[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] [EP 451-2] | Jongkook shoots a rubber gun so well! (ENG SUB)

[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] [EP 451-2] | Jongkook shoots a rubber gun so well! (ENG SUB)

The mission that befits
your keyword, War, is “Protect the Gate”. “Gate”? It’ll be a tournament
with two players at a time. There will be an offense
and a defense. The offense will need
to penetrate a paper door… by shooting a rubber gun. The other pl ayer will play defense. The defense must protect the door
with his body. Rubber gun? It’s going to sting. – We’ll be bruised.
– What’s wrong? – We’ll get bruises.
– Okay. This will hurt.
This is a war, indeed. You’re right. Only the last one standing… …will receive a Chance Card. It’s okay. I don’t feel pain. (It’s okay. I don’t feel pain.) Please, Jong Kook.
This isn’t an actual war. It’s just a Chance Card. – It’s just a Chance Card.
– It’s okay. I don’t feel pain. Let’s decide on our positions. (They need to play
rock-paper-scissors.) – Gosh. Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (Jong Kook wins.) I won. Don’t worry. If he attacks and gets a point, – you’ll change positions…
– I’ll get a turn right? – and have a chance to make a tie.
– Right. Okay. Do you want to go first? – No, I’ll defend first.
– What? – I want to.
– Why? – Because I won.
– Let’s play rock-paper-scissors. – Let’s do it again.
– We just did. – When?
– Just now. I didn’t see it.
The camera didn’t record it. Right? Let’s play. Do you want to go to a place
where there are no cameras? Come on. Do you want to go to a place
where there are no cameras? (Se Chan is terrified.) – Fine! We did play it! My gosh!
– Right? We did it. You played scissors,
and I played rock. Let me tell you something. When I was young, I could even… target a pen with a rubber band. – Really?
– Yes. – You’re good.
– It was back in school. Look at his eyes.
He’s so determined. He’s intimidated. That’s good. – Should I hit you in your knee?
– Okay. – You’re good.
– Hold on. How about your face? – How does that sound?
– Try it. Should I shoot now? Okay. Try it. (Shoot me in my face.) Okay. Se Chan pretended
not to hear Jong Kook. (Haha is sharp.) (He feels guilty.) Come on. You could’ve ignored that! – He looked elsewhere.
– Okay. (He needs to penetrate
this sturdy defense.) (Shooting) (He misses.) (Haha curses at him.) It didn’t work.
I should’ve done this. – We usually do this.
– No, it doesn’t fly out. That’s great. What are you trying to do now? (Hold on.) How are you pulling it back? Like this. (He’s pulling back the rubber band
as tight as he can.) You did this too. – Over here?
– Yes. His looks more terrifying. (He’s scared.) – Why does it look terrifying?
– What’s wrong? (He’s ready.) Hold on. (Where should I shoot?) (Just don’t shoot my body.) Look at his arm. (He focuses all his energy
on his finger.) (It makes Se Chan dance.) My goodness. (This will be over soon.) (He aims and shoots.) (It hits his forearm.) (Jong Kook fails.) My gosh! It’s so painful! Jong Kook! (It wasn’t intentional.) (This is a real battle.) You did that on purpose, didn’t you? You need to aim at the paper. Of course, I did. (They switch positions.) There? I hope this flies. (He shoots.) (It hits Jong Kook’s lower abdomen.) (It’s a sensitive area.) Okay. My turn. He’s fine. – I was accurate.
– It didn’t make any noise. (General Kim is back.) It’s not flying the way
I want it to. (If Jong Kook succeeds,
he’ll go to the play-off.) Se Chan, put down everything. If I step forward, he won’t have
much space. But it’ll hurt more. It will hurt more. (He sees Jong Kook’s fingers.) (Dance all you want, you fool.) I don’t think
he’s aiming at the paper door. (Just watching him terrifies Haha.) I hate this. (The sound is intense.) What? Okay. (It hits the paper.) (Jong Kook succeeds.) Okay. (He aims at the available space…) (and penetrates the paper door.) (He crushes the paper.) I got hit with that! (Did it hurt a lot?) That’s great. (Jong Kook goes to the play-off.) – Okay.
– I hate winning by default! – That’s great.
– Jong Kook… – wins.
– Okay!

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  1. Kjk made this game so fun & excite 🙂
    He’s just acting but actually he doesn’t want to hurt anyone

  2. Sechan: his looks more terrifying..lol..

    tbh, KJK really suit with villain role for movie..his gaze alone show a killer instinct..lol..

  3. I hope one day they release behind the scenes of Runningman or like extended versions of scenes that do not make the TV show but can be posted as an extra here.

  4. Se Chan need to be brave and rebel against Jong Kook so he can develop new character. We already have a lot ugly/ unlucky/ coward and dumb members 😂😂😂

  5. "Do you want go to place where there are no camera?" i laugh very hard cause almost same as he said to Jae Suk and drag him away. XD Se Chan action very funny lol when he got flinch after move forward, even when haha curse at him.

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