Homeland – Season 3 Episode 7 & 8 (Gerontion & A Red Wheelbarrow) Reviews

Homeland – Season 3 Episode 7 & 8 (Gerontion & A Red Wheelbarrow) Reviews

everybody welcome to what the flick our
presentation of Homeland well not the actual show our recap show
re-enactment homeland is on Showtime Praxair a we finally have a full a crew
here been made with spreader like allowed
literally Robert Adley thank you for a bully sorry right ably
Ebeling I thanks for being here at critic for LA
Weekly and and others right we’re under israeli
times and everything before weekly that’s
better so our welcome so we’ve got we raise the
bar reverend I’m on we got it right at all now we gotta do to episode right as we
were the Turk studios will be last week showing it to do it after I I can’t pronounce the first one but
neither can you know I was the geron should garage &
Rottier could be dropped Ian and electrons in for some reason it
sounds better role Bernard a and and then this most recent
episode was red wheelbarrow a red wheelbarrow so a
lot has happened arm I think these observers were out
there like I’ll a mother’s myself which I knew
you were I like this by stuff and there wasn’t a great deal love a brody’s family with Madonna Bruce there which which we don’t with which it was
we no longer we just don’t really care but you do not like the daughter there so many people I like that we why
it would not be accurate I think the character is and always written as well
as it could be I I think you had no in this season what
happens that family after such a huge thing happens you know your dad is
accused of being a terrorist you have to know emotionally
was gonna go on with the family now that the end right now the all seeing is good but I think their program we’re
going to see them again because obviously retweet back right we after the last you
know we have to see I guess clearly you know brody in the daughter that we
have to know what happens to the daughter no I like our but I don’t I i’m just not interested in the mechanics of the family I didn’t
I aidid her escape with the guy I loved that as a lot though I’ve discussed that
we we loved the sex scene like it just felt it felt really real
real sort of teenage passion doing crazy stuff in the world
right writer and I love the big speech to the mother you know a book about why
she did it you know what I I thought that was
denied okay great more this week lets develop this character or with any other
may get the whole escapes tarpon at isolated I’m moving out mom thing yet no way that mom is like you know
what you should do you think the banner stand with a stranger yeah I don’t know like there’s at least
a longer conversation with apparent that there are already lost her husband you
don’t wanna lose her daughter as well the poor Chris like what are the sign global just the rich is well-liked
yeah there is eight years of therapy yeah and I’m like to puberty now right
now I’m had our yeah he told rather humble whether it would be a disaster out Perry
Hall armed any gangly episode 10 I so body services though these are about the other failure
to keep an eye with a family love this operation going on and I think
we’re now setting up what’s going to happen in the the second have the season
with rips possible rifts in a family yeah that’s and I i and then the just a
little spy things arms super into II I mean I love
that which was the title of the episode 8 you know I love the tax what was the
text that you got so much depends upon thought about violence she finishes with
the red wilbur and then that means the meeting is on on
on the on the dummy on the throwaway phone at the Greek
Orthodox Church right as the Greek Orthodox Church I just II love all the
sordid little great spy things that go on in there was
a buncha that and I like dar dolls meeting with the lawyer which seems unsuccessful but wasn’t course incredibly should but
all they wanted was just gotta a casual lunch give you a heads up get out in
front of this and then and the way that F murray Abraham sorta
looks and processing what you gonna do as the storms of here
I do I just that are not at all cool customer then minutes later like Gary
get the tag area I what’s going on right right so I i that stuff is there I think
still really good and I’m I’m I was down on the show like many or
I guess through three or four episodes butted is
certainly a picked up yeah I was just lost and now I kind of have this trajectory of where we’re headed
I’m not quite sure about all a bit I still there still those
questions about what is part of the strategy and what might not be part of a strategy
what they’re like think that’s all has been seeing coming along but at least I
have this framework okay we have divided we’re sending them to Iran and we’ll see how that goes and now
there’s this weird marriage up is weird family it’s a great way to put it above love people who just like your own
family how the hell are we related what the
hell are we all doing here but it all seems to make great right now I think you’re looking at plan
and carry as the as the son and daughter about their bill
against her father Paul I think it you’re setting up the situation worse
all is more mastermind then we have given him
credit for and I think he’s feeling his oats and a
you know and try and trying to bring the ca2+ one last burst and Gloria
and as he release all the agency probably decades
ago and arm but he’s obviously doing things secretively that are gonna probably your
ball back on them is he messing with his wife like is reconciliation with white widget
amid yeah or it is more ability to get now we
know the thing about the you to add the probably is the ability
but I i wondered whether he was hurt by her affair and the fact
that she had left him right even in her return she was still carrying on with the incredibly handsome
program predictive but what I what I was you
right with he just like did he do all the things that he knew
but he is a master manipulator that he do and say all the things the new would
want her back and then he’s like I’m going at Aberdare troops maybe I
don’t think so I doubt no bigoted I think it’s a couple things
happening one you’ve got the the the Iranian guy killing his wife you know and and they have to go way
back with all his wife and so that may be kinda drove home the idea
that the important to the relationship to him second I think he thinks that his days
at the CIA or number the one thing install Tracy let he’s out especially
now that you know he let this this asset go so I think you
thinking well I gotta have something to do with the rest my love rival Mitt
remembered still happening lol I’m so I think that
the incentive there I me but but who knows you’re a the he is playing his cards close to the
vest clearly this visit to Brody is being kept a secret from Carey so there’s a lot of things going on that
you know who knows Sol could be more devious than Dora doll earlier yeah the the episode was about
was about to like the twin romantic vulnerabilities
us all and carry because now you have Sol basically is you know wanted to
reconcile with his wife not seeing the agent you know under under his nose in
it and you know that that is playing his wife and you had carry on
with running the mission because she is desperate that the father of her child you need to be exonerated you both so I it and then almost screws everything
and you have these two things that are played out i think thats thats is why I love the show the show’s
always what everyone’s byways always ties around to how it affects
human beings and their own like portable well and the only reason here is not
getting an abortion is because it’s brody’s be right you know I like that for that one
last piece of the puzzle that she feels like she has to maintain a I think under other circumstances but
the IAP really I gotta work it right record at 11 I’ll be there will be wet or too
yeah record yeah that does sound like area that’s true
arm I’m just glad now and she gets nervous and throws up it’s because she’s pregnant yeah be had
for a while it was just like I am a highly trained operative here and
I just get nervous them I master I believe it but it is a put most of last season
actually break right and that was the maybe probably
like inspired the writers like 10 minutes moderator writer look good so it was
good to know she’s all Libya I am having like or modal
fireworks going on like wow what we’re just go away also what a
great conversation she had with the dow I was drinking a lot I’m you have wasted an hour that
Libya I and they’re not going to be a tad yeah
I’m okay I back the media French women bring to their
pregnancy nobody cares you know I so look at her great Don Draper’s kids
were gonna rather II went to a screening the last
the movie screening I was that was a the
Vince Vaughn movie delivery man down and Sally Draper really hope exciting yeah she’s in the Flowers in the Attic
re maker do it does arrive yet why that but with an appropriate seen
looks like she belongs in a museum yeah here film about this still do we
think that and that may be the fact that she’s of lithium and pregnant and hormonal
would cause her to do what to me he was wildly irrational and risk that entire
mission that caused Quinn to actually shoot
Arnold or lesser happening I thought she had a plan like going up to the you know the the
lawyer and saying to him some great plan some great way of
articulating it no one else in the you know strike team had
envisioned where she’s like I’ve been following you and if it’s this
easy for me to follow you cannot do this mom let’s do let’s come up with another
idea for it but I mean they were right everyone’s like
with book cover and what I do respect about the show is that the guy took the shot right now
like carry that’s enough by white guy who might win it have been leveller yes John Brier I know
I’m fairly I like that about the show the show is
basically does the thing that you may be thinking about you would imagine that they would have
been tribunals do it do we think work Quinn is so good that he shot her like
right shoulder sure she’d been sorted more into the car park at
parking area and not go down in the parking lot yeah other than regular guys like I’m gonna
kill someone but when I hear someone got pool yeah I’m not going to just do that where
a lot over the balcony brevity is the most stressful my to buy
light but rather bluntly like that you know that saw like planned a perfectly
and she was hit she ago but all I was kinda funny like one
is the guy only hold the gun out in like the public one
is like go in closer and then shoot the guy UK
by possibly over the director it when your mad at you professional you
know he went along it was probably different data is read about it he did do it very
quickly and I do like to be dissolved some guy in a bathtub with acid it was
really a great day that is going to make the think both through the floor under it I
thought that there are happy to bring you more remember liking the first season there
that house in the dump the added just think that it comes to the floor
under the entrails everywhere and I was like the British a hotel so
maybe it’s a plastic cup that argument data about by that but
speaking a breaking bad we we we when we were talking about the other mandy is a
puzzle was or when the the etymology of all that so we need to
mention the geron Tian is this your celly a poem about an old man reflecting on the world
after world war 1 whereas he spent most of his life in the nineteenth century I in the same way that the in that
episode you got I was on a contract he left with the carry the senator is a the senator but health
although he has to get rid of all his old Cold War bullshit you know and but clearly the you know
bats that still though the whole he knows how to play the game you know the it’s still very spire is a spy solve my
mind that the scenes with Tracy let are really really well written like
particularly well written anywhere you see are winning the mayim I I’m
gonna say what the fuck Yahoo sound like you’re high I good way to get to the line between
reality were but you sound like Bush and Cheney I do the right thing I’ve City absolved thing to be like a new
version of what you know whereof the now they overreacted to 9/11 bro and
this is like the way you know is this all over reacting to the CIA me know but beer bong at the CIA by like
putting in the play an operation like disco while Dwyane Wade is being laid down on
his desk a regime change a brief yeah right like that is out depict is like keep breed
it’s a project for a new new American trainer by I thought that that seen in and William sadler’s office with Tracy
letting their attacking was just of brain injury just great and
so after I mean like at the previously and the scene at the
ad in Salt office with F murray Abraham and Mary but I
can’t really let was great to in the previous episode
like and that because you didn’t know when you and i
talked about we didn’t know which way to store locally a good art always left out
on this thing all the studies like nope that’s good
spy work I i yet no I was not okay really well you
work together that would probably like I’m now with you rather to monitor a quarterback risk
like hired him in paying it like this salary
just go to a ever ever ever met a look at as they say
cut them once in the whole thing with biggest players look like got you wouldn’t rather be with hear your are but definitely I get the
matter yeah big-ticket his eyes on the prize you
know and whereas like Tracy Letts character it’s all but it seems to be
all about pride fourth our income at completely
different your parents there the entire their the parent star and install and plan and carry out the children but how
can it be in for a lot of forget who we were right about that but let me just
put that but none that scene because I mean I just that the the that when Bill Sadler who is also just
wonderful just such a professional knows what he’s doing and and and when he says that kicked
raclette that he’s right that are yeah I mean that’s just i mean
there’s not a person watching that show that wasn’t for got a whole where you at all intruder the the writers who cover the
device me though you know the the reason where they go the divisive somebody absolving out in 10 days so that’s like
its move going to put a clock on the rest of the season now which you know just real health threat
to the suspense is very very smart yeah and and it can absorb a classic
business thing we have the guys on his way out who’s gonna like fuck shit up and do everything you
always wanted to do because why not and then you got the new guy who’s
already coming in with the how are you put my finger print on everything and
show that I am in control here abide by completing discarding the last
guy and totally you know letting ever know there’s a new
sheriff in town so I mean this could be happening if you know any sort of
business bank you know and what you’re looking at me
how are they gonna play it out with like the Obama administration and you know Iraq when it’s that you run
on this platform up everythings gonna be different but everything that everyone in America
kinda fell afterwards is that Obama got like this binder full a very scary thing
I like actually it paid off guarantee any the I get it now II when people talk about
how how crazy the show get I always going to be like don’t you
think that if you become president your first day on the job you get all
about stuff that that into a major air great then they would
never imagine going on a million years what’s really at area 51 yeah at yeah they’re not mean is that
part would like honestly we still can’t tell you I we just told you about a Leo VI here
nor your the mornings we got a touch up before we go a the scene with far and her dad yes we
like this every federal net worth right but that right right
sort but we’re getting to know her that was the only way it could work in
my mind because I was tired of having yet another character who like Carey like has these breakdowns
when they need to have it together to get to a certain position like carries thing is like yes her yep personality dysfunction is why she’s
so good in kinda paranoid an able to get to the bottom of things and far the reason that she’s there is
more personal and about the country I was so frustrated when she likey we
need to put him on trial right now I think how can you be at that position
and will be pushy just got there that they
they they they were looking for somebody right you’re not like she didn’t know if
the line is serious strain exactly so sober and because obviously she’s got
family in Iran her father speaks Farsi was the time but she still
you know it it’s like my parents came over from Spain and they always felt
Spanish even though they were you know my dad became a US citizen I think you
know sober heard this guy’s crimes that against did his
own family but against the country really bike yeah resonate with her
nephews in it it was a against it was reminding me
that she was so new with this round I was just like it I could have
another person like freak out under pressure triple I’m not big on speculation Jersey to
Billy I think there’s a lot you have two people who now think the same which is which is for and the senator so I think
maybe you I mean she’s upset that delivered
has been sent back she think so we catch a guy you tryin ride and she’s clearly conflicted about this
I thought she was mostly upset that she had played a role in the slaughter like which I’m is I’ll right you know I
but me you might be right now it appears to be happy with it was always the plan
to send him back you know that I going to see her like
everything with the Senate where she goes right to help with their Remi and I’m saying that then finally it
seemed a because falls wife is sometimes the good pretties 1 I’ve ever seen and then
other times isn’t a and then this guys so handsome and
dashing and then in turn so what he’d do if he’s not just by Ike you were a budget into work early like
Sir it planted a bug in the house right does he work at four what well he is i think is I mean is working
for up but you know I think these speculations
that is working for for another for on but we saw no very intriguing
already used the stalker right no way I on our way I I it’s good stuff and then also the
final reveal at the end of the episode where Sol is going alright yeah I call a ride
to the tower David right i mean i I like it would
brody’s nada a very worried about bringing Brody back
to you know president was William you know what is going to happen here
when they have those I can we talk right but I think it but you know you were here a once you know be there
you can be whatever the live yeah said my I’m I’m afraid that I like I like the
idea that Brody that a picture and and if he signed on
to some other show I don’t mind the fact that that here that maybe he’s gonna meet his
maker at the Reno the old has been up to explain wife’s alright but our david is a being a repeat the thing at
all that we can talk about the next my favorite line data shows that we gotta
go as when the salt she’s been shot she’s lying in this
you know and the Breaking Bad van they’re speeding toward a hospital and
she polls Quinn toward her and because she’s been shot you think
she wants to make sure to mention the quindoys they tell the doctors I thought she’s gonna say are pregnant
and she says whether back saw I and I thought that was good you will
find out great meal I think by the by the shipper this is going to a hospital
records yeah I get out with a rag doll major yeah it’ll get out the cheeseburger our
guys thanks look forward to working with your dad next week thank him

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  1. Homeland is basically a 24 clone now. The quality from season 1 and 2 is either buried under all this mediocrity or just isn't present at all.

  2. The first time this season I'm actually looking forward to the next episode. Saul + Brody in Caracas was a brilliant twist, I just can't wrap my head around every plot detail. It's a little confusing, but maybe that's intentional.

  3. Way to much about Saul's marriage otherwise the show has gotten better. The woman that plays his wife seems way to young to have been married to Saul for so long unless he got himself a child bride.

  4. Finally this season is gonna pick up. Brody finally is going to get more screen time. Not sure why Ben has such a hard on for the chick that plays Brodys Daughter and hate on Brody. 

  5. Great panel!  I look forward to seeing why Saul has gone for Brody.  And I agree, I loved his family till the daughter decided to leave home.  That just seemed too contrived.  And like Ben, I thought Carrie was going to tell Quinn she was pregnant even though that's not Carrie's style…. so asking where Saul was totally within her character. 😉

  6. just an explanation guys, Idk if TYT knows this, but most Iranian-American immigrants in USA in fact are republican. I remember i was one of the few Persians that voted for Obama. Most Persians here voted for McCain and were for war with Iran. same as Farrah, Farrah definitely has aggressive mentality toward the IRI that is totally justified. If you have a liberal mind, if you have democratic background and live in a country like Iran, you will be crushed, you will be tortured, or worse die. and the ones moving to USA definitely turn republican because GOP is pro war., she def prefers a change of regime or attack on Iran even with her strong religious background.

  7. when the Arabic analyst, Farrah(sp?) had those scissors I was like, "Oh god, no! Are they about to pull a "24" where someone kills the guy with the info Jack needs". 

    So glad they didn't go that direction. 

  8. New guy with the Amish beard is a fantastic addition to the panel. He expressed what I think far too many people seem to have forgotten.

    Homeland's greatness is not purely down to the spy stuff, it's also about people fucking in cars, work-life balance, the guilt of being a child-killer, coming of age, the repercussions of crime on families and of course, dealing with mental illness.

  9. He could be a stalker. If he was a spook, why didn't he bug the place ages ago?

    I suspect he's spying on them for personal reasons and when he gets his hands on sensitive information, he'll expose the fact that they had the Langley bombing mastermind in custody to the press purely for revenge, and send the whole plan to shit.

  10. This show has really redeemed itself after that clusterfuck that was the second half of season 2. I agree with Ben, the show would work best with Brody out of the picture.

  11. The Dana(&her lover)runaway was a clunky long way of achieving a)Dana NOT accepting deception,
    at all. With Mrs.Brody asking Carrie for help.
    ~~They have always had a lot of Dana.The audience is meant to perceive through Dana.
    Still, they failed. She was a strong person.She would be at home SAT-ing into CC at least.
    I like watching this actress/character also.The wax scene worked.Not the given,the
    'Suicide'. Klunky.
    Where is Mike now?They ought
    to be getting through this by mid-
    Brody will still be an emotional
    Drone Strike, just shredding through their psyches.

  12. @3:57Ben,no. The Dar Adal/lawyer meet ended with a Dar Adorable smile. A smack in
    the face shot to viewers as though
    We are stupid.No way would Dar
    break character. I would'nt, would
    you, a veteran CIA black ops op~?No,no,no.
    They may as well have had him
    I rewound to watch it, that's how much that cut to smile tore through the continuity of the character who- when did he smile
    For Dar,it was a giggle!

  13. What kind of Mental Illness Ward
    does not discover her pregnancy?
    What does Lithium do to a baby.
    A Sincere Query:Why does Saul
    A)Not have sex with that woman
    B)Chase her OUT of his bedroom?
    C)Say to Carrie, "You are a remarkable person…"
    D)Treat her like she did nothing
    at all?
    E)Ben you did not say that last line-
    F)Quinn's quiet evolution and firm love of Carrie is
    interesting, to me.

  14. To paraphrase Dr Hook. # and when Javadi's had enough of me and I'm laying flat out on the floor, when he thinks I've loved him all I can, I'm gonna love him a little bit more.

  15. Ben, if you love spy stuff, check out Rubicon, which is a masterpiece that never found it's audience.

  16. Saul makes sense when you realize his over-riding motivation is ambition. He's trying to unseat the senator by saving the day just before his time run out. It's obvious the senator doesn't understand spying. He thinks everything should be done militarily (ala Chaney) and cleaned up politically.

  17. Saul's wife is awesome. I love her natural beauty and that they made her real, and age appropriate. Very sexy.

  18. Sauls wife is a complete cunt. If that senator gets nominated as head of the CIA, he will fuck things up more than they already are. Show more nudes of Mandy Patinkin.

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