Helpful Tips for Motorcycle Trackdays

Helpful Tips for Motorcycle Trackdays

Hey whats up guys, Mikael here. I’m out on my first track day of the year,
so in todays episode of speed & noise I’m going to talk about 7 helpful tips for your
first track day. These tips will be helpful for anyone doing
their first track day, but also for experienced track riders who have been laying on the couch
for a couple of months and need a quick refresher before going out there again. 1. Never apex the first turn when you first go
out on the track, ever. On most race tracks you will enter at the
end of a long straightway, so riders who are already on the track will be coming in to
the corners after it at a very high pace. This pace will be a lot higher than yours
when you are first entering the track. So keep to the outside of the first corner
when entering the track. 2. Ramp up the pace graduallyOne of the most
common mistakes when having been off your motorcycle for a while is to ramp up the pace
to fast, this is especially common among more experienced riders. Ramping up the pace to fast will lead to mistakes
that you can avoid by working on slowly raising the pace, session after session. The fact that even experienced riders can
make mistakes after not having ridden for some time, can be explained by the fact that
an average human can handle about 7 +-2 tasks at a time, under optimal conditions. These so called tasks are things such as pulling
the clutch, moving the gear lever, blipping the throttle etc. The amount of tasks that you can handle at
a given time is affected by how much experience you have completing those tasks.For example,
do you ever turn down the music in your car when you are about to park it in a really
tight spot? You do that because you are trying to minimize
the amount of things your brain has to process at the same time. 3. Pass other riders with a lot of margin, and
always pass really slow beginners on the outside. The track day I am at is a bit unusual because
it does not have any speed groups, so this is a big mix of experienced riders and novice
riders. Most track day provides have speed groups
such as A,B,C, with the A group being the fastest and C being the slowest. If it is your first time at a track ever,
always sign up for the C group.Some experienced street riders will find that C group is too
slow for them, if this happens most track day provides will help you move up during
the day. Even if you are way faster than some novice
riders, make sure you pass them with a lot of margin and avoid passing them on the inside
in corners. Passing on the inside can break their desired
line and push them off the track. That’s fine in Moto GP, but not on a regular
track day. If you do end up passing someone in that way
by mistake, raise a hand afterwards to say you are sorry. Doing so will make the person you passed understand
that it was a mistake. 4. Do not look over your shoulder for riders
behind you. Looking over your shoulder is a sign that
you are scared of faster riders passing you. It is the rider who is behind you’s job
to pass you cleanly. Your job is to keep a consistent line. So look ahead and into the corner. 5. Warm up your tires for at least 2 laps before
starting to go at a higher pace. It is very common to crash because of cold
tires. Another important aspect of this is your tire
pressures, remember to check them before you go out on the track and during the day. Often there are tire suppliers available on
the track day that can give you recommended tire pressure. 6. Before working on any other skill, start working
on your line throughout the track & smooth throttle control. This applies to both novice & experienced
riders. In order to work on your line you need to
understand where to turn in to the corner, where you want to apex the corner, and where
you want the bike to be when exiting the corner. As you can see, I very deliberately lean the
bike towards the apex of each turn, and then roll on the throttle throughout the corner. Leaning the bike over this deliberately makes
it easier to control where I end up in the corner. It also enables me to experiment with different
turn in points and lines.In essence, if you work on where to turn in and having a smooth
throttle control, you are setting yourself up to be consistently faster every time you
go out, and you can alter your line through the track on purpose, rather than by mistake. Just being aware of your line will help you
a lot in your development on the track.To go deeper into the details of some of these
skills I recommend you to check out some of the videos I have linked to below and in my
channel. I also recommend you to check out the book
‘A twist of the wrist II’ by Keith Code, who covers all of these topics in great detail.When
you have a decent line & master smooth throttle control, you can start working on body positioning,
braking, trail braking, vision etc. The thing is, if your line sucks, then you
can hang off like Marquez all you want, but your lap times will still suffer. In fact, focusing on other skills before mastering
a good line will set you up to develop slower than if you focus on the two core skills:
Line & Throttle control. 7. Don’t assume that lots of lean angle means
fast lap times. This goes hand in hand with tip nr 6. A lot of novice riders choose bad lines which
requires them to compensate by leaning more. Scraping knee in every corner does not equal
to going as fast as is possible in that given corner. How good your line is will dictate how much
speed you carry through out the track, so focus on that first and soon speed is your
destiny. That sums up the 7 Tips for your first track
day, I hope they were helpful and that you are now ready to go out there on the track! If you liked this video and you want to see
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  1. OMG! Your camera angles are NEXT LEVEL!!! Extremely impressed with your videos man! Favorite channel on YouTube for sure!

  2. Hi I'm a right handed guy, when I turn hard left (knee drag) I feels natural and normal, but try knee drag right I feel the opposite, it because the throttle is on the right side and when I turn right I don't give enough room for moving the bar,speed control etc?

  3. This is by far the best motorcycle channel… Try and make two videos a week, it might help with getting more subs

  4. Good video! Thanks for the refresh, first track day of the year is next weekend so brushing up my knowleadge before heading out 🙂

    Would you be able to upload an interactive 360 video of a few laps at the track? Would be cool to control the camera ourselves 🙂

  5. Can you do a video with the camera angle at the end of this video on looking through the turns. Giving your reference points. I found myself looking at the end from your point of view and it helped alot.
    Great videos keep it up!

  6. Hey with all the track videos do you still ride on the street? I'm considering moving to track only, just wanna know your thoughts

  7. i dont believe you man!!! Hahahahhaha you re in my mind!!!! On Sunday i m participating my first track day ever!! I now own a gixxer K3 and just wanted to tell you that you REALLY helped me a lot with your vids m8!!!!! Thank you for that!!! Keep up this way!!! Ride safe👍
    p.s i ll try upload some vids from the track day🙋

  8. So sign up for A group cause I'm not a pussy, ride super fast on my first lap so my tires warm up, pass everyone on the inside to beat 'em, lean on every corner like Marquez, pin throttle unless I'm shifting. Thanks for the tips bro!!!

    Can't wait for my first track day!!

  9. Simple but true!
    Who is in love with racing, speed and bikes???
    AeroR Entertainment wishes you a great bikelife 2018💚🏍💨

  10. Actually a better book is Nick Ienatsch book "Sport Riding Techniques: How To Develop Real World Skills for Speed, Safety, and Confidence on the Street and Track"

  11. Nice video,,, I was out there the same day too. Btw,, on your out lap, you did apex the corner. You're supposed to be way the eff out by the white line until the straight, then merge into the racing line. Never, ever get even close to the racing line the 1st two corners. Cheers bro

  12. Im a FREAK cause i love battling cars in traffic. I view it as a game and dont get bothered by cars coming into my lane. Truth is being on a bike your way more nimble than any box on wheels. I think it should be YOUR responsibility to watch out for the bigger kids on the block. Getting upset when someone "doesn't" see you is stupid. Track day for me in that respect is boring, i dont have to think i just go. Not to put down track day. Its great but i do love a good load of traffic to cut in and out of at speed. Its a moving puzzle that must be solved or its your life and im quite good at it.

  13. I forgot to add I love track day for learning new skills to bring to the street. Its a great classroom and if you ride hella fast like I do the skills learned there are a god send for the street.

  14. Great videos and really well explained….team up with me on my 1st track day? Keep up the professinal work and videos. You are a top notch teacher.

  15. This guy mentions a book and I want to read it. He should have been my high school teacher.
    BRING ON THE CLIFF NOTES for Twist of the Wrist 2

  16. Number 8. Hold your line! When you willy-nilly suddenly drift across the track for no reason, you risk getting plowed by a faster rider who is in the process of passing you at a high rate of speed.

  17. the only "mistake" i see in this video is having your gopro in top of your head, thats the worse thing to do. if anything just put it in front of your mouth not the top of your heard

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