How Casinos Use Smell To Hack Your Brain – Cheddar Examines

How Casinos Use Smell To Hack Your Brain – Cheddar Examines

A small metal box is attached to the ventilation system of almost all the casinos on the Las Vegas Street. The boxes release vaporized oils into the air ducts, where they’re swept through the system and spread through the casino floor. Their purpose; to hack your memory. This isn’t the plot of a ’60s Bond movie, it’s real and it’s probably happened to you. Before casinos catch us sniffing around, make sure you click “SUBSCRIBE”. You’re already here. In 1991, a man named Mark Peltier went to Las Vegas to talk to the owners of one of the most famous casinos on the Street, “The Mirage”. He showed them the sense that would make gamblers want to stay longer and come back sooner and spend more money. The Mirage was thrilled and installed a football sized box in their ventilation system. It was shockingly expensive but The Mirage thought it was worth it. Soon, other resorts began to follow suit. Mark and his Company, AromaSys, installed boxes in the Bellagio, The Venetian, Mandalay Bay, The Wynn, and The Encore and a lot more. Each one smelled like the ideal version of their location. The Bellagio smells of Northern Italy, The Mirage smells Polynesian, Mandalay Bay smells Southeast Asian. The Wynn and The Encore, both have very unique smells, that Steve Wynn and Mark designed together. “Mr. Wynn has extraordinary sensory ideas and knows exactly what he wants. You may never smell anything like that in the world.” The Venetian smell is called Seduction and apparently smells pretty musky. “I actually think it’s turned up a little too strong but the management insists on it being that way and actually kind of resented me offering my opinion.” Peltier said. Peltier has a specific formula when he makes a scent for a new hotel. Citrus is refreshing, floral and woody smells are relaxing, herbaceous smells can be relaxing like lavender or energizing like peppermint. Mark uses a combination of these smells to evoke moods and environments, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Before Mark and AromaSys, casino fragrances were just used to cover up the smell of tobacco smoke. But Mark changed the game. He realized early on that scent was really important in selling anything. But in 1991, we didn’t know the science behind why and now we do. This is a really recent discovery. The scientist who discovered all this got a Nobel Prize for it in 2004. This is what the inside of our nose looks like. Here at the back of the nose underneath the mucus layer, is a strip of tissue called olfactory epithelium. It has millions of sensory neurons that are each keyed to receive only one or two types of odors. Then they’re transmitted as odor in patterns to the brain, where they’re organized to become smells. These odor in patterns are sent to the olfactory bulb which is right here, right next to the amygdala which regulates emotion and the hippocampus which stores memory. Visual, auditory and tactile data don’t go anywhere near them which makes scent essentially their only trigger. An important smell can create a flow state, where one loses the normal sense of time and is transported back to the time when they first smell that.

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  1. Is this what you’ve been using to exploit the YouTube algorithm instead of bullshit stories found from Wikipedia or some bullshit tell us something interesting

  2. Doesn’t work on me. I’ve never understood casinos. Putting my money into a machine with lights and sounds that’s just going to keep it for hours on end is not attractive to me.

  3. i mean, come on. this is one of the most far fetched and crazy things i’ve ever seen. do people actually believe this?

  4. I think people just hate the fact that people are free to smoke in casinos personally I think it's ridiculous but that's the only place you can smoke indoors in California hating smokers is racist and my craziest experience with a casino was seeing someone I Used to Know p themselves because they didn't want to stop gambling and then they pee on the casino pretty gross

  5. The most boring activity I can imagine; gambling.
    When I was a kid my parents would go to Reno.
    They had a sort of daycare area with video games where they locked up us kids while the parents gambled.
    That would never fly today.
    At first, it was cool to have all those video games to play.
    After a few hours, the lights and sounds became numbing.
    I remember when they picked me up and we walked out through the casino.
    It was just a mind numbing adult version of the video game kiddie prison I had just endured.
    Casinos hold no allure for me since.
    Travelling over the years I have stopped to eat at some or stayed in their hotels.
    I can walk right through a casino without the slightest urge to drop a single quarter into a machine.
    Maybe I am lucky this way.
    I just don't understand what attracts folks to it.

  6. She sounds like one of those phone addicts you see in movies like
    "Oh mY GAWD !!!! LOOK aT whAt JENNA. JuST. TExtEd. ME."

  7. I once visited a casino on Vegas, and for the short time I was there I just smelled midlife crises and freshly signed divorce papers

  8. They would need to use the same room at the same time of day for all three experiment conditions if they expect to rule out confounding variables like bad area setup, ease of access, proximity to more popular attractions or areas, nearby bars, food & bathrooms, just to name a few.
    The scent box is only one variable, it’s mere presence in 3 locations doesn’t infer correlation or causation on the flux of guest attendance rates. Everybody knows that. 💁🏻‍♂️

  9. Rather than just say this is happening how about some proof like a picture or someone who installs these so. Called mind hacking smells or show someone recharging the smell juice or some shit people are so gullible use your head

  10. I worked at a Mexican restaurant. We would make fajitas and walk around with them. Then everyone would order fajitas like crazy. Works every time

  11. I've never been been but I've been to an arcade. This story actually makes me kind of sad because it this idea could be copied everywhere 🙁

  12. I’m 47 and never wasted a dime at a “Gentlemen’s” club/ strip joint or a casino,.
    that’s because I never bothered to step foot in any of those establishments.

  13. They do the same at my favorite Italian restaurant. When I walk in there it smells like garlic and fresh baked bread and wine and I stay there for hours.

  14. Interesting, however, colors make me think about particular times of my past.
    Smell does work too, but colors are more strong with me.
    I don't know hiw it works, but it does. I dont always think of the exact time and place, but it does bring back fond memories.

  15. Srsly stop these vids
    Peoples brains dont get hacked they get addicted to gambling that makes them want to play more and bet more

  16. I went to last Vegas with my family, and every casino smelled like stale built up cigarette smoke and an old building, and it made me want to leave not come back, it was bad when I was in circus circus and watching a performance and all it was was that smell

  17. My family has been going to Atlantic City forever. We would go 2 or 3 times a year since I was a kid. I am assuming Atlantic City Hotels use these as well….I know people are saying that hotels mostly smell like cigarettes think about it harder because some areas have less of a smoke smell than others.

  18. RA designed their bloodline to emit signals to trigger arousal, joy, trust and satisfaction amongst females. As a result everyone is chasing after their bloodlines clueless they are being trafficked by a pimp chemist who understands the human brain better. No one helps us. Our wives and daughters ignore us or view us as undesirable because of our lack of these cheats.

  19. It should be Illegal to have smells as a selling gimmick. If the product is not making a sent then no extra falls sent. Should cover up the product. That is why after purchasing the product the woman wears it once and never returns to it and is actually after this sent not a product. That’s probably why I’m still single 😂🤣👍

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