Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac® Tire Product Review

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac® Tire Product Review

The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac® has been known to cause more than a few cases of tire envy. Just take a look at it. The aggressive tread design is the perfect complement to your rugged ride. Of course this tire is more than just appearances. Check out these huge chunks
of rubber here on the edge. Built with wide gaps designed to plow right through all that mud on the way to your next work site. Now look down between these shoulder blocks and you’ll see these tough little teeth. They aren’t just for show. That’s TractiveGroove Technology™. And it gives you the extra traction you need through deep mud, and snow. And for such a beast of a tire, well, you’ll be surprised how quiet it can be when you’re cruising down residential streets or out on the highway. So, if you love your truck, show it exactly how you feel. Get a set of Goodyear Wrangler DuraTracs.

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  1. I have had these tires on my "02 Dakota Sport for about eight yrs now. They wear like iron and never have let me down no matter what I'm driving in . They still have pretty good tread left on them but the last snow storm a week ago we got 14" of snow and they started to spin a little while I was plowing so I am looking to replace them. The original tires that came on the truck were similar to these  Goodyear Wranglers. They were six yrs old when I replaced them. They were what sold me on the truck when I bought it. From past experience Goodyear is the best and I always buy made in America over ones with foreign names like Toyo and others. I had a plow on my truck for eight years now and never ever once had any problem pushing snow till this last storm and I have seen many a snow storm. I  plow only for myself and family and friends. Never commercially. I do go off road sometimes when I go fishing and again no problem. I could get away with replacing two but I think I'm going to go for four just so I don't tweak anything in the drive train by having uneven traction. By from Goodyear and you get the best .

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