Griot’s Garage – Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating

Griot’s Garage – Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating

– Hey Everyone, Nick
Griot, Griot’s Garage, here to talk to you about our Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating. Black Shine is our most
high-gloss tire and trim dressing. It’s a silicone-based product,
so it’s extremely durable. It can hold up to multiple washes, and any adverse weather you may encounter. As with any tire dressing,
the most important part about using a product like Black Shine is that the surface you intend to use it on is properly prepared. You can do that in a
couple different ways. If you are going to prep your tires, in particular during the wash process, you can use a product
like our Rubber Cleaner. Spray it on as you’re
cleaning your wheels, and use our Tire Scrubbing Brush to get any old dressings off. If you have a little bit more
stingy leftover dressing, you may want to use a
product like our Rubber Prep, which is a solvent. When combined with our
foam scrubbing materials, either the Ergo Wave Foam Scrubber or our 3-inch foam scrubbing pads, will cut off any remaining
dressing that may be on there. Just to ensure that
we’ve got a clean surface to make sure that this
dressing bonds correctly, and will last as long as possible. Gonna show you how to apply it on the wheel of this Dodge 3500. So, gonna give the can a couple shakes. Make sure to hold the can upright, and about six to eight
inches away from the tire, and then be sure you
don’t camp too long on one particular spot, to
avoid runs and drips. (can hissing) As you can see, I just
work slowly back and forth. I’m gonna finish this whole tire, come back in 20 minutes and
see how we like the finish. Okay, so now I’ve finished
applying the tire. I’ve let it set up for about 20 minutes. Due to the nice spray
pattern that we’ve got on our nozzle. I’m
seeing that I don’t have any excess product built up anywhere. No drips or runs, and
I’ve got a really nice high gloss finish. However, if I do find that
there are some drips and runs and it’s maybe too
glossy, I’m just gonna use a multi-purpose utility towel
which we sell in a 50 pack, to just knock down that
dressing a little bit, get it to the gloss level
that I’m happy with, and also again eliminate
any of those drips and runs that may occur if you
over apply the product. I’m just going to use this towel, just wipe the tire down a little bit. It’s all your own discretion, at what point you like the level of shine. Don’t have much work to do because again, it was really evenly
applied to begin with, and I really like the finish
that the product creates. Okay, now the tire is
done. Black Shine also has another great use, and
that’s as a trim coating. Just be sure to apply Black
Shine to any applicator such as our Blue Detail Sponge. It can be used on any
exterior trim surfaces to leave a nice, high gloss shine, much like we left on the tire. Thank you for watching, be sure to visit for more
information on Black Shine and have fun in your garage.

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  1. Just tried this today and once again, blown away by Griot's products. Love this stuff. Put it one tire just for kicks, before washing, I was just curious what it would do. I washed the car with a brush and carwash detergent, and the tire shine stayed on even after using a long handled brush on the tires/wheels.. That sold me. Also, it doesn't take a lot of spray to get the finish right, unlike some other products that just dry up, wash away, or need so much to cover the tired that you waste product. Good stuff again.

  2. This is our go to tire and trim dressing., it does last and looks amazing.
    For trim simply spray a little Black unto a foam pad and apply to trim, then wipe off after 20 minutes.

  3. Works great after cleaning your engine.
    After the engine has been cleaned use air or a leaf blower to remove water.
    Spray Black Shine lightly.
    Tip… Once sprayed start your engine and let it run for 10 minutes with the hood closed, open it up at 10 minutes, open the hood back up at your jaw will drop.

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