Here’s Why Doug Demuro is Full of Crap

Here’s Why Doug Demuro is Full of Crap

rev up your engines now the first thing
I’m gonna show you today is how you can put a really good speaker system in your
car put a lot of thought and energy into this one here’s how you install a really
good speaker system in the case of my wife’s Lexus you push the cup holder and
put it in there it is it’s installed now listen to an insane sound this
particular one is called earfun I wish they had the stuff around when I was
young now I tried out a whole bunch of these different speaker systems and as
far as I’m concerned this earphone one is the best 360 degree sound fits in
your cup holder the thing costs less than 50 bucks now this particular one
it’s called Kove it’s not bad but as far as I’m concerned this year front one
actually sounds better I looked this at Amazon this one was 147 dollars on
Amazon that one was less than 50 which one would you buy I had we all got cell
phones these days you can broadcast anything you want on one of these it’s
insane the sound that you can get for less than 50 bucks it’s 360 degree
surround sound sounds great in the car fits in a cup holder you really can’t
beat it I mean why buy an entire expensive
stereo system when you already got a phone with music on it and one of these
speakers hey the technology and these things keeps getting better and better
and the prices keep getting lower and lower for quality units this is my pick
hey for less than 50 bucks ha you’re getting good sound of course you can
see it’s got a little carrier you can take it on the beach or whatever it’s
not waterproof you can’t throw in the ocean but it can get rained on it
doesn’t get hurt like of a deal for less than 50 bucks no that’s a I’ll talk
about is wore out rubber parts on your car that have all faded away now over
the years I’ve tried tons of stuff to get rid of the fade on a rubber and to
try to keep it from going like I’m around stuff like this but this company
Monoos they have a two-part system that really works quite well sealer and
conditioner but first they got the cleaner you got to strip the old stuff
off first that’s just how it works if you really wanted
good job you can see how faed and crummy the rubber is so we just get a little bit of the
restart stuff put on a sponge and then rub it on the rubber parts you want to
scrub off all the old rotten faint it in this case 26 year old Robert look at all
the crud that’s coming off of it and of course do it like I’m doing it, do it in
the shade you don’t want Sun beating up on it and
you want to just keep wiping to get all the crud you want to strip all the stuff
off now this is a second cloth you can see it’s still getting crud so we’re
gonna do it again you can do it many times if you really got an old car
that’s worn just keep cleaning and wiping don’t want you get nice and clean
then you get the blue shine this is the protector they seal to stop pretty good
I need to get a pair of pliers to get it apart then we get the blue shine put
a dab of it on a towel and do a real good job you might want to do it three
or four times let it dry put some more on just look at the difference no it’s
all shiny and polished instead of all corroded and the best thing about this
is being two-part solution you’re cleaning it off then you’re polishing it
and preserving it the two steps make it infinitely better than something you
just spray on and wipe off there’s no doubt in there now the one thing is that
stuff is so strong if you get a little bit on the paint he’s a new finish like
I do then clean underwear the paint might have gotten some drips on it the
polish there love that’s why you want to do the stuff in a shake you don’t want
the stuff activating too strong like and of course if you’re a real fanatic about
your pain stuff you can always get tape and you can tape the rubber areas off so
they’re sitting there by themselves and then any excess will just get on the
tape and you can take it off when you’re done and of course this stuff is great
for tires which of rubber well I’m not one of these tire guys’s polishing my
tires all the time I really don’t care about that but that’s the main thing it
even says restores protects and shines tires that’s one of its main usage I use
it for other rubber parts stuff that gets fade in the way that you see on the
top to me tires your tires but if you want to polish your tires this is good
stuff for now the last thing I’m talking about is this ought to OBT 460 it’s a
battery and charging system tester if you’re like me now trust people work on
your car you can do all your own battering alternator
testing here’s my professional Medtronic’s when this thing was new it
was $900 this thing’s like $60 of course it’s not
as great as this thing is but for a normal person working on her own car
this is more than you need just hook it to your battery positive
the positive negative the negative test your battery there it goes cold cranking
you put on what it is this one’s a 550 so you put it on 550 and that’s it
so here it’s only got 405 cranking amps it says to replace it to 6 your old
battery normally lasts maybe 3 so it’s time to get another battery here from my
wife also test the starter and the alternator that’s at idle and it also does max lad
test you turn everything on the alternator is loaded and it shows you if
it’s working that pretty good deal for 59 bucks believe me I try not a lot of
these things some of them were absolute crappers and didn’t work half the time
but always wanting to test stuff right I double check what the cheaper one said
with my real expensive one any both get the same reading so hey and as usual
nobody’s paying me to talk about these products I am just testing them out
honestly showing you stuff that works and since this is mechanic Monday
I’m give it away one of these earphones speaker systems you have a chance to win
place a clean non-defensive comment on the YouTube comments below and a winner
were you chosen randomly by computers to win this cool surround sound speaker
system so you can put new speakers in your car as easy as dropping it into the
cup holder, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

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  1. Here’s the link to Doug’s video in question, where he takes sponsor money and wants you to buy the crappy Kove Speakers “valued at” $200 when they’re not even worth $40:

    Edit: some people are asking why I did this? I’m tired of YouTubers selling sponsored overpriced crap to people. The Kove speakers are cheap Chinese speakers not even worth $40 and are “valued at $200” then you get a discount code to reduce the price to $80 or $90. It’s a scam to make you feel like you got a deal, plus they’re not good speakers to begin with, don’t fall for stuff like that. The speakers I showed here are also cheap Chinese speakers, but you know exactly what you’re getting, no fake scam prices with coupons, and they are actually a lot better speakers. The reason I called out Doug is he’s the only one I saw doing this. If you’ve seen other YouTubers promoting this overpriced junk, let me know in the comments below! This has to stop.

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    5. Common Sense

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  2. Scotty: if I can't win the speaker….how about sending me the two-part rubber cleaner-protectant?

    That's my 'clean' comment-

  3. I'm not exactly sure why Scotty Kilmer wants to cheapen his image by attacking someone who offers a great deal of entertainment for your viewing pleasure while asking for very little in return (A quick product blurb is about it).

  4. OMG..! Never.., NEVER ever use a "green" Scotchbrite sponge on your car, except if you really like to badly scratch the glass and paint.

  5. Youooooo might not be good place for learning car repair……

    But you sure a great comedian in YouTube car community lol we all love you,, we do in very different way…

  6. I got my Kove speaker for $65 using the code SS717 from Streetspeed717. It's a great speaker and I took it to Mackinac Island in my cupholder on my backpack which I wore on my bike

  7. If only bluetooth was safe, eh? If this world had it together we'd use something like pulsed visible light (Li-Fi). The consumer should be demanding this over literally putting a microwave oven frequency generator in their car. Even if it's not heating substantially it's still near the maximum dielectric loss point of water where it has good penetration depth as well, so it's making the water molecules in your tissues begin to rotate on their axis. In pulses.

    From the book "Nonlinear electrodynamics in biological systems", 1984, a paper was presented showing pulsed 2.45 GHz made the DNA molecule "thrash about violently" with indication it had broken off its histones. Won't hear NATO, telecom, or any of these others tell ya that.

  8. Why does Scotty feel the need to hate on EVERYONE that works on cars that has a youtube Chanel? Bro toxic

  9. I did not yet watched Doug´s video, but why on earth would you use ANY of these speakers (or other similar) for listening to music in a car? Are these people going insane? Or is the power of sponserships so great that makes them to say anything, despite of how illogical it is? Are they that desperate?
    Modern cars have from factory, sound system that sound so insanely better than any BT speaker can, that´s ridiculous. And even if that´s not enough sound quality, you can improve it even much further with good aftermarket sound components, well installed.
    How is that a good idea to spend money to to have really weaker and poorer sound? Because that´s what you´ll get with a BT speaker…

    This will be my first dislike in this channel. And the same to Doug´s channel. If you don´t respect the viewers, then at least respect yourselves a little more, don´t be such beggars to the sponsers, ok?

  10. Any mechanic that uses NuFinish on a car is instantly put on my black list. That stuff will ruin any car paint by removing the clear coat. Anyone who has ever used it will have noticed some car paint colour residue on the rag used to apply it.

  11. My dad showed me Scotty's channel and being newer to cars this is really helping me out. I'm so glad I got to find the channel and all about cars to better help me understand and learn a lot of what I should but don't know. Thanks a lot Scotty!

  12. Just bought my son an Earfun speaker for his 2000 Civic .. and I got him the SAME exact 14" wheel covers that you have on your Celica black and chrome.. looks REALLY good.. great for college

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