Hankook Optimo 4S All Weather Tires From Canadian Tire

Hankook Optimo 4S All Weather Tires From Canadian Tire

The Hankook Optimo 4S All-Weather Tire is
the perfect choice for year round driving. Its innovative hybrid design combines the
performance and comfort attributes of an all-Season tire with the traction and braking qualities
of a dedicated winter tire. As a result, you get excellent handling in
all driving conditions and the convenience and economy of a single set of tires The inside of the Asymmetrical tread pattern
is designed to enhance grip and stopping ability on snow and ice. While, the outside delivers smooth quiet,
optimal performance on both wet and dry roads with minimal tread-wear and significant fuel-efficiency. In independent tests, the Hankook Optimo 4S
outperformed Canadian Tire’s best selling all-season tires in all critical winter driving
areas. Grip in snow; 10% better Stopping on ice; 20% better It is also certified by the Rubber Association
of Canada with the Mountain snowflake symbol which ensures excellent traction in severe
snow conditions. In performance, it’s as close as you can
get to dedicated sets of winter tires and summer tires, but without the added hassle
and storage. Plus, they also deliver excellent mileage
and come backed by our comprehensive full-service warranty when you have them installed by Canadian
Tire. Convenient, tested and proven. The revolutionary all-Weather Hankook Optimo
4s comes in over twenty sizes to fit most vehicles and is only available at Canadian

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  1. this tire is great. i live in northwest germany, not so many snow here in winter normally and i had winter tires before, not much better. also this all season tire is good in summer to drive. its the optimal tire for me. if i lived in parts from germany where much snow is normally such as in bavaria maybe this tire is not so goog. for myself its that what i ever searched for and iam glad i found this. and no, iam not working for hankook^^lol

  2. btw. here in germany the weather is very different in the seasons. we had no snow this winter till yet, sometimes we have snow in april or may, some days massive rain in summer or its hot like hell and on and on. so what to do? the answer is-drivin with this all season tire

  3. The point is providing a more cost effective way to continue getting around for a person who doesn't have the means, income, or desire to mount dedicated wheels/tires per season. You don't need blizzard worthy snow tires for the 3-4" that falls every year in many places (but you still need to be able to get groceries or go to work), and you don't need bubble gum grip for running errands in the summer. Get the tool for the job that needs to be done, not for what it could do if it came down to it.

  4. @silverboyzzz That's just it though. You get a jack of all trades because you don't need specialized equipment. If a person occasionally picks up medium to large items after work or on the weekends, they shouldn't need to own a economic car..and a pickup truck. That's why crossovers are so popular. Nobody denies that dedicated equipment isn't better, just that it isn't necessary for all applications. Cost is only a part of the equation when having multiple tires as well.

  5. My dad has the Hakkapeliita WG -R2's on his car and they perform great in the snow . He does take them off in the spring. I figure pick the tire that works best for your winter conditions. An all weather tire is a more economical way to at least have something that can get you through the winter , there are many people who can't afford 2 sets of tires. This is the best alternative for those people.
    I use Nokian Hakkapeliita RSi winter tires they are wonderful & do handle the slush of Toronto.

  6. I got these on my car, and i happen to be in Kamloops for winter. Snow usually shows up and ice as well. They work extremely well driving to road conditions. If you drive to conditions smart and safely, and not like an absolute idiot these tires will do as well as full on winters.

  7. I am sort of reluctant on it because of that as well. Which was why I got Nokians for my old car. However, I may consider these to be bought at Canadian tire or some place cheaper, but NEVER installed there.

  8. you have to be an idiot to buy all weather tires instead of real winter tires living in a snow rich country like Canada…

  9. We need this where I live, we can go from sub zero temperatures at night to really hot during the day. I really don't mind swapping tyres every six months, but every day seems too much.

  10. A good city slicker tire for people who live in warmer climates
    I guess it comes down to how much you think your life is worth.
    The price of a set of winter tires could easily save your life or keep you from being sued into bankruptcy.

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