Honda nc700x review, Metzeler tires worn out, new Dunlop Roadsmart 2 tires.

Honda nc700x review, Metzeler tires worn out, new Dunlop Roadsmart 2 tires.

After riding 7000 kilometers on my Honda nc700x,
the Metzeler Roadtec tires were more than ready for replacement. I was not fully satisfied with the grip on
the Metzeler tires so I asked my Honda dealer for a better choice. He recommended Dunlop Roadsmart 2 which has
a deeper pattern and softer rubber mix on the edges. The Roadsmart tires look really good and I’m
hoping they are effective as well. I also replaced the front tire, hoping to
get an optimal performance. There seems to be a different curving on the
new tires, a typical Dunlop profile. New tires means new bike they say. Better
drive carefully the first 100 kilometers or so. Then I tried them on gravel and felt a better
experience than with Metzeler tires. But you surely don’t get off-road performance
from any of them. In dry weather they have a firm grip and the
Roadsmart is well known for its performance on wet roads. So my conclusion, Dunlop Roadsmart 2 is a
better choice for my bike and my kind of driving, and I think my co-channels will agree on that.

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  1. Thank you, I am approaching 6000 miles are my factory tires are still good but i believe it is time to replace. Thanks for the share 

  2. I Have A 2012 NCX 700 From New and Have Done 12.500 km on Bridgestone BT 023 Tyres running at recommended tyre pressure!! Just replaced with Same Tyres !!

  3. How the tires holding? I'm going to put the roadsmart 2 on my NC700X.
    I have the rear BT023 with 11000km

  4. I have over 8200 miles on my original tires.Metzeler Roadtec Z8's I think they are starting to look a little thin but not bald. I'll be checking these tires out as well as some others.

  5. i hardley get over 3. thousand miles on mine no matter whot tyres, i rairley use the back brake and almost never use the gears to deceararalate, its to chuncky most of the time, its a clutch in job to slow up if i want smothness

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