How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Tires?

How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Tires?

driving on bald tires can be treacherous in the best of conditions add some rain or even worse snow or ice and the results can be tragic will show you how to determine if your tires need to be replaced one way to know you have enough tread is to insert a penny upside down into the groove and see if you can see the top of Honest Abe’s head if you can’t you have enough tread if it’s more like this then it’s time to replace the tire another is to look for tread wear indicators which are ribs inside the grooves that run across the entire surface if the tread is worn down to that level then you know it’s time for a replacement but bear in mind the deeper the grooves the better the tires going to be in snow and on rainy roads also be on the lookout for uneven wear for example if there’s more where on one side of the tire than the other it can mean there’s a misalignment or a broken suspension component this tire shows cupping which is a dishing out kind of high and low spot which means that your shock absorbers are dead and your tire has literally been bouncing down the road finally always take sidewall damage very seriously it can lead to a blowout like we had here which can be extremely dangerous sidewall damage cannot be repaired

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  1. If your tire is older than 6 years even if the tread is new the tire should be replaced. The compounds in the tire harden over time which reduces handling and especially braking. You can drag it out til 10 years but the tires should be inspected after the 5th year annually.

  2. In dry conditions on paved roads, a bald tire can perform better because it has a larger contact patch. The grooves in the tread are for channeling water and other particulates.

  3. what about if tires to be cupping but on coilovers. is that mean to much damping or to little damping. ?

  4. Think most run on slick tires due to money who would run around on old tires? No choice its money 300-500 for tires some more not cheap

  5. If you keep your car outside all the time in sunny states then the time to replace the tires is around 4 years, especially valid unfortunately for hard rubber high mileage warranty expensive tires. When you start notice that your old tires spin the moment you accelerate from red light during rain – time for replacement no matter what thread you have left.

  6. My budget tyres did not last 3,000 mileage,it must be Chinese tyres.A good tyre can last 20,000 mileage.Never buy Chinese tyres, go for European tyres.

  7. Can tires go back even if you're not using them they're just there 4+5-6 years without use

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