Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT Tire Product Review

Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT Tire Product Review

The Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT is an innovative winter tire that provides enhanced performance in the most extreme conditions. WRT stands for Winter Reactive Technology. Which means the tread is made with a state-of-the-art compound that helps with performance in cold, snowy, and icy conditions. In fact, as temperatures get colder, the tire works better. You can’t see it, but here between the tread block is Goodyear’s 3D TreadLock® Technology. And see these little lines here? They’re called sipes. They actually allow the tread to lock together around corners and open up for biting edges to provide enhanced traction in icy conditions. Here, the directional patterns guide snow and slush away from the tire for even more traction and handling. And not only that. Optional metal studs can be added to select sizes for an even greater grip. Plus, check out this protector to keep your rim safe from those nasty curves. Yet another reason to go with the premium Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice. Always a winner, when it comes to winter.

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  1. Tire dealers and goodyear does not know about studding. There is a specific stud design for this tire and cant get it installed or get any answers about it? I have tried the goodyear help line and tirerack both where clueless

  2. For info about stud instalation go here

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