Giant rubber duck finally makes it to America

Giant rubber duck finally makes it to America

It’s made it – the giant rubber duck is now
in the US. The four story tall plastic animal has been
floating around the world and its made its first American appearance in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The rubber duck project is an outdoor art
installation created by an artist named Hofman from the Netherlands. It has traveled to places like Hong Kong,
Sydney and Amsterdam since 2007. And get this. It apparently “knows no frontiers.” The artist
says the rubber duck has “healing properties.” We’ve believe that when we see it. But prepare yourself, though, the duck will
not be making any more appearances for three months after its stop here in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Fucking duck. Loads of vids on this thing. What's the point of it? Is it doing anything or just pointless being pulled around the world?

  2. It'll probably go to those places in due time. Still funny it debuts in Pittsburgh in the Americas when it's been to world cities like HK, Sydney and Amsterdam lol.

  3. anyone remember the old bubble chat feature in Roblox? this is making me think of one of the options being "THE EPIC DUCK IS COMING" or something like that

  4. I'm a bit disappointed it's being pulled around the world. I want to set it free in the middle of fucking nowhere and watch peoples reactions as a Giant Rubber duck washes over the horizon towards their shore

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