GTA 5 Online: Snow Jeep – Rancher XL (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online: Snow Jeep – Rancher XL (GTA V)

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  1. i would like to have the merry weather jeep and i would lke to have the snow rancher XL plz xbox 360 gamertag rroller3  

  2. I'm giving away any car you guys want ; snow cars , rare cars anything . (I'm not looking for subscribers or anything) it's free . Unfortunately I only have ps3 so only for ps3 users . Just reply to this comment with your psn names and when I'm on I'll get you any car you want . I'm doing them in the order of comments so comment with psn and be patient you'll get yours 😀

  3. I Have:Trevors blazer:
    Lime green
    Race yellow
    Cotton candy
    Snowy emperor
    Chrome BMX
    Chrome paradise w/green tint windows
    Rossevelt w/no material
    Lifeguard blazer (money rims and matte black)

    Looking for:
    Clown van
    Weasel news van (must be modded)
    Trevors blazer in any color I don't have (might not like it)
    Nagasaki blazer(modded)
    15$ cards (if your willing to pay that)

    1)I only trade
    2)do not come at me with BS cars
    3)Don't offer me cars I have
    4)don't try to scam me

    GT:xDark x Dreams

  4. Im willing to trade my cars if you have any Modded / rare ones that I don't have.
    I have:
    Modded Kalahari (roll cage)
    Snow emperor
    Trevor's blazer (black)
    Chrome lifeguard
    Modded phoenix (no spoiler)
    Franklins buffalo
    Modded asea (green window tint)
    Hearse (no casket)
    Modded adder
    Kifflom BMX bike with a tracker (personal vehicle)

    I want: Any other snow car. Any color of Trevor's blazer. Hvy cutter. Tow truck. Or rusty tractor. If you have amy of these or Amy other Modded cars then add me. No bs.

    Psn: xXB_KILLXx

  5. For your information… Rockstar have completely removed this glitch. All of these vehicles you glitch in have been banned from spawning in the garages by blocking their model hash numbers. However, Rockstar are taking in suggestions on improvements to GTA Online. Now's our chance. Ask them for this glitch to be returned or have something equivalent put in. You can support my battle for the glitch here:

  6. Hi, does anyone have the snowy jeep on gtav online on ps3 if so please message/add my psn: BadMan578, I really want it soo bad, ive only got the normal version and been trying and mixing 2 paint colour jobs to try get it close and similar as possible but I just cant, some please help me out!? :/

  7. This is pretty cool can somebody do this with a zentorno ? or maybe a Turmiso i accidently sold mine :i If you can my gamertag is DevilzHeroz send me a message

  8. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. oldman257225 help me get ny cars and suvs and lawn mower and clown van
    psn:gammer tag is oldman257225 mostly on everyday and if u want friend me
    and I have the hearse I can get for anyone
    if you ask me on psn I will go to ur session and help u get the hearse
    it is customizeable so don't worry and plus im on ps3 😀

  10. I neeeeeeed a snow jeep so bad if some one gives it the me I wood subscribe and tell all of my frends to sub to

  11. i want the jeep for xbox 1 and my gamertag is EthanV123 i want one to or tomorow pls if not just do it as soon as posible

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