Heidenau K60 Scout Tire review on BMW R1200GS

Heidenau K60 Scout Tire review on BMW R1200GS

I tried the Heidenau K60 Scout tires both on BMW R1200GS and BMW R1200GS Adventure. Here’s what I think about them after 6 thousand miles. First, let’s have a look at them. Here’s a 6 thousand miles rear, used mostly on tarmac on a long trip. And this one is a 1,2 thousand miles rear used mostly on off-road. Heidenau is a German brand known better for its cruiser and sidecar tires. It’s not quite a performance tire builder. They have some vintage racing tires, but you won’t see Heidenaus on the brand-new superbikes. The K60 Scouts are 50/50 Dual-Sport tires. Which means that they offer a good compromise between the road manners and the off-road performance. They are very noisy on the highway, and the front makes the motorcycle vibe. I felt uncomfortable after 90 miles per hour. They are good enough on wet roads but beware of the white lines. Anyway, you got ABS and Traction Control on these motorcycles so you won’t feel unsafe. The front becomes unstable on hard-braking, but you’ll get used to it and it’s not worse than other dual-sport tires. The cornering is ok, but they are not top-performers. Now, let’s get to the off-road use. These K60 Scouts are good enough for any adventure rider. They are not the best, but you won’t get stuck in the mud. I once had some problems when trying to climb a hill in Cappadokya, but the GS is a heavy bike and the surface was very hard to tackle. The K60 Scout offers a good balance between street use, off-road performance and lifetime. If you plan to go on a long adventure trip which includes off-road sections, and you don’t want to swipe the back tire after 3.000 miles, this is a good choice. They aren’t as good as Pirelli Scorpion Trail on fast corners. Also, they don’t offer the same grip as a Continental TKC 80. Besides the lifetime, they are not the best tires. You can see that there’s still some life in this 6 thousand miles rear. I used it in a long Trip in the Caucasus region with a fully-loaded bike, but without a passenger. Although it was a long trip, I pushed the bike hard, with many high-speed highway sections and fast overtakes. I would not recommend them if you want to ride a high-performance motorcycle such as the GS at its full potential. But if you want to set off for a true adventure, there are your tires. They offer maybe the best compromise between the street use and the off-road experience while having an impressing lifetime. So, there’s a thing that makes the Heidenau K60 tires a top-choice. The fabulous lifetime. I’ve seen some people that managed to get 12.000 miles with these tires. But it’s not my case, of course.

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  1. Great review. I had similar observations. I had a set on my V Strom DL1000. One benefit to them is they have such a stiff side wall you can almost ride them while flat. I think a good combination would be the Heidenau K60 rear with the TKC 80 front. The K60 front has a tendency to wash out in loose conditions.

  2. I like your approach to testing and rating. Have you done a similar test with the Conti TKC80? I ride a KTM 1290SA. Thanks for the vid!

  3. Good review. Can get 14000 klicks but no comparison on road to the Pirelli Scorpion if travelling over 110 k's./ph

  4. I got 6500km from the rear k60 on 2016 GS Adventure. There was about 20% of life left , but I swapped to get higher thread. Front was ok with about 80% life left in it. Good tire. Next (2018) season will try TKC80 to compare.

  5. Good review, I am considering these tires for my DL650 once it comes time for replacement. The video was well edited, I would just recommend minimizing the side to side body movement when you speak while standing up.

  6. This is the most accurate review I've seen about these tires. The performance of the tires and particularly the front is not great but they last forever.

  7. A fair summary. I have them on my 1290SA. It’s impossible to get a tyre perfect for all conditions, especially for a 200+ kg bike, but they are a good compromise. Unfortunately the larger rear tyres come with the continuous centre line, so it’s easy to lose traction in mud. I’m interested in the Mitas E07, and also the Motoz Tractionator which gets generally very good reviews…any thoughts?

  8. Hey Mate i really like all of your Videos they are great!!!! Could you please tell me what Kind of Dainese jacket you are wearing? Greetings from Germany

  9. Another good review! Please, use km's, since you are European. Let Amaricans do the math 😉 I have just come with my 2016 GSA from Georgia using these tyres. A decent road tyre with decent offroad manners. I deflated them to 2,0 front and 2,0 rear on the more difficult sections, once even to 1,5 front and 1,7 rear for the use in mud. After 8.000km they look like they can do 8.000 more.

  10. When people come looking for gear reviews, they don't want a bunch of music. The bass on that is way too high. I can't hear what you are saying. sorry man!

  11. Hi guys, great review! I would like to ask what is the air pressure you use on these tyres. Do you recommend 2.5-2.9 or something softer? I am about to switch my TKC70s and I wasn't very happy about their mileage…Thanks in advance.

  12. 24,000km out of each of the last 4 rears, change the front every other rear. Never ride a 250kg bike in mud. Some vibes at 75-80kph that disappears otherwise.

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