Guess That Wheel! | HOT WING CHALLENGE!

Guess That Wheel! | HOT WING CHALLENGE!

– What’s goin’ on guys? It’s Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on
the YouTube with Brad. Well, you’re lookin’ really excited, Brad. – I was gonna make a
comment on Charlie’s pants. – Yeah, they’re kinda questionable. We’re gonna be eating
some very hot wings today because Colin’s got some wheels and I guess the name of the game here is, he’s got the center caps blocked out, we have to guess the
wheels based on the design. If we get it wrong, we eat a spicy wing and then if we get two wrong,
we eat the habanero sauce, if we get three wrong, we
have some extreme regret, screamin’ hot scorpion
Carolina Reaper hot sauce. That was really loud. So, yeah. – So, I’m not feeling very
confident for this game here because I’m not a wheel person so I don’t know any of the wheel models. – And I look at a lot of wheels. – But I do like wings, so I’m open to just eating the wings. – I look at a lotta wheels
but I never remember the names of any of them, so, this is gonna be interesting. I like hot stuff as well but I think you like
hotter stuff than I do, so. Here we go. – Got it. – This is too easy. ARKON Lincoln, easy. – That was tough. – Wheel number two. – Wheel number two. – I don’t know how to spell it. – [Producer] You guys are both wrong. – What? – [Producer] This is the Ballistic Wraith – No! – [Producer] You guys gotta eat one. – No, that’s the same
wheel as a Fuel Maverick. – It looks almost identical. – That’s fine, I’m hungry. – I’m not hungry. I just ate. – So we just go for it? – Yeah. God, it’s really not that
bad until afterwards. Okay, next one. – Oh, I know what those are. – I.
– My hands are dirty. – I’m not sure I know what that is. All right. – I already have the right answer. – [Producer] Correct. – Yes! No more showing John. – Why? – That’s cheating. – It’s not cheating, I
had the right answer. – By the way, this is
Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’. It’s the hottest sauce they have. Okay, so if. – That’s the same exact
wheel as the Ballistic Rage. – I’m gonna try this again. It’s probably not.
– Yeah. – It’s probably some other wheel. That we don’t know about. My lips are burnin’. Startin’ to get hot. – Okay, I’m ready. – [Producer] You guys are both wrong. It is the Gear Alloy Big Block. – No way!
– That’s not a Big Block. – That doesn’t look like a Big Block. You get rid of the center
caps, everything changes. What’d you put? Hostile something? You’d be wrong regardless. – ‘Cause I knew you put Fuel Maverick and it was wrong so I was like, ooh, is this like a Hostile or something. Wait, we have to put habanero.
– Oh man, this is wet one. – On there or somethin’? – Just a little dab.
– Little hot. Bloop. This isn’t that hot is it? – I don’t remember. Get all this extra sauce off it here. – What are you doin’? – You might as well use your napkin. – Oh, okay, I didn’t know
that was part of the rules. – No, you can’t do that. – It’s too late, Brad. – [Brad] You gotta get a new wing. – You already told me I could. I’m puttin’ the hot sauce on it anyway. I hate that Brad likes so
much hot stuff and I don’t. It’s just heat. It’s not even flavor. I’m not excited. All right, let’s get the next one. Ah, man. I don’t know what that is. I’ve seen it before but
I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what to put. Can you see me crying? That’s not a Striker. – [Producer] You guys are both wrong. – It’s a Hostile. – [Producer] It is the Hostile. – Exile? – [Producer] Rage. – Rage. Colin didn’t get us any milk. – There’s no lid on this. – Oh no. I’m not eatin’ another whole one. – Why? – Can’t do it. Just like one small, my hands are shaking. One small drop. I hate you Brad, I hate you so much. That is not good. Not good at all. You’re sweating, I can see it. – I know, I told you, I’m gonna sweat. – How many more are there? I feel like we haven’t even
hardly done that many wheels. – [Producer] You ready? – I can’t breathe. – [Producer] You guys are both correct. – Yeah.
– Thank goodness. My nose is running. My eyes are watering. My mouth is on fire. I don’t wanna take water ’cause
it’s gonna make it worse. Next one. – Oh, I know what that is.
– But what’s the name. – I know what that is. I know what that is. (bouncy music) – [Producer] Brad is correct. – Yeah! – [Producer] It is the Fuel Vapor. – Oh man. (bouncy music) – Are you gonna eat one or? – Hello? Yeah. I gotta go. (bouncy music) – That was his mom. What do you gotta do, two drops now? (bouncy music) – I’m probably gonna throw up after this. – [Brad] I think we should’ve filmed this, we should’ve had Dakota do this. – That was not good. – I think that he would’ve died. – I gotta go ride after this. – Ride what, your horse? – No, I’m takin’ the Daytona out. I’m not a cheater. Good enough. Oh, Cody Deering had these. Is this the, is this the
last one that I wrote down? – [Producer] It’s not the
last one that you wrote down. – No idea. – Brad do you know the make? – I think so. – Fuel?
– Yeah. – Yeah. Take your time, Brad, I
got, I need to cool down. – Something to do with toxic. Did you get it? Is he right? – No. – [Producer] I said it was a Toxic wheel. – Oh. Yeah. I thought he meant, like. No, you idiot. He means, like, it’s a, like the wheel brand is Toxic. – Oh, oh I have no idea. – [Producer] It is the Toxic Widow. – Toxic Widow. Well, I’ll tell ya what,
it looks like a Fuel wheel. – I think I only have to
do, I’ll do two drops. Oops. Went a little heavy. – I can’t do this. (Fuller groans) – Just gotta get in there. – No. I don’t get paid enough for this. – Hey, you’re getting free food. – Free food I don’t want. I don’t think I can stomach another one. I literally can’t. – Well, we wanna see
you barf on camera then. Well, here’s a garbage can. – Here’s a little tiny one. I’ll try to get this one. – You forgot to put hot sauce on it. – I didn’t forget. It was a tactical move.
– Remember when he was like, “I don’t cheat.” – I changed my mind. (Brad panting) – We’re gonna need some
more napkins, probably. Colin, you really shoulda got us milk. It was very rude not to. – My lips are on fire. – [Brad] Oh my god. – [Fuller] Oh, Jesus Christ. – [Brad] What is that? – But it’s not, it’s like
not even a truck wheel. It’s like a lowered Tahoe kind of wheel. – They’d had to have, okay, we need to. These are very big wheels
that they’ve sold more, than, like. – [Producer] These are
our most popular wheels. These are in the top. – No way.
– No way. – In the top 50, yeah, number 50. – Not even. I don’t even believe it’s that high. Maybe top 200. I don’t have an answer. (Fuller cackles) – This one I like. I’m sorry about that noise
I just made on camera. I’m really excited. I got a lotta hot stuff in my mouth. Oh, Brad got it wrong. Nope. BM. (bouncy music) It’s the most popular wheel ever, that was easy TIS 544. Okay, all right, so that’s
enough hot stuff for me. Brad’s gonna keep eating wings apparently. If you guys wanna brush up on your wheels and learn all about them so
you can play the same game with your friends, That’s where you can find the wheels. I hope you played along with us and ordered your own Blazin’ Wings. And if you like this,
maybe we’ll do it again with different types of food. Let’s bring in some wasabi next time, little mint ice cream. – Maybe do a little sushi. – A little sushi. Goodbye. – [Brad] Callin’ wrong and
be like, no you’re wrong, that’s the. – [Producer] I know,
that’s what I was thinkin’. – What does it say? – [Fuller] Don’t worry about it. – [Brad] Brad something. (Fuller chuckles)

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  1. Your camera guy needs a mic or have them write the name of the wheel on the screen. Could barely hear what he was saying

  2. Challenge your friends at with your favorite wheels! What challenge should we do next???

  3. I love the video guys. Poor fuller was sufferingπŸ₯΅πŸ€―. Now on the other side it looks like Brad loves hot sauce.😏

  4. I like the idea and would be awesome to do it again. However one think I'd suggest is to mention what the wheel is after they guess regardless if it's right or wrong. I couldn't hear what the ones they got wrong were.

  5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ

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