Glueing Drag Car Tires – Pro-Line Racing Traxxas Slash Drag Car Giveaway Project Part 4 | RC Driver

Glueing Drag Car Tires – Pro-Line Racing Traxxas Slash Drag Car Giveaway Project Part 4 | RC Driver

Hey welcome back to the Proline Racing
Slash drag car giveaway build this is video number four of the build we
actually have five videos in total if you haven’t seen those yet make sure you
click on the cards above throughout those videos so you can check out all
the parts that we put on this card now today we’re going to install the wheels
and tires this is gonna be a lot of fun let’s head over the workbench and get
right into it so let’s start off this part of the bill by checking out
Prolines tires and they sent over there Hoosier tires these are their drag slick
rears and then I have their fronts as well they sent over the clay versions
the MC compound and these are basically a short course style of tire so they
have the 2.2 3.0 inner diameter for the short course wheels and they’re got to
basically just glue right up to this short course style Pomona wheel that we
got we’ve got the front and the rear so the the Front’s are actually kind of a
buggy style so it doesn’t have that offset like the the rear wheel does and
let’s just take a closer look at the tires because they’re really nice
actually so a nice smooth drag slick style of tire as you could see inside
we’ve got the molded inserts and they have this Hoosier logo on the outside of
it so it’s got to give our drag car a really nice look and then the front
tires here same thing they’ve got the Hoosier logo on them they do have
grooves in the front and they also have the molded inner inserts and we’re just
gonna slide these right on after I clean them up so let’s go through the gluing
process right now I am going to use prolines tire glue and I’ll show you a
couple of little tricks to mount these up so they stay secure while you pull
the throttle on your drag car alright so the first step up in preparing these
drag wheels to go on the car is to clean off the rims and clean off the tires of
any mold residue and to do that I typically just use some some motor spray
I know some people use some simple green and you spray it on a towel and you
simply just wipe down the bead where the tire is going to glue to the rim
basically so wipe down in here wipe down here and then of course both sides of
the tire as well so I’ll take care of that right now now when I went to clean the tires I did
take the foam out so the motor spray doesn’t break down the foam and as you
could see I’ve already put it back inside now it’s time to just slip that’s
higher over the wheel just work it around and then just pull the backside
of the tire all the way over the back of the rim we don’t have to worry about
seating this bead just yet but this is gonna help us get a nice tight fit in
the front so it stays seated well it’s kind of work the tire around the front
now just let that bead fall into the into the tire into the wheel bead there
we go all right just kind of work it into
place make sure the foam is nice and settled and now we could take a tire
band and actually slip it over as well and this will also help keep the bead
secure while we go and put the glue in all right so we have it in place we have
our tire just pulled over the back side here now what we’re gonna do is go and
apply the tire glue first up definitely use the glue tips that proline gives you
this makes life so much easier when gluing up tires make sure it’s on nice
and tight no extra plastic on the top there we go all right now here’s the
trick what you’re gonna do is you’re going to take the wheel put your thumb
against the tire like this and pull back just so slightly so you could see a gap
between the tire and the wheel this is where the glued tip comes into place
you’re gonna place a little bead of glue right in that gap there and then you’ll just keep rotating the
tire adding a little bit of glue in the seam just keep repeating it until you’ve
gone all the way around and as you can see the tire just snaps
right back into place so you have a nice tight seam there there we go we’ll just
let that one dry and then I’ll go and take care of this this seam as well all
right while the glue is drying on the rear wheels let’s move on to the fronts
and these just slip in like a two-wheel drive buggy tire so sly the tire over
the wheel just starts eating the bead of the tire into the wheel it’s kind of
work things around here and I like to do is just kind of squeeze a tire that kind
of helps everything fall into place check the back side we could push this
in there we go both sides look oh no we got a little
straggler there all right there we go looks like the bead is all set now gotta
just press this into place and once it’s settled into place now we go put our
tire band on these proline tire bands work really well to get it seated nicely
over the bead area there we go and now just like the rear tire what we’re gonna
do is put our thumb to the side pull back a little bit and then let the glue
just fall into the gap here and this thin glue it will just weep its way into
that gap and glue the tire just keep repeating until you’ve worked
your way all the way around the wheel and once you’ve done one side wait for
it to dry before moving on to the other okay so my front tires are drying and
now it’s time to turn my attention back to the rear tires what I’m going to do
now is actually fold the tire back over the insert here because I want to get to
the inside of the tire that front seam is glued already I’ll just pull that
back now I’m actually going to pull this insert off because what I want to do now
is actually glue this inside bead so you could see the gap in there what we’re
going to do is just run our glue down this inside seam and this is really
going to secure this tire to the rim and just like you did on the outside work
your way around I’ll finish that later but when you’re done just put the wheel
down but I actually like to do is I like to take my motor spray put it inside the
tire here and that weight will push the tire down onto the rim so that you’ve
seen there is nice and tight for when the glue dries so the glue has had some
time to dry it now it’s time to put the insert back on but before doing so make
sure you put it on the proper way this recessed area here goes on this outside
edge so we’ll slide it over like this and now we’ll roll the tire back over
the insert pull it all the way over and now tuck the bead up and into the rim just roll it a little bit make sure that
foam insert is seated in there nicely now will put our tire band on the tire just place it right over that bead so
it’s gonna hold the tire nice and secure just double check make sure that bead is
sitting properly and now just like before take and roll the tire back and
drop the glue into the bead just keep rolling it and repeating all right there
we have it our tires are all glued up they’re dry and now they’re ready to be
installed onto the car and I’ve taken out my serrated lock nuts that I showed
you in an earlier video and we’re gonna secure the wheels with that all right
I’m gonna get these on and I’m gonna be Joe over at the workbench because
there’s something I need to talk to you guys about there they are our proline
Hoosier tires in pomona wheels mounted up on our slash drag car project and
this thing looks sick I love the way it turned out the tires look awesome on
here now when I did go and put them on I went and zeroed out the toe and camber
on this so it’s all set up ready to go but this project overall just came out
fantastic I’d really like to thank proline once again for you know reaching
out to us and letting us do this to show it to you guys you know all the cool
stuff that I have to offer and of course you know giving this away to one lucky
viewer now have you seen anything on this car that you really like you have
to have it right now you can head over to proline Racing comm throw it in your
shopping cart use the discount code RC driver 10 to save yourself 10% on your
order full disclosure we make a few bucks off that but it helps out with the
channel here and then you’ll of course have the products right away so you go
and do some drag racing yourself now let’s talk about the giveaway we’re
gonna talk about how to enter in this video right here the one you guys have
been waiting for now this giveaway is open to US residents only I mentioned
that for we do value our international viewers we’ve got something coming up
for you guys very soon but this particular video US residents only
please now how do you enter well there’s going to be a link in the description
below that’s got to bring you over RC driver
and when you’re there all I need you to do is enter your name your youtube name
and your email address then when you’re done with that head back over here to
this video and simply state I entered that’s all you got to do well if you
want you could go and put a funny comment as well because I do read off
what people say in the comments because I’m going to use comment picker com in
order to select the winner that’s what we’ve used in the past it always seems
to work out well and you know that’s just the route we’re gonna take again it
seems to be the most fair now you may be wondering what am I going to pick the
winner well when this video right here hits 7000 views I will shut the entry
form off nobody else will be able to enter and I will announce a winner in
the final video when I show you the body yes it’s going to be a big huge reveal
going to show you how the body came out from Larry and you know of course
announced who wins the vehicle it’s going to be a pretty awesome video so
make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell to see if
you’re the winner of this awesome drag car alright guys thanks again for
following the series and we’ll see you back really soon to announce the winner

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  1. Remember to share this video with your friends. The sooner we can reach the view mark, the sooner we can give it away!

  2. I entered. I actually got my first major rc used a week ago. Mind you I just turned 47 and no experience to speak of with rc other than a cheap drone. I got a used redcat chimera rampage 1/5 mix gas ended up having to replace and or build 90% of the electronic parts and build a wire harness. Works perfectly looking forward to adding engine mods next.

  3. Entered. Would love to have this beast. Looks awesome man would go great to my collection and be able to race this with some locals. Keep up with the awesome work

  4. I entered. Two groups in the Dayton, Ohio area are talking about starting RC drag racing events. I think I would love it!! This would be another great new aspect of RC for me to enjoy.

  5. Entered. I left the hobby some years ago to have more money to raise our boys. They're older now and I'm getting the itch to race again. I recently did an episode of rc drag racing near me and I really got the bug back. Very cool build video and I enjoyed watching.

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    Would love to win this!
    I’ve gotten back into rc with my 10yo. We’re sharing 1 car for now and would love a second for him.

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  10. Entered! I'd really love to win this! There is a TON of drag races around my area but I've never had a drag truck. It would be super cool to learn to drag race and experience that side of the hobby.

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    Keep up your hard work keeping us all informed in what's happening in the RC world.

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