Girlfriend Changes Boyfriend’s Tire

Girlfriend Changes Boyfriend’s Tire

is this working okay yep hi guys remember that one time when we shot this video with Michelle gentle squeeze remember when she said dude you’ve been doing this for ten minutes don’t you I I could do my entire face in five minutes and then I said how long will it take you to like I don’t know change your time hmm well guys it’s revenge time wakie wakie wakie wakie microphone it’s the big day well you know I feel kind of bad because she’s sick but believe me you have to attack her when she’s at her weakest much man hello what are you doing I’m thinking acne on my chin don’t risk using this new exfoliator okay bring it ready – yes okay complexion perfecting hydrator hot water was it for it it’s a daily moisturizer oh okay you want beautiful radiant skin you gotta use a moisturizer go brush my teeth Dale okay ready – shall we get you to take a shower yeah okay magic went for two this is my dress I wanted something white and lacy super pretty better not get down too freshly squeezed orange accuse life of luxury Cheers filled n booth okay there we go all right guys red carpet-ready I’m going to show you how I get ready for the red carpet I [Music] look like I’m smiling at myself when I’m putting lipstick on it’s really like getting in it right now hair and then I get into wardrobe and we’re almost done I finish makeup look in my hair diamond earrings got my brow on and my smokey eyes here are my shoes and down this up stairs Dom right there way to bleep or job let’s go up this GoPro it’ll be here show you guys what’s in my clutch I have here my touch-up make up tissues I need to blow my nose they’ll polish inside pigtails and that’s already go I got this you know where to go let’s go – you know exactly what purposes because humankind over a carbonyl I really don’t know I just know it’s like a red carpet it’s really important sorry it’s going to smell like a male standing here so ladies whenever I paint my nails in the car I roll my window down and I just stick it out natural dryer right there what do you mean oh I’m open those people [Music] one was in oh there’s a red car be right here what do you guys what you guys should my girlfriend changes my tire oh you didn’t it’s time for revenge hold my makeup bag alright how do I do this there’s nothing in here what do you mean there’s nothing oh man I shouldn’t have worn a white dress you’re good yeah yeah okay alright we’ll do it together how about that okay well I lift up my dress well I hope you were nervous me okay yeah what’s the new trunk yeah you need something you need something right why is it everything stuff on here uh-huh okay done what I call this like a jack just a jackhammer jack oh those magnetic wow it’s so high tech oh great okay I put it in here so I think I have to go don’t you have to live the car before there’s nothing wrong with the tire it’s fine right do this ah what does that mean what happened what was that down I don’t know what happened and you check the car oh it’s definitely higher yeah but where is it higher in the back you see it this one that okay good no hmm it’s always better oh my gosh lifting that’s so cool Wow physics shouldn’t be whistling below yeah usually that really strike they really you know screwed tight Oh be careful because if it pop oh yes see all right I think I got it this is the last night oh that yes so now I have to put it in mm-hmm okay perfect not missing anything spear will you don’t any – it’s not meant to roll for a long time it’s really just to help you when you’re in that situation that’s it I still did this faster than weed my makeup besides going down it took you two hours to put my makeup on yes done right that success whoo how did I do guys I think I pretty good I give you a mechanic pretty good you can all right yeah this beautiful mechanic yeah okay you beat my time mm-hmm I will forgive you [Music] you did it under 10 minutes I’ll give him props we will we will eventually it’s a layup sure alright and Italy [Music] you [Applause]

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  1. I can't even paint my nails at home without getting it all around my finger… How does she do it on the car?!

  2. I tried painting my nails in the car and i kept messing up because the road and stuff.. Yeah don't ever try that if you are terrible at painting nails.

  3. Thằng bồ c là đàn ông p hk…sao có thể ngồi nhìn để bạn gai mình làm những việc nặng trong khi cô ấy mặc váy thế

  4. OMG she’s so short it’s so cute when their together, it’s just like my boyfriend and I. I’m so short. I’m like 4’11 and his like 5’8.

  5. I think it is a little not cool from Dom : I mean changing a tire ok, but in a red carpet outfit ??? Can he do that in high heels and with a very long dress ? well done michelle !!

  6. Omg Dom just got 1000x sexier. I thought beautiful guys like him dont know how to change a tire, I'm not judging cause I know one

  7. not to be that person, but changing a tire isn't a 'man thing', it's a basic thing that every car owner needs to know how to do 😂😂

  8. Can anybody tell me y Michelle had stop making videos..?? I really miss her.. I love her vids..!! Plzz come back Michelle..!! 😭😭😭

  9. I miss both of them :’) like Michelle was my first YouTuber and I remember how I rewatch her videos again and again

  10. Why did I just stumble upon this video like right now??? 2019??? 💞 ugh i still ship for these two

  11. Oh my god, that part where he takes away the her blanket and she rolls in her shirt like a little hedgehog is so cuteeeeee 🙈

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