Graber 2-Bike Trunk Rack Model 175 || Installing, General Commentary

Graber 2-Bike Trunk Rack Model 175 || Installing, General Commentary

Hey the lights green. Means go. [Music] Hey and welcome. RT Spacer with you, and this is the Graber 2-bike trunk rack I’m
attaching now to my vehicle. Now obviously it carries two bikes as heavy
as 35 pounds each. It came assembled right out of the box,
so that was pretty convenient. There was nothing to screw in none of that. Fits
most sedans and vans supposedly, but I would look over the owner’s guide. It’s
just a booklet, and in it there is a specific list of vehicles this rack is
good for and not so good for. This comes with the product if you choose to buy it. Now it folds and unfolds quickly and
easily. And by that I mean it locks into the folded position, and if you open it
up it locks into that open position too. So if there’s nothing to screw or pin
down in that process. It does that on its own. It adjusts your vehicle with pins
that go through these slots; I can present that in another video if you
want to see what that looks like. But it goes through the slots, and then you
can actually secure it into place. There’s two of those pins,
do not use this trunk rack without those in place. Alright so this particular
trunk rack has just four straps. Two upper straps and two lower straps, all of
which I’ve attached to the trunk. Now it’s good to make sure the straps are
not twisting. If any of them are twisting, I would go back and straighten every
single one to make sure that strap is as straight as possible on the way to the
hooks. This is to help keep the straps tightened when you’re out on the road. Okay as far as attaching the bike to the
bike rack, my tendency is to place the bike on the
first mount furthest out from the vehicle, instead of the one that would
bring the bike closer to the vehicle. The bike may wind up too close,
and different vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes, so in your
case the bike may actually be too close. For example the tire could hit the
vehicle or maybe the pedal, causing damage we don’t want that. No matter
which mount I put the bike onto, I always tie down the wheel. I tie it to
the frame of the bike rack, and then the bike rack straps I like to attach those
to the frame of the bike, so that they’re not flapping all over the place.
That’s just how I do it personally, and to be honest with you I don’t go very
far with the bike. I try to stay local. But if I do have multiple stops along
the way, just about any point in time I even go out of my way to check the
straps. Make sure they’re good and tight before I proceed any further. So I’ve been using this bike rack for
about a year now, and I’ve grown fond of the occasional shifting. Particularly on
bumps and on turns, you just have to be careful with every turn, as
long as you have the whole setup attached properly, you don’t have
anything to worry about when it comes to this bike rack. Now the owner’s guide says
not to use this rack above speeds of 65 miles an hour. Now this is just me
personally, I would rather not go much higher than 55 miles an hour with all
this attached to the vehicle. Because things just start to get shaky…if you
want to see what that looks like I can do a video on that. I could do a part two
of this review covering, a bunch of different things I might have missed in
this video. Now once I’m at my destination and I’m taking the bike off
to go for a ride, I never usually leave the rack on the car because it’s that
easy to take off. It’s that easy to remove from the vehicle and to take off with
it. So I just undo it, fold it up and store
it into my trunk. I can easily take it out and put it back on again. And I don’t
mind doing that. It’s whatever you want to do with it. Again this is the
Graber 2-Bike Trunk Rack. It’s model number 175. I think it’s only available
at Amazon as well as Dick’s Sporting Goods. And I think both places were
selling it for about $50, or $49.99. That’s not including tax. Now there are
more elite and expensive products by Graber, but I can’t speak for them
because I’ve only used this one and I’ve stuck with this one. I’m not sure if I
mentioned this already, but I’m used to just mounting this one bike onto the
rack. I’ve never done two, so I can’t really speak for that situation either.
Well there might be quite a bit that I didn’t touch on, that you might have been
interested to hear about. If so I’m open to requests, questions, concerns that you
might have. You can just place them in the comment section below. Now I’m not a spokesperson or something
like that for Graber products. This is just something I’ve used and I’ve grown
fond of, and I wanted to create a video review. Something helpful that may aid
with people who are interested in using this for the first time, things of that
nature. With that I got to run, and take care for now.

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  1. Thanks, I was having an unusually hard time putting my rack on. Haven't had to transport bikes in years…

  2. Thanks so much, I "inherited" one of these from my sister when she got an SUV, and I couldn't figure out how it was supposed to go on.

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