Hot Wheels turn into ICE Wheels!?!? | Fast Track | Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels turn into ICE Wheels!?!? | Fast Track | Hot Wheels

– [Man] Three, two, one. (dubstep music) (screaming) – So we’ve been pranking
people with this. We got Hot Wheels
and ice wheels. So we have been putting
them down their shirts. (laughing) Down their pants. (laughing) Whatever we’ve been wanting
to do, we’ve been doing it. – I’m ready. (screaming) (laughing) – I think we should
do it right now. – No! – And that’s how you do it. – We’re not gonna send this
through the track, are we? Please try. Watch. (exclaiming) – Where would we
go to set this up? – An ice skating rink. – This isn’t ice and we’re
having ice slide on it. Now we’re gonna have
to slide it on the ice. – I can’t even ice skate! – I can’t either! – Neither can I! – [All] Let’s go! (dubstep music) – Woohoo! (dubstep music) – Okay, you okay? (laughing) – All right, so we brought the
Hot Wheels track to the ice. Right now we have
a loop launcher that goes down this
ramp, and we’re gonna try to launch it through
here onto the gap of ice and then back onto
the track and then try to make it into the goal. You think we can do it? (whooping) – Yeah, let’s go! (dubstep music) – I’m very mobile
here on the ice. (stuttering noise) – Three, two, one. – [All] Ohhh! – All right, let’s go
for it and try it again. – So, we’re using the
hover and out because, see the front lip, when it goes down
the lip will let it go back up back onto
the bump on the track. Two, one. (exclaiming) – That was insane! – What if we add a
booster on the end? – Let’s add a
booster on the end. – We’re gonna go
get the booster. – [Holly] We’re
gonna get a booster. – Let’s try not to die on
the way over to the booster. – And I was about to fall. (laughing) (dubstep music) – [Holly] You ready? – Yeah, let’s turn
this thing on. – [Holly] Go! – Oh! – We got it! I missed it but it
went in the goal. – [Man] What?! – Let’s just use
barrels as a goalie. – Okay. – [Man] Wow, let’s do it. (techno music) – Yeah. – Great idea! – Two teams, you
two versus us two. Let’s go. – Who do you guys thing is
gonna win this one first? Team– – Drew and Billy. – Team Drew and Billy? We should come up
with a cool name. – All right, like– – Team Drew and Billy? (laughing) – Team meeting. Is this the car we’re
gonna use, Gazella GT? – Yep. – Hold on. No I’m just kidding. (laughing) – We’re gonna use High Beam. I’m not gonna eat it like Billy, we’re just gonna use it. – All right, you guys ready? – Ready. – Go! (exclaiming) (goal buzzer) – We’re tied, one one. – Wait, should we block
where you guys have made it? So that you can’t like
make it in the same area? – Yes. (dubstep music) – Go! – [Man] Come on, High Beam! – [Drew] Go, let’s go! (exclaiming) – It didn’t make it! – Does not count! It didn’t! – Is there anything
that we can put on that? Or like, a new track that could make the cars go even faster? – A red launcher. – Oh, yeah! (dubstep music) – Oh, my gosh! – [Billy] Look how
far away that is. Look how small the goal is. – It looks miles away. (lip noises) – Three, two, one, go! – [All] Oh, come on! (goal buzzer) (exclaiming) – Let’s just stack
a mega pyramid and try and just
knock them all over. From all the way over there! – [Drew] Let’s do it. (dubstep music) – [Drew] All right
Dragey-Poo, you ready? – Whoa, I almost
just fell on my butt. – [Drew] Team Billy and Drage, and team Holly and Z. – Let’s do it. – Okay guys, Team
Drilly or Team Holl-Z? Comment down below, who
do you think’s gonna win? – Team Holl-Z all the way. – Team Holl-Z. – Team Holl-Z. I mean Team Drilly all the way! (laughing) – In three, two, one, go! (exclaiming) – I think we’re angled
too far this way. – Yeah, the cars
tend to go this way, so let’s just angle the
track a little bit that way. – [Holly] Go! (exclaiming) (goal buzzer) – We were so close! Ours made it all the way through but it didn’t knock
the barrels over. – Drew! (exclaiming and goal buzzer) – Team Drilly for the win! How in the world
do we set this up? – Human vs. car? – Let’s put skates on! – It’s only fair,
we’re on an ice rink. (dubstep music) – Dude that looks uncomfortable. – How do you feel? – Uh, padded up. (punching) – Nice. – Ooh! (dubstep music) – It ain’t the same
without the flame. – All right, I think we’re good. – [Billy] Yes! – Let’s go. – Let’s go. – Oh, yes! All right, so we’re gonna
hit you into the goal so you guys can see
what it looks like. P O V style! Three, two, one. (goal buzzer) – [Drew] Yes, now we’re talking! Let’s line the cars up, do a
little bit of goal practice. Come on, Ice Man. What? – What? Dude I have to try that. (exclaiming) (cheering) (laughing) – [Z] Good thing he’s padded up! – Goal-Z! What’s up! You are kidding right now! – [Billy] Look at you! – Can we try to do some
practice shots on you? – Yeah, you want me
to stand in the goal? – [Drage] Should we try
to launch them through these loop launchers
and red launcher at Z? So he can block them? – [Drage] Let’s do it. – We start easy
with these, and then we try hitting them in next. – [Drage] Yes. – I’m ready, guys. – Okay, Z. (dubstep music) (cheering) – [Drew] There we go! (cheering) – All right guys, it’s time
for our Hot Wheels Shootout. – [Drew] You ready? – Wait, are you guys… (screaming) (laughing) – Oh my god, that was sweet. – [Drage] Hey Z, we forgot one. (laughing) – So I have these ice pucks here with Hot Wheels inside of them. – I see. – How does this make you feel? Like if they came
at you really fast? – I feel like they’re gonna
come at me really fast. – You guys think he
can handle this heat? (dubstep music) – [Holly] Are you nervous? – A little bit. – [Drew] I gotta
catch him off guard. (exclaiming) – [Drew] It just
bounced off to the side! – Did it make it in? (whooping) – [All] Yes! (laughing) – [Billy] You see
one between the legs? – How are you
holding this stick? (cheering) – It’s right there! – It’s over there! – [Billy] It’s right here. (laughing) – I’m gonna pee myself
I’m laughing so hard. – [All] Drage, Drage,
Drage, Drage, Drage! (goal buzzer) – [Z] It went in! (cheering) – All right, so since
two of us didn’t make it, sorry double D, and two did we should up it
to final round Monster Trucks? – I can handle anything now. – We’ll be the cheer
section, we’ll go. (sticks slapping) (laughing) – That’s why they’re out. – You ready? – [Billy] Come on
Drage, let’s see it. (cheering) – You the shit, Drage. – [All] Holly, Hot Wheels
Holly, Hot Wheels Holly. (cheering) – [Billy] Oh, blocked! – Dangit! – Drage is the winner. – Drage, you killed it! – All right, so Billy
happens to be the best here on the ice rink, so I
have a challenge for you. – What’s up? – I think we should do
you versus a Hot Wheel, see who’s quicker. – I’m so down, let’s do this. – All right, let’s
seat it up and go. (dubstep music) This is a game of speed skating. Hot Wheels versus– – Moi. – Billy. (laughing) – All right guys, let’s
put on these boosters. (dubstep music) – All right guys, we
got the boosters going. Who do you guys
think is gonna win? Billy or the Hot Wheel? Comment down below. – All right, are you ready? In three, two, one, go! Get it, get it, get it, get it! Come on, come on, come on! (cheering) Final lap, final lap, final lap! – [Drage] Come on, Billy! (cheering) – Good job. – That was wild. – Are you ready? ‘Cause we’re about
to load up the track with a bunch of Hot Wheels now. – Oh, let’s do this. – Think you got it? – I can’t see anything! – You’re doing it up. – Okay, he’s good. – Let’s go. – I have like 8 cars in my hand. – Wait, let me prime
up really quick. All right, I’m ready. – [Holly] Three, two, one, go! (dubstep music) – [Drew] It’s going,
it’s going, it’s going. (dubstep music) – [Drew] Come on, go, go, go. – I’m so tired. – [Drew] Go, go, go. Final lap, go! Keep going, keep going! (exclaiming) Good job, dude. Yeah, just relax. – [Holly] I’ll take Billy off. – Bye, Billy. See you later man. Good job. Billy’s done for this episode. – We have sleds and we
have monster trucks. And we’re gonna see
who goes farther, the sled or the monster truck. (dubstep music) – 32 Degrees versus
human Hot Wheeler. Let’s do it. – All right, Drage, you ready? – Yeah, we’re ready! – You guys ready? – Yeah. – One, two, three. (whooping) (dubstep music) Nice! (cheering) – That was insane. – I think we try it now. – Let’s get it. – Three, two, one, go! (cheering) – You totally
landed in the goal. (laughing) – I saw the goal coming and
I’m like I’m not stopping. (laughing) – Oh my gosh, guys,
that was so much fun. – Hey, if you guys
like this video, go down, give a like, subscribe. – Comment down below on
what you wanna see more of. – Absolutely. Team Fast Track on three. – [All] One, two,
three, Team Fast Track! (rock music)

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  2. What would happen if you guys made a track in a room with zero gravity? Would the traction be enough to keep the cars on the track?

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