Happy Wheels – DRAGON BALL Z LEVELS | Part 2

Happy Wheels – DRAGON BALL Z LEVELS | Part 2

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to happy wheels thank you guys so much for your support on our first video you guys Killed it. We got over 700 likes so guys thank you so much because all your support We’re gonna keep going with this series It made me so happy though because I really wanted to keep going. This is seriously one of my favorite games right now I don’t know why it took us so long to play it. So there’s two things There’s two things that you guys put in the comments mainly four levels We need to play you said play pungence levels and play Dragon Ball z levels. That’s what we’re doing today So for pungence levels were definitely going to do that But we need some more we don’t have enough yet available to make a video so if you guys want to try your hand at making some levels go for it make sure to put punches in the title so I can find it I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with so let’s get into it and really quick guys um There might be some blood There might be a little blood some guts if you don’t like that kind of thing you might want to look away So here we go, so this is where we search let’s just search Dragon Ball z dragon Ball z wait what I’m Pressing z. I’m pressing z what hMm oh we ran out of room okay, so Whoa okay so we ran out of space dragon ball z is too many letters, so here we go This is all you got to do okay. So there’s plenty dragon ball z stuff which one do we want to do let’s? Let’s Sort it by rating we want to do the highest rated so let’s do the highest one 83,000 plays by Gousha Dragon Ball z quiz oh you Think you can out quiz me and dragon ball z you can’t quiz me. Oh my goodness is a Super Saiyan Preguntas the Dragon Ball z in case oh. Oh. Oh okay. So here we go Here we go, uh N K Okay, Saga Goku say transform. Oh and super Saiyan. I don’t speak Spanish Sanga Majin buu or Frieza oh Majin Buu or Frieza. let’s do Frieza. I seen frieza more. Oh, you gotta break the glass. It’s okay here We go um oh cool. Oh, no, it’s all in Spanish It’s on Spanish call way, El Primero. Yeah, amy Miko Daikoku ah I per peel off or piccolo. I don’t know it looks like primary enemy a best friend of goku dude Piccolo Ahh! What was any mare? Maybe enemy is probably enemy okay? This one Spanish. Let’s go try and bail the one that isn’t Spanish, okay I wanted to do a dragonball z quiz we got a dragonball z quiz this is from Jesus chicken have fun So I will have fun. [oh], we get to select a character Who do we want who looks the most like Goku [I]? Don’t think any of these guys wow I don’t think any of these guys [look] like Goku how about This guy let’s go qu chi, chi. Let’s say it’s goku and Chichi okay, so we have a quiz who kills Frieza dude your trunks future trunks kills Frieza Okay clean it mmm Lean it whoops. Oh whoops. She gone. Sorry chichi, so to you whoa see It whoops Okay, okay um Let’s try that again [okay], but that is a very good first question cuz you want to you want to say goku ooh? Sorry about your head dude. This is not. This is not optimal for this for this couple [oh] Okay, okay, okay? We’re back up, but yeah, goku doesn’t kill Frieza He defeats him, but he gives him Mercy trunks kills reason which Android [discs] really wish to be normal Android 18? Any-any marries her as a matter of fact somehow. Oh, no, no, not Id 18 oh My goodness, I broke the wrong one and now I got in the right one dude, okay? I accidentally broke seventeen, but I got out of it Okay, I don’t think goku and chichi are good option. Let’s try it Master Roshi [let’s] call this guy Master Roshi, so let’s try this again [so] the hardest thing about this one is the quiz it’s getting down to the right place, okay? well
I found a little tactic You think you can you think you can outsmart me do the quizzes in the hardest part is getting to where you want to be? Check this out check this this little tragic [health] with for Master Roshi. That’s right. [oh] [pulgas] Hahaha, there’s the [rose] [you] baby. Okay, so which Android just [crillon] wish to be normal [it’s] Android 18 Can we get there? Yes? Yes, it’s iterative Okay, here. We go. Yes. Oh didn’t even have to use a tactic who flip on Vesta Rosie, okay? Use your jet powers Master Roshi, you dislike a command man wave at the end so oh crap oops [oh] crap um we should We should read the next question. What’s the next question Who [a] witch a witch? easy fighter Witchy Brizzy fighter was under the Margin influenced and ended up killing many civilians dude that was vegeta. It was a definite Vegeta so maybe if I just run into it, no, I Fly no no no no no. Oh yes. Oh, we got it Which quiz shall I do next. Oh, that’s it. Okay. [I]? Got a little flesh wound here Pokemon hurl, a stamp airbender See the problem is I [never] watched either those I am [dragonball] z I have all about Dragon Ball z can’t get over this big dude, Miss Roshi fly Master Ocean flight Yes, okay, pokemon or last airbender. I don’t know you guys let me know in the comments. What would you rather see? I’m just [gonna] pick Pokemon. I’m just gonna pick it, but let me know in the comments. I’d be interested What do you guys watch more? Okay, looks like we picked last Airbender. Okay? Let’s try another Level all right this one’s called Dragon ball press right arrow, okay? Oh No way, it’s go goo [its] goku who’s the guy with the green? Pointy hat is that supposed to be like piccolo or something oh? Come on. Man, dude. That was sweet Okay, that’s I had to do. I like that, okay dragon Ball z Of course this is you pass this course [it] sends the replay What hold patras pass are tight okay? So there at least is [in] English? Goku wait f goku dude. This is amazing, okay? What? Okay, oh, there’s fries, and we just ran over fries up cell approaches [who] [is] RBF older cell? [oh]? Wow, they’re selling [sell] Jr.. So Jr.. Got me Sell Jr.. Got me So [junior] strong. Oh, whoa. Whoa, whoa. We’re flying. We did ask Mooney flag to [needs] to have your knees attached to the lower legs or something Let’s try another dragon ball z quiz I’m interested to see how these Different [ways] of doing these quiz quizzes three questions, but a surprise again, please save replays okay beard okay? So this has a surprising end to it three questions Who is the first enemy that appears in Dragon Ball z also ends up in the first at the Goku that’s [Raddatz] [oh] Hopefully I can make this jump. [I] made the jump broke my legs oh There goes my wheel Okay, um is that the surprise ending okay? Here? We go here. [we] go. What is what what I? Didn’t even see the question. Do we got it wrong [me]. I was going too fast, [okay]? We gotta slow down at that part, okay slow down slow down What is Goku Sayin name Kakarot? It’s Kakarot. [I] gotta jump over my shoe. Okay. Let’s jump over the shoe Okay, jump it. Yes, Kakarot Yes, here. We go. Oh we go my legs. I think I could still make it [I] think [I’m] okay who is bullies, dad [oh] ah? Para [goose] asparagus not [vegeta] definitely not vegeta asparagus, okay here. We go. Oh oh That’s the surprise ending where we just keep flying in midair for no return ‘Ti Rate 5 stars no wait never mind what? No way, it’s blocked. How did I make my way [back] up here? So you can go down here? great [five] now, please wow What a surprise ending that was xing pretty cool [ok] let’s try. What else we got dragon ball jump otaku gamer? DBZ try hard and jump I’ve been pewdiepie markiplier jacksepticeye. Can’t do it rate 5 if you’re a dragon ball fan Ok let’s see here [oh] I See I see I see it’s all about jumping Whoops don’t Lean okay the key is not to lean so it’s all about the pogo step step pogo stick bad better but not good good oh gimme awesome awesome [oh], don’t make it over. Yes. I relied to flip I think with a lot of flip are you a saying oh? Dude, use the box if you can’t reach up there you can reach there without the box if you try hard oh Man, I think Right when I said, I think I can make it my body splits into two pieces what okay? Let’s get this get the awesome. I feel awesome I feel like I could get this I think [a] lot [of] its timing yeah time it just right flips flips Don’t help flips. Do not help anyway backwards. [they] [don’t] [wear] backwards [ok] flips flips don’t help and we’re going backwards again [weirdy] grading, okay, let’s get back up. Let’s get back over good What my edges fell up? Okay, those must be some really sharp Corners what in the world are those razor Blade Corners I? found a secret I found a little secret if you hit control watch this your knees bend more when your knees bend more You jump higher whoops you got a press space to when your knees bend more you jump higher oh? We got this we got this awesome Are you a saying give me the are you a saying? I want to argue is saying I am ass and I’m super saying Yes, we made are you a saying okay? Okay? Use the box if you can’t reach up there you can reach there without the box if you try hard Dude, I got what it takes. Oh It’s over 9000 okay. Let’s do it without the box. Let’s do this without the box He said we can do it if we try hard enough. I can try I could try I wonder what happens if we do it with our legs extended That seems pretty high okay, okay? Let’s keep trying hard. It says try hard, and you’ll get it It’s like [a] lot of things in life whoops Made it over with the box. Hey, what are you gonna? Do [oh] wait? What is this? [this] [is] good oh Now we [gotta] [make] [it] on derp. That’s dude it this one seems more difficult Okay, hey How do you make it under oh? maybe more flips ah There we go Yeah, just it right. Wow you are a super Saiyan well You know not everyone can be super sayings like me Okay, just my trick isn’t working anymore. [Jess] made it under you are super Saiyan Dude, are you kidding me? How are we supposed to make [it] under there? [I] thought the jumping up was hard enough Oh man here. We go dude. I got a new tactic. I got a new tactic. I call it the berm [oh], no, are you serious? We’re going backwards Okay, don’t go backwards Okay, just go forwards keep going yes. Yes Okay, no way super say [God] wow rate 5 stars if you’re a dragonball z fan oh wait You gotta be kidding me. We gotta make it through that hole, but if we go I put my head through But if we make it through we’re considered super Saiyan. God that is like the ultimate transformation. Yes, [oh] That was so close Okay, one more time, and we got this I know we got this That’s that’s our spine coming out. That’s that’s my spine The the white things you see that’s my spine coming out of my body They have red stuff. That’s my blood coming out ran out of blood This one’s called Dragon ball z’s smack by [Road] Spike King rate [five] if you kill yourself and the guy okay Well, uh who we gonna be who we Gonna be goku and Chichi? India jones, oh, let’s say this is going [on]. Let’s say the pogo stick guys go on What? Can I do anything wow? Why is that called Dragon Ball z smack? All right, let’s finish it with a dragon ball fight dead and Timmy VS.. [Jibson] place me five stars [Dragon] [ball] fight. Oh, there’s a dragon ball, okay? [oh] Okay, [I] don’t know what [ha] [ha] What what was that? Oh? Okay, what’s that? I think [they] just did a kamehameha wave let’s try it again. [okay]. [he’s] there oh Ah, okay Who’s the loudest thing? I’ve ever heard okay? What can we do there? Who do I think we need a pogo stick? I jump over them all we can’t change character dude. What can we do? Okay, let’s try it again Okay Like I’m the only thing I could think of is going like this, maybe It’s getting worse. What can we do? Okay, okay, you win. You win little boy What is this? I’m doing to you what this is Okay, okay, okay? I’ve had enough [Dragon] [Ball] z Happy wheels for one day dude. Let’s call it here. Oh There was so much fun, okay guys. [oh] Let me know some other levels you want me to play in the comments Let me know because I want to see some levels also make some fun [ease] levels if you want to if you want to try your hand at making some levels and make sure to put [pundants] in it so I can search for it as always guys if you enjoyed the video feel free to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already And I will see you [guys] in the next happy wheels Hey, oh Yes, oh my goodness. We’re doing it [dude] Sorry Sorry about your legs your neck and your torso Your fingers. [oh] and my leg

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