betterer, and would have at least 3 under that bugger. Reckon the rules are made by manufacturers of Axles and Tyres, here.

  2. I'd ship with a note saying "some assembly required"…..theyll figure it out or they won't… I love your stuff man, keep it up and we'll both stay sane!

  3. Nice job making the wheel. On the side packing struts I would have preferred seeing you notch the bottom of the strut like you did the top.

  4. Awesome. A bunch of common sense and learned knowledge went into that packaging. A little bit of your own Fibonacci lol. Thnx for the video.

  5. After the delivery I fully expect to see the container for the wheel begin a new life as a recycled project. Too bad we couldn't follow it and see what happens. Thank you for another great video.

  6. After watching these videos for the last month, I realize that you have expanded your portfolio, with horseless carriages and home decor.

  7. Once again, thanks for showin us how. Looked like a fine bit of packaging to me. I’m not worried about the trucking co breaking it but I’m sure they’ll do their best to beat it up. Hope it arrives intact. The new owner will be thrilled I’m sure. Good job 😎👍👏

  8. Next time tell them they only come in pairs, one in front, one in the rear with a 15hp hit and miss motor in the middle, hire a brave young jasper to ride it out.

  9. Looks like the wheel got a coat of polyurethane finish… Looks great!! I noticed a pile of old wagon wheels by the front door… I'm hoping business is looking up!! And it looks like diesel is $2.50 – $2.60 at Conoco… Did I see that correctly? Thanks for the video, Mr. Dave!!

  10. Dave, after seeing that crating job, I'm IMPRESSED!

    Almost think it would have been easier to make
    another Borax wagon. Your work is just amazing!


  11. How I ship a thousand-pound wagon wheel:

    "H-hi," said the wagon wheel, looking bashfully at the ground.
    "Hello," replied Harry. "I saw you in potions class. My name is Harry Potter."
    "I know," said the wheel. She thought better of that and, turning a peculiar shade of crimson, added a bit too loudly,
    "I mean, pleased to meet you Harry, I'm a thousand-pound wagon wheel!"

  12. Not sure if that's over kill or if I was watching the Energizer bunny but its how you seem to do all your jobs nothing over looked I'll bet it will work just fine good job

  13. Not bad. Beautiful work Now you know why slitters ship coils "eye to the sky" when they truck to stampers.I would have put cardboard or rags where there may be rubbing points to preserve the finish. And my dad would have sanded all the rough edges on the crate.

  14. All I can say is THANK GOD YOU DIDN'T GO UPS FREIGHT. Old Dominion is very good. I used to build special skids for odd parts. It was fun watching someone else to the work and that was a great design.

  15. Built like Fort Knox but I bet today's modern trucking companies/railroads can destroy it to where even the steel tire won't survive!! Take care. Doug

  16. There’s me thinking you just get some raggedy child to run it down the street with a stick like the hoops of old. Times change.

  17. جميل جدا شكرا لك اخي الكريم على هذا الفديو الراءع اتمنى لك التوفيق

  18. For a project like this I would have thought the customer would have sent somebody to pick it up. I mean, sure it's a long ride but people do it every day. Anyways, they wanted a wagon wheel and they are getting the real McCoy! Awesome job.

  19. The wheel is like a piece of fine furniture and you're right it would take a lot covering to come up with a plan to ship it safe but I figured it wasn't your first rodeo and you did a great job as always. Have a great day.

  20. Very creative way to crate this wheel. Pardon the pun but it surely was a "Screwy Pallet." The people will appreciate all the hardware they are receiving when it arrives. Really gave them the "Screws" on this one.

  21. Glad I’m not unpacking that! But I get it, lots of extremely skilled craftsmanship and time, not to be trusted with a shipping company.

  22. The better you crate it the more of a challenge for the dock workers.
    Everyone’s up for a challenge this time of the year.

    I think it’ll get there fine.

  23. 16:23 Truck driver is thinking, "Oh Geeze, not this guy again with his bizarre pallets of heavyass stuff that clogs up my entire trailer and won't let me fit anything else in here. Man, I miss working at the autoparts store."

  24. Some lucky kid's gonna get a pretty good treehouse out of that crating job!
    I worked at a wood crating manufacturer for 8 years and have "seen some stuff"…wonder how many fork holes there will be in the OSB by the time it gets where it's going!

  25. Helt otroligt väl embalerat. Bara embaleringen visar på en perfektion och en uppfinningsrikedom som man bara beundrar.

  26. Sorry if I missed it but what was the actual shipping cost? Could a friend with a pick up not have driven it with just a few straps

  27. Nice job. Sure hope the trucking company does a better job than they did with Alex Steele's Monarch 10EE lathe that they delivered in Montana. Keep warm and don't eat to much turkey.

  28. This shows one more hat that you must wear. I am surprised you don't have an apprentice. It seems such a waste to think of all that knowledge to be gone when you are. In this regards I think the japanese have it over us. Fifteen generations at a single trade, and still passing along the knowledge of the masters.

  29. Customer's Shipping and Receiving Dept.: We'll need a pallet jack, forklift, gantry crane, hoist, step ladder, screw gun with extra batteries and charger, nail puller, crowbar, reciprocal saw, 2 lb. hammer, and a four-man crew with hardhats, leather gloves, steel toe boots and knee pads.

  30. That is quite a large stash of wheels in need by the door at 16:10. I have not noticed them before, are they fresh meat for the grinder? (Future videos?). So what do plan to do with the second giant wheel you made? Museum? Glass topped dining room table? Just curious. 😀

  31. type in The Crafty Trucker here at youtube. they run an expediting truck and they could haul it with out all of that elaborate boxing, etc. really simple haul, they have straps, etc to tie it down in their van box. Way too much prep work to build a box around it when it is not necessary…overkill… they are a team driver, so depending on the miles from MT to VA they could be there in 32 to 34 hours driving time? I was watching along as I typed the message, freight company is the worst way to ship a delicate and expensive item, like you said, multiple fork lifts, whereas an expediting truck would be safer, faster, and no chance of damage from forklifts. I wish I would have found your video a day earlier, before you got the freight company. 1 rubber mat under the hub and straps, and it would be fine.

  32. An awesome wheel. It is so beautiful I would have had to build a frame around it. But what do I know. Hopefully, you'll mention if it arrived safely and possibly see it installed…thank you

  33. interesting. whoever gets it can build a shed out of the crating materials. Frankly though, I think it would truck better if you had put it on the pallet the other way, or used a pallet that could be lifted from any side, as putting it in the truck long ways would probably be better than wide ways. Then again, you'd need much longer forks for that. Welders come in handy sometimes, lol.

  34. Brilliant…the only thing I’d be concerned about is the removal of those nails on those inner supports….you have to help with the uncrating to guarantee no one ruins that piece of art

  35. 5 days to ship, 1 day to unpack. Was waiting for the trailer to up end when the wheel was loaded!Very informative video as always.

  36. I work for a large trucking company and we move large granite parts heavy too. You should of used a tri frame it would of stayed up rt but at a slight angle and had plenty of so port for the weight..

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