Goodgrip Tyre Test: Premium Winter Tyres vs Budget Winter Tyres

Goodgrip Tyre Test: Premium Winter Tyres vs Budget Winter Tyres

I’m here in Sweden to show you the difference between two types of winter tyres. Behind me are two identical cars, front wheel drive, lightweight cars. ..and what I’m going to do is show you stopping distances, cornering and also handling tests. This one is fitted with the budget winter tyres whereas this one is fitted with the premium winter tyres. They both look very similar. They’re black, they’ve got similar tread pattern and they’ve got similar sipes. But, there is a massive difference in the way that the car handles. …and not for a lot of extra cost, either. You can see in this slalom test, or moose test as they call it here, how much more control the car fitted with premium winter tyres has around these cones. Budget tyres perform OK and far better than summer tyres would.. ….but that small amount of understeer means having to take a much wider line, even at slow speed. Next up we see the difference in braking performance at 30kph.. ..both cars hit the brakes at exactly the same time but the budget takes an extra car length to stop. Both cars negotiate the same bend, again at 30kph… can see the budget loses grip slightly on the exit…not much, but again it shows the extra safety of the premium tyre. Well..what a difference in performance and, ultimately, safety.. A premium branded tyre has outperformed the budget in every single test we’ve done. ..and the reason for that is because premium brands focus a lot more effort into developing their products. ..and the result is a better tyre overall. You get better lateral grip, shorter stopping distances and better cornering.

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  1. Well it looked negligible to me? If you were out in the snow and in traffic your situation is going to be totally different to this video in an emergency. If you watch other "premium brands" being compared to each other you'll be amazed that there really is no clear winner as some are bad in the wet, others are better in the corners etc etc. It drives you mad trying to choose.
    At the end of the day when you visit your local tyre fitter he's going to give you the options on what he has in stock and you're going to pick the cheapest or the next one up. You're going to stand there wondering which one and chose without youtube or test sites. When was the last time you went to the tyre fitters in the summer and said I want a Michelin not an Perelli?? I can't see there being a large difference with Winter tyres as long as you're not driving stupid. Everyone goes extra careful anyway, and they say these are better than summer tyres so any winter tyre is better to use.

  2. Why do the budget and premium flags keep changing licence plate numbers?  is there actually a difference or did they just pick the best performing clip and label it premium?

  3. Any winter tyre is going to be better than a summer tyre, also people don't drive at 30 doing a slalom on open roads. What do you call not a big price difference??? Premium tyres for me are over £100 each..budget £55 approx!!?? That's a lot.

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