Here’s Why Chevys are Crap

Here’s Why Chevys are Crap

rev up your engines, Christian Pete says
I got a 06 Chevy HHR heard some GM vehicles won’t work right with aftermarket radios
yeah you know it’s true it’s insane for some reason a lot of the vehicles GM
made it that the radio is part of the anti-theft system part of the starting
system of the car and I have had people but aftermarket radios and the car once
thought they told it to me and I explained to them you know it’s got the
stupid interface for the starting system I’ve also seen ones that they didn’t
even touch of it’s a factory radio but something broke inside it in the car
wouldn’t start I don’t know what this GM engineers have
in their minds or snuck up their rear ends but they’re certainly not doing it
right when they design stuff like that that’s just plain stupidity and they’ve
done it, v6 rice burner says Scotty I heard that if the ground straps to your engine is
broken your wheel bearings can burn up you know that sounds crazy but it’s true
you gotta have a good strap from your negative terminal your battery to both
the body of the car and the engine you don’t then ground its gonna seat you all
kinds of sources and since the tires are on the ground it can even go through the
wheel bearings make them run hotter make them burn out, so what
you want to do is everyone so how did you check your ground straps it’s very simple
they’ll corrode it the battery clean them or if they get loose tighten them
up and then the other end they just bolt on you can unbolt them see if they’re
rusted or corroded make them all shinny again and then put them back on again it’s an
easy thing to do and it’s often to collect it on older cars people don’t
even think about it, James Royal the first and he says I recently replaced the
catalytic converter on my Chrysler and my mechanic
tells me the catalytic converter is tripping a code that it’s bad what could be
wrong all right well the first thing is it’s a Chrysler
unfortunately what people need to understand about catalytic converters is
they burn unburned hydrocarbons so you don’t pollute if
a catalytic converter goes bad unless you hear it rattling and it’s physically
broken into pieces of rattling around inside there’s something that made it go
bad the engine is burning oil the engine is running rich the engines running lean
fuel injectors are dripping too much fuel and that runs the catalytic
converter or somebody was dumb enough to spray silicone spray cleaner or using
something like seafoam and pouring it right in the gas tank and then it can
mess with the catalytic converters they go bad cuz there’s a reason it hides out
with yours you got a serious problem master mechanic who said you need a
catalytic converter again why is this going on they don’t generally go bad on
their own unless I say they break and you hear them rattling, there’s a reason they
go bad and if you just replace the cat you’ll just
keep replacing and replacing, williams GMC say if
antifreeze gets into my engine and i catch it in time do i have to replace
all angeles if you catch up in time and it did damage you thing you won’t have
to but here’s what you have to worry about your combustion chambers the
piston goes up it’s compressing air and fuel spray so that compress is pretty
good if you got a whole bunch of coolant that leaked inside there when it goes up
and it’s tell us to go further if it’s pushing against coolant the valves are closed
it still can push because the engines got to spin it will bend the piston rods
goodbye it’ll run bad, so if you find that it still runs good now and you
change the oil and filter you’re not getting any foamy or a water mix yeah
you could continue in a job you want to pray that not too much got inside there,
I’m at 9903 says my 07 hybrid camry with 187 thousand miles is not
getting as good gas mileage as it used to okay it’s a hybrid often that’s the
big giant battery the really expensive one as they get older they lose
percentage of the power and as they do your gas mileage will go down I see that
all the time in the hybrids now it is a hybrid it’s not a full electric car so
you want to check the spark plugs on your regular engine that’s a gasoline
four-stroke engine they are filled there’s stuff like that but if they’re
all ok and it runs perfectly fine odds are your hybrid battery starting to wear
out and then when you find the price of that hybrid battery you might just live
with a little bit worse gas mileage Wilhemina j says, Ford f-150 I was
going down the road and the speedometer just stopped working and all kinds of
lights came on all right you want to pray that it’s just the speed sensor
there’s an electronic speed sensor on a transmission measures how it spins around sends an
impulse to the dash and makes the speedometer work now even though your
speedometer looks like the old-fashioned kind they have a speedometer cable it
doesn’t work that way the signal on a transmission is digital and it goes to
the dash and the dash changes the digital one
to a stepper motor and a motor turns it so it’s actually turning but it’s not
directly with the cable you want to pray it’s just that because if it isn’t it
could be something’s broken in the transmission and then you won’t get a
signal from the sensor praise the sensor simple you can unbolt it by one and put
on yourself too, very easy fix, Easy Rider says Scotty why does the low oil light comes
on in a 2007 Express but it’s full on the
dipstick, knowing those things just change the
oil pressure sending unit they don’t cost much both off full time that could
fix all your problems if that isn’t the problem then you basically want to go to a
mechanic like me we put our actual oil pressure gauge on that’s a physical and
it gives the actual pressure and if you do have low oil pressure that can get
super expensive it can be a bad oil pump it could be bad bearings worn in
the engine they’d have a bigger space so oil takes up a bigger space that makes
the pressure go down you want to pray it’s just the oil pressure sending unit from
my experience on those it often is, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I did NOT know that about Chevrolet radios. I've always driven Ford trucks, other than Oldsmobiles many years ago. I sure as heck don't want a vehicle that won't start if the radio is on the fritz!

  3. Cheap parts + cheap labor + management more concerned with next quarter’s profits than the long term health of the enterprise = poor quality, unreliable cars.

  4. @Scotty kilmer I use seafoam in my gas tank and now I have a catalytic converter code on my check engine light is that a direct result from using seafoam what's wrong with seafoam is it not something good to use in your fuel tank

  5. Hey Scotty !! Ford F-150 speed sensors are in the rear end on top of the pumpkin . Being you work on cars for 75 years I thought you would know it !!!!

  6. Hi Scotty I want to by a SUV but not sure of this 3 model should I buy Ford expedition 2018 Lincoln Navigator L 2018 or Cadillac Escalade ESV wish of this model is good for Limo service thanks

  7. I drove chevys since the 60s , generally parts are cheaper to buy in the truck line silverado , tahoe , suburban , GMC , Cad … pretty much the same .
    Never had a bad one . My 05 vette had all the annoying , warnings , low tire , gas cap , low coolant , wiper juice , . Like a Korean rocket , all were mad when I launched it .

  8. I wish he hadn't said chevys are crap cause I want to get a new chevy truck and I'm not big Ford fan and the Toyotas and Dodge rams are too expensive….

  9. Right off the bat I know Scotty isn't giving Ford engineers enough grief for their stupid way of doing things. Ford has so much unnecessary crap on them but Scotty never admits it.

  10. GM vehicles have been total crap since the late 90s/early 00s. Dont get me wrong they had some turds before then but I feel thus was the point of no return. Then around 07-10 they fell off the cliff asfar as design and quality. Wayyyy over complicated but with horrible quality control, then again almost every vehicle nowis ridiculously complicated. IMHO

  11. I think it’s greed and focus on short-term profit and stock performance that’s responsible for decline in quality more than lack of engineering capability. We see it in other industries in the US too.

  12. Scotty doesn’t understand what the engineers are thinking? Really?
    Maybe they’re thinking about doing as they’re told so they don’t lose their jobs!
    Automobile manufacturers are in the business of building automobiles. If they build cars that are reliable and easy to repair people will keep the cars longer so there’s let demand for new cars. It’s in the manufacturers best interest to build cars that make a good impression on the lot and start to fall apart around the time the loan is paid off. Dealers make money selling Used cars, not manufacturers.

  13. ANother point about our 2012 Toyota RAV4 V6 with the keyless start and electronic power steering. When starting the vehicle, the RAV4’s steering wheel Shakes violently, no solution from Toyota… My ‘06 Chevy Doesn’t do that!

  14. @ 0:40… simple. Because they want yo make sure you buy all their crap so that they make the money selling you a radio for 2 grand.

  15. never had the radio problem. and i have aftermarket head units in my silverado and yukon. including all my previous gmc's/chevy's too. every car manufacturer always has that one weird model that does kooky sh!t.

  16. 405 mechanics disliked the video because Scotty here is giving away the secrets of mechanics FO FREE MA G!

  17. With all due mucho respect to Scotty…
    Most old cars I see on the road are Chevys or Toyota's. Honda's too, but I've noticed many of their owners spent 1,000's more in parts and repairs to get there.
    My 2000 Silverado is 19 years old and running strong. Cost me very little in parts. And my '86 Sierra was a better truck than my '86 Ram which was still old school before the new generations. That venerable 318 was sweet though.
    Like Scotty all new cars leave me cold. Too much tech, too few body parts of too thin metal, too many Chinrse and Mexican parts and now entire cars and yrucks, SUV's…buy some old dudes restoration kids.
    Yes, '90' s and 2000's seem like the sweet spot all in all. But they're getting old. Electric is real promising but like all else, too going pricey to buy and hope to maintain.

  18. I talked about this in a response to somebody but I'll post this straight up.
    Old engineers who wrenched, worked their way up to corporate…
    The old, sane model.
    I remember Harley hired some 50 something guy who sold soap and raised the stock price. He learns to ride a Harley then says " No one should buy anything but a Harley cruiser…"
    Say what? I've been riding since I was a kid. I had cruisers and street bikes. I got tired of the weight, bad cornering clearance, and poor handling and brakes for the power. I'm 58 and I ride a liter class naked sport standard now. With a s**t eating grin.
    All different sorts of bikes do different things for different needs. Same for anything on wheels. But what do you expect listening to a newbie soap salesman? I know Harley dudes who bought Victory's who say, man, Victory was on to it.
    It's corporate who give us what they want now, not the engineers.

  19. . . . Because they're made by GM, who took billions in bailout tax dollars and paid back the public by shifting their production to China!

  20. I put an aftermarket stereo in my 07 Tahoe but it took me 2 weeks bc of the anti theft system. GM surely didn't want you messing with the s***.

  21. I’m surprised, Scotty, a “professional” mechanic doesn’t know all 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0 Chevy truck and van engines have an oil level sensor in the side of the pan. Been there since 1999. But, replace the pressure sender anyway.

  22. Scotty you a crazy honest guy. Awsome. What should i do with my 2013 altima after the cvt transmission, overhaul. You think the new one will last.?

  23. GAWD yes so I had a GM vehicle where every couple of months the factory radio would go into a LOCK mode and a dealer had to unlock it (and charged me for it of course but couldn't explain why it kept happening). A friend let me have his former aftermarket head unit, and yep, I had an issue with the damn factory ignition interlock security feature after installing it. … cut to… I ended up just living with a disabled factory radio in the damn thing. Then I totalled the damn thing by hitting a dear about a year later, so problem solved???

  24. Even if GM started building quality cars I wouldn't buy one. The day is soon coming where no matter what GM product you buy, it will have been built in either Mexico, China, or Canada. Even their biggest "true blue American" product, the Silverado pickup is already exclusively built in Mexico. That's right All-American Chevy truck guys, if you buy a Silverado, you're actually buying a MEXICAN product. Contrast that with the following:
    Ford F-150 – built in Dearborn, Michigan
    Ram 1500 – built in Warren, Michigan
    Nissan Titan – built in Canton, Mississippi
    Toyota Tundra – built in Arlington, Texas
    Still feel patriotic about driving your Silverado, Chevy truck guy? I wouldn't.

    GM is moving toward all manufacturing taking place OUTSIDE of the country whose flag and nationalism they love to drape themselves in during their advertising. And this is one of the companies U.S. taxpayers bailed out back in '08? To hell with them. Until they start putting money into the pockets of American workers I will never pay a dime to them for any reason.

  25. It’s not just mechanical. Gm’s paint quality out of the factory is pathetic. I see them at work all the time with paint that looks worse than Maaco even on the “premium” Cadillac’s. Just awful.

  26. the code po420 is both for a bad cat and a bad rear sensor so dont replace the cat til you replace the rear o2 sensor

  27. Speedo on my new 06 f250 6.0 started going haywire before the warranty was out, especially when it was hot outside, never adressed it. Hasn't got any worse over the yrs, prob got a little more infrequent if anything.

  28. That is right about the gm radios my mom has a chevy monte Carlo and it won't start and it has an after market radio we put a stock radio and it still won't start so DO NOT PUT AN AFTER MARKET RADIO IN YOUR CHEVY CARS!

  29. Was at AutoZone yesterday and noticed they have that SeaFoam additive right on the cashier counter to try and get you as an impulse buy but seems like not many cars would benefit from that stuff anymore and if anything would do more harm than good. Figure they would stop selling that stuff.

  30. Scotty. the last time I looked, tires were made of rubber and are insulators. Therefore, no current will flow to the ground. Many years ago people used to attach a ground straps to the car that discharged static electricity build-up in the car to the roadway. Exactly how will wheel bearings conduct electricity to ground when there is no path?

  31. Hey scotty I love your channel I have a bit of a problem with my scion xb 2005 when I start the car I makes a really high pitch squeal and when the car warms up it goes away

  32. The only time I would want to buy a Chevy is if it's a 2010-2012 Camaro probably and swap out the engine for more power LS engine. If it is a stick shift most of what I've online were mostly V6 manual or automatic. But I'll see what I can do.

  33. The way they make the proprietary stereo systems in these newer cars, who'd wanna steal the damn things?… you can't use the pieces of crap just in anything else anyways, it won't fit, and you can't use aftermarket systems in it. Doesn't make sense they'd do that other than preventing you from modifications that make them more money.

  34. Chevy? Nooo they are not crap u are chevy is one if the best manufactures, i got a Silverado its been running for ever its got 300,000Mi and still going

  35. I’m in N.C. and I ran across someone selling a 06’ Chevy Equinox LT at 106k miles is that’s an ok SUV ???

  36. I honestly have never had these nightmarish problems with my GM vehicle. Am I just lucky, and got the “good” ones from the factory?

  37. Am I the only one that has not experienced problems with Chevys? I've experienced some electric problems with GMCs but never Chevy. I must be from a different dimension then.

  38. I sure hope an oil pressure sending unit fixes the oil pressure gauge at 270,000 miles! '95 Ford FI 4.9L with the last C6 – the van was scheduled for body repair (auto side-doors with a wheelchair lift was hit) and the Friday night before delivery, the transmission wouldn't shift. I asked my wife to stop and put it in first gear and manually shift. I called Big O Tire asking if they'd install a vacuum modulator. "Yes." They had my van for five days and wouldn't return my calls. I sent a flatbed to haul the van an hour plus away; Pete's Transmission in Phoenix. I trust Pete and I encourage all to proceed with caution with transmission problems! The next morning at 9 am, Pete's called to say the van is ready! How much, I asked. "No charge" They replaced the vacuum modulator. Big O Tire got an informative review – don't go there! Pete's Transmission got a five-star review!

  39. my grandpa has history in a gm factory (Janesville Wi, now defunct) and most new chevys are steaming piles if you put high miles on them. if you want a reliable daily driver that can last buy a Jeep Cherokee. my dad put 330,000 miles on his 99 XJ before it gave him crap.

  40. I've been lucky with my 07 Chevy Trailblazer. I have 196,000 miles on it. Haven't had to do any major work yet. I think I might have to change my Fuel pump soon that's about it so far.

    Lol watch now that I've said this ehhhh blaa

    But yes I can agree with quite a few things he is saying. The automotive industry is sucks these day

  41. About f150 maybe alternator is overcharging. In my cougar it was the same and also my bulbes were burned. It tourned out that in high rev my alternator was giving 19V!

  42. Scotty, I have a Chevy story for you and, it’s a dumb one. I have a 2014 Impala with 113,000 miles on it. I love the car but, whoever designed this car I would like to strangle. If, your ABS light comes on or, you have a bad wheel sensor not only does the stabiltrak light come on it actually cuts your power steering off. How stupid is that? Not to mention dangerous. I had to get my wheel bearing replaced bc, the sensor ring was gone. I had no power steering thanks a lot GM you guys are real Einstein’s by doing this.

  43. Scotty I watch alot of your videos and I really need help with replacing the radio in my 2006 Chevrolet Colorado. None of my mechanics can help me with how to put an aftermarket radio in my truck. It's the regular cab base model, and my passlock 2 system is just whacked out with the stock radio. PLEASE HELP!

  44. Hey Scotty,
    Does changing the stereo on a older gmc yukon 2001-2006 cause those issues? I plan on getting a Denali. Yea they are gas guzzler but they look nicer than the new crap.

  45. Problems per 100 vehicles sold (2018):

    Lexus (99)
    Porsche (100)
    Buick (116)
    Infiniti (120)
    Kia (122)
    Chevy (124)
    Hyundai (124)
    BMW (127)
    Toyota (127)
    Nissan (133)
    Honda (140)
    Audi (141)

    Industry average (142)

    Mazda (144)
    Mercedes (147)
    Ford (152)
    VW (157)
    Chrysler (211)

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