Homemade 200cc MOTORCYCLE of CAR TIRES !?  / PART 2

Homemade 200cc MOTORCYCLE of CAR TIRES !? / PART 2

So guys, the first and only problem that I thought would come up is the chain breaking. It is just a little bit stronger than the one that goes on a standard bike. And the transfer is long as well. So I’ll just throw this one away. I got a new, stronger and thicker chain, but the only problem is that I need to switch the sprocket and I need to get them made at a lathe operator. But fortunately, I have found the front sprocket in a tractor parts shop. So the sprocket is a little bit bigger, and the hole is bigger as well. I’ll just weld it on. And the back sprocket is already being made. And after visiting many lathe operators, I have finally gotten my sprocket made. I want to shoutout Mario Gregorić from Suhopolje for making this. And now I’ll assemble this and start the motor!

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  1. Молодец, парень! Опыт придёт, обязательно. И понимание, что и как нужно делать .

  2. totally wrong gearing! 12 tooth on the clutch was already to big with that large of wheel diameter! fairly sure that at full rev with the back wheel in the air it would math out to 80 MPH. So Im guessing that you burnt that clutch it the first hour of play! Nice fun idea otherwise !

  3. The build is soo scratchy. All the part is almost in the wrong place. Not even safe. For education perpose, it hit the mark but for usage is not that practicle.

  4. Nice job I like the build being brave with that chain it could and heart u but honestly that would be sooooooooooo fun to ride note to other comments speak English for crying out loud nobody can understand ur comment like 🤯🤯🤯🤯😤😤😤

  5. Why?
    Some things are OK but project as a whole is not very good.
    Motorcycle main parts are frame, engine, brakes and wheels. Here all of these main components are built to be either dangerous or/and uncomfortable to use.
    Motorcycle tires are different for a purpose. Handling, traction, rolling and air resistance.
    Frame looks like gonna fold during braking from 30km/h.
    And brakes from banggood? C'mon.
    Looks like safe speed is 20km/h for this project.
    Good to kill time and practice welding skills. And a good video how not to design a motorcycle.

  6. в крышке канистры нет клапана, без подачи воздуха в бак мотор заглохнет через время потому что топливо перестанет поступать

  7. Это пи..ец! И что японцы изобретали моты ? Тяп ляп и готово ! Ну ежели напильником обработать то ………. !

  8. You built a scooter and corrected a few things. You can't take it out on the road because it requires a licence and the vehicle probably needs testing.

  9. С прошлой серии переживал за натяжитель цепи! Исправленно! Лайк!

  10. I saw the icon and abandoned the video I was watching and came here immediately. Car Tires?! Wha? On a Motorcycle?!
    I just looked at the title and I almost mirrored it. I swear it was not intentional.

  11. Roman Stark

    1 sekundę temu

    Odpoczywam a zarazem cieszę się gdy oglądam Twoje zmagania z budową motocykla. Patrząc na Twój wiek zastanawiam się skąd u Ciebie tyle pomysłowości i sprytu. Jesteś bardzo wartościowym człowiekiem. Pozdrawiam z Polski. (Odpočívam a zároveň som šťastný, keď sledujem tvoje zápasy so stavbou motocykla. Keď sa pozriem na tvoj vek, zaujímalo by ma, kde máš toľko kreativity a mazania. Ste veľmi cenná osoba. S pozdravom z Poľska.) (Počivam in hkrati sem vesel, ko opazujem vaše boje z gradnjo motornega kolesa. Če pogledam tvojo starost, se sprašujem, od kod imaš toliko kreativnosti in zvijačnosti. Ste zelo dragocena oseba. Lep pozdrav s Poljske.)

  12. You may need a radial spring for your chain tensioner. That long spring will not work. You will be throwing that chain constantly. Get the spring (foundation) closer to the pivot point, if you are going axial. Weld a small tower to the top of the pivot block and drill a hole to attach a (heavy and short) spring to the tensioner "swing arm".

  13. You have a weak point where you welded the steering column to the steel tubing..should have drilled hole thru tubing and weld shaft to both sides of tubing…the shaft is the strength, weld holds it …

  14. 自分でバイク作るとかスゲェわ、しかもエンジンが芝刈機の奴?夜走るならライト、燃料計やスピードメーター等計器類必要かな?

  15. With all terrain tires or even balloon tires, it could be made to use in many desert and off road venues, if the cost of production is low.

  16. could he turn left as the rear brake line was too short would probably only go 30 as the weight of the steel box frame look very heavy which is a good thing cos the handle bars may fall of first and his right foot would burn from the poor exhaust thats if the chain dont fly off and whip his other leg i would not sponsor
    this build its total death trap

  17. I was gonna say your original chain/sprocket would have worked, if the tensioner was on the bottom, but I see you adressed that. You could also use more gear reduction. Also your use of a helmet and riding gloves, but practically no ppe in the shop, is a bit contradictory behavior. Also, the haters probably couldn't find the on switch on a MIG welder. Keep building.

  18. Your exhaust pipe pointing towards your rubber fuel line is not a good idea, you could run the muffler on the left side, and get rid of that low hanging pipe…Also why have a tension er for the chain? just make the chain fit mid motor mount adjustment, and slide the motor foreword to tighten the chain, I would also put a chain guard on that bike. looks cool good job..

  19. In Russia ., Motorcycle builds you ,. damm this kid is ambitious ,. shit ass american kids ,if you cant buy it then it doesn't exist ,. I wish my kids were this mechanically inclined

  20. wow amazing bike using car tiire
    that talent hope you don't leave it
    unattended anybody's steal it
    that unique bike ill wish i had the
    skill or place build something like

  21. 😂😂😂 Bro put two wings on both sides of this anti motorbike, I swear you will fly but please don't forget the parachute while emergency landing. Best of luck nice work.

  22. I dot know if your putting a a bold at the end of the clutch but it will break off if the end has no support. The spring and little metal slides will hit you.

  23. Задню звездочку надо було садити на вул. Через шалену и огромний диск задній тоже через шалену Бо ти зробив не розборну конструкцію

  24. Каністри погано закріпив ,треба робити кріплення з голоси металу .Ризинка тримати не буде

  25. ХА..ХА. бензин угору не потече ,а на моторі бензонасоса ,нема

  26. you might have problems with fuel unless you use a pulse pump, that carb was meant to have the fuel higher than it is. gravity is going to work against you.

  27. При закрытой крышке, канистру сплющит или топливо просто не будет поступать. И на таких балонах ровно она не поедет, в смысле не прямо, а именно ровно. Постоянно надо будет балансировать. А так конечно друда много потрачено. Лайк.

  28. Não oferece segurança e não tem bom alinhamento. A corrente vibra muito na parte de cima, mas, foi uma obra genial. Parabens!

  29. Braaaaaapppppp paaaa dadadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! What's up neow bitch's, he's gonna be stuntin' now while ya'll hating…..

  30. Ok, as below.. Brake cylinder needs to be on top. also, fuel will not travel up past level. You need a fuel pump. thats the reason the old fuel cell is on top. of the engine. Great build, could have spend some cash on new tires though lol…..Much love, keep on building..

  31. Love the end credits "Because of the police, I couldn't get out on the road" & not "Because it's against the law, I couldn't get out on the road" lol…. It's only a crime if you get caught right!!! I like this way of thinking! Nice video – good work man

  32. есть видео где он спонсорским инструментом приделал плуг к этой газонокосилке и вспахал зябь?

  33. If it is geared to do no more then 35 MPH where I am from. It is considered a moped and not a motorcycle. Moped rules for road use. Helmet, be over 13 years old and no plates or insurance required. But must have lights and horn. Most adults on a moped had most likely got to many DUIs and are not trying to save the planet.

  34. Сказочный долbaёb.Весь мозг мехом во внутрь вывернул.
    спонсор показа "UNIOR"

  35. Всё равно дятел. Натяжитель цепи переставил, а успокоитель не поставил. Канистры ещё шире нужно раздвинуть чтобы уже точно кого-то захуярить ними.

  36. Perkakas dan alat lengkap, design disayangkan seperti asal jadi. Seharusnya anda bisa lebih baik lagi seperti halnya menerapkan tangki bahan bakar dan konstruksi chasis

  37. 26:38 shows clutch is smoked from trying to drive that oversized front sprocket! Exhaust will fall off shortly after the video ends, when is part 3 showing him riding it & ending up in Hospital?! 😂

  38. Na vdd uma porcaria….
    Eu consigo fazer algo bem melhor …. e em casa
    Esse coisa aí ficou ridícula e sem nenhuma resistência a nada….

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