Goodyear Eagle® LS-2 Tire Product Review

Goodyear Eagle® LS-2 Tire Product Review

The Goodyear Eagle® LS-2 is the perfect tire
for those looking for the luxury of a smooth, quiet ride without sacrificing precision handling. Let’s take a look. The distinctly designed tread pattern offers
a unique blend of performance and comfort, which is specially crafted for enhanced handling
and a smoother ride, while also reducing road noise. For example, see these stable shoulder blocks? They’re engineered to enhance dry handling
and traction, allowing you to truly optimize your vehicles performance. And this performance doesn’t stop when the
rain or snow starts. These wide grooves circle the tire to help
push water away for a strong grip in wet conditions. Then there are these blades, called sipes,
which come in at different angles throughout the tire to maintain traction in dry, wet
or snowy conditions. And my favorite part: its style. It has a contemporary sidewall that looks
just as good as it performs. So, if you want a tire that’s as smooth
& quiet as it is sporty, this is it: The Goodyear Eagle® LS-2.

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  1. We have two identical cars, identical tire sizes, but Michelin Defenders on one, Goodyear Eagle LS2 on the other (in summer, Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 then R3 is the only choice in winter).  I monitor inflation pressures and tread depth closely.  The tires are similar in appearance, but here is no comparison.  Michelin Defenders are GOOD rain tires, the Eagle LS2 is NOT.  Although I had warned her, my wife had a little excitement when driving the LS2 equipped car in the rain, instead of the Defender equipped car (she sorted it out, fortunately the police academy taught her to drive).

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