Getting A Tattoo from Yelp’s WORST Rated Tattoo Shop

Getting A Tattoo from Yelp’s WORST Rated Tattoo Shop

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel!l hi, how are ya?? now in today’s video I am sitting here in Houston Texas
we got Jesus and Lipstick Nick in the building! hi guys! today we’re actually
going to do a insane event at one of the biggest Ulta’s here in Texas! we’re
celebrating of course the Morphe Jeffree Star brush collaboration! but we’re
here and you know I was just filming with Shane the other day and we were
talking about YouTube trends and certain things and I have an idea that I want to
accomplish here and I actually have not told them yet
off camera anything yet I’m just gonna tell you what the idea is sorry it’s
okay so there is a bunch of trends going around on YouTube of people that will go
to the worst one-star nail salon the worst one-star Sephora and they’ll go
shopping I think this is I go so we are in in Texas we’re in your hometown huh?
yes we are h-town! so I’m after the Ulta mean & greet,
I am going to look up a one-star tattoo parlor and I’m gonna go to the worst
rated tattoo parlor in Texas and I’m gonna get a tattoo and I’m gonna review
it!!! OHMYGOD!!! so if I get staph infection or yeah so
we’re doing so the t’s what we’re doing today
so me and Shane said you know there’s have been a lot of trends lately like
people and even his boyfriend Ryland went to a one-star hotel! girl, there was blood
on the mirrors and cigarette burns in the sheets so with a tattoo parlor you
never know so me and Zach did some research last night and there’s a few
we founded oh there’s a there’s two there’s two out here oh my god
yeah-ha-ha will you go with me yeah and you never know that board if it’s like a
really big mother what if it’s low rated as like one could
artist there it again looked like it would if they don’t even want us to film
so we have to like figure it out so after the crazy meet & greet we’re
gonna go what it will have a little dinner and then we’ll go to venture out
of the city and find the worst tattooer in Houston! all right comfortable many great was
insane of so crazy it’s raining the humidity’s nuts but I’m in about we’re
gonna log in to Yelp here okay type in tattoo shop in the Houston area five
started out today there’s a one-star what you found what yes oh my God look
one star oh my god okay so oh my god I can’t believe is that there’s a shot
with one star I thought maybe like okay two two-and-a-half is no way there’s
like an open shop okay so this place let’s read the first
review please do not come here okay next review I really would like to give this
place zero stars but it won’t let me this place is a disgrace
the smell you walk in it’s freakin horrible in all caps it smells like a
dead rat yeah we’re trying to overlook the smell on let the work speak for
itself however while waiting for someone to help us we saw a nasty German Roach
crawling around what makes it German I don’t know that doesn’t make an insect
can be from okay whatever okay that’s not good there’s not really any other
reviews so there’s not there’s not one positive review of just photos okay it looks small I wonder where the door
is just can’t walk in it oh maybe it’s a
pool house and you just do like jailhouse tattoos in the back or
something oh that’s that mr. GaN where’s my phone
oh my god here it is pride Bay what tattoo shop has a private account oh
that’s not good Shady what about to investigate seeing
their content like girl do you know her business
I wonder if this place even exists oh my god okay so we’ll call that place in a
minute but just for backup we found another one that is pretty low on the
radar this has two and a half stars but there’s over 64 reviews so let’s look at
the pictures that’s always a good indicator before we see the reviews okay
that’s decent okay cute oh oh what the hell is that
that looks like a name Cheetos flavor Oh ladies free oh wow
must be a teen with ID and a thank god $10 tattoos oh wow waiting waiting around okay it’s
a lot of piercings they look healthy it’s a little blurry huh oh boy okay that’s interesting let’s go down to
their views alright so this was written in this review was written three days
ago this is the most disgusting place I’ve ever been to their staff is rude
especially the ladies it reeks with a nasty strong smell the place doesn’t
look clean at all I wouldn’t recommend it I walk straight out from that dirty
hole something Shane’s closet all of Shane’s clothes
John says this is the worst tattoo establishment I’ve ever stepped foot it
I simply went in just to see it reeks of piss and vomit and when you walk in it’s
dark throughout the whole place stripper poles and makeshift bonds in the back
we’re good for a laugh okay this listen I got my nose pierced here for $5.00
listen let’s cuckoo-cuckoo come on right here
if you’re willing to pay five dollars for a piercing do you expect greatness
the guy didn’t let my sister go in the room with me later on Facebook I read
that someone really got sick after a tattoo from that place just don’t go
there hmm maybe we should do a video where I
just react to Yelp reviews there’s a lot to take okay so I mean that almost died
from an infected piercing what okay I’m actually really nervous
okay I gotta read this okay the first it opens with I came in I’m gonna get D
monetize the F it says the effort but there’s like Levin use in the mid name
of the business I have surgical scars and hospital bills
because I stupidly went to this dirty hood rat butcher shop oh my god ladies I
almost lost a breast to mask what what does that mean mastitis because of this
place do not gamble with your body by going here if you love yourself do
better and go to a reptile shop does this actually say
what do we do I’m down okay call him really quick Matty and it’s ask how busy
they are like how’d you have me walk in it’s 4:20 where’s the weed oh my god
what if this is my last day on earth goodbye everyone do we want to see how far away it is or
do we not care uh we’ll see how far away it is
yeah see how far away doesn’t mean how far are you willing to go to Donny so
dark it’s close how far oh yeah I know the risk my
health for 15 minutes good they’re open till 5:00 a.m. this is gender neutral
restroom well they stopped they accepted better all right Kym moraine there’s the book that can’t answer Zack
where it is stupid so sorry someone giving so many infections out we can’t
take your call please try again we’re not leaving a message we’re just
gonna show up there okay let me go save a silent prayer by myself in the
bathroom and let’s do this hi Nicole’s back alright so I found a
shop for you to get a tattoo I mean me okay it seems so here’s there’s some of
their work Oh what is that supposed to be that’s a giraffe sweetie
yeah you’re not getting the clarity no listen I’ve been tattooed from world we
know an artist some of the most famous hat jewelers in
the world have some of the best work of my body and I’m ready for another one
I don’t know if you’re gonna find it I do man
so what’s the plan like what are we gonna do like where it’s gonna walk in
kind of pretend blog style like we’re just knew you know where’s new youtubers
were just fresh we’re just getting started but working no you know I am
you’re gonna blend in great so let’s all just go right now and just see what
happens it’s a good ten-minute moment you’re gonna get something either way or
what’s like what’s gonna say yes or no for you do if you feel like unclean is
there like a big real like absolutely not we’re in the Oberer and now we’re on the
way to this magical shop Nicole and a few of our friends went ahead of us to
scope it out so they’re gonna text me in a minute when they get there and we’ll
see how the vine is before we pull up a little nervous I think we’re gonna have to stop with
that fair later Jeremy let’s target together yeah over here all right Nicole is going in first don’t
think this isn’t interesting part of telling the barbed wire in front of us
is stunning my eyes twitching look at the guy with
the robe that’s so iconic that’s my Versace rope from the first
Shane series she’s already out of the car oh my god roll down the window roll
down the window call her why why is she why is she already out she was there for
one minute roll up the window what’s happening what do you mean okay first of
all it smells like I know before you go into a club or like after a club closes
uh-huh and it’s like fabuloso or something it’s
really bad okay okay so then we’re waiting in the girls like major attitude
and this girl in front of us is literally signing a paper that says I
refuse aftercare I do not hold responsible for anything that has she’s
signing it right in front of us and the girls telling her what to write and
we’re like okay and then I was like do you guys have any openings for tattoos
it’s just like absolute they were fully bucks I’m like okay so
it’s not until 8 p.m. I go so you do have openings just after 8 p.m.
which is like yeah I’m like okay so weird she was not fucking with us and
like it’s very discussion there it’s not safe I don’t feel safe but is there a
big barrier I could pretend to shop or buy a t-shirt no what do you mean he’s
very it’s very awkward if you go you’ll see what I’m talking about it so you
guys go back in with us now we’re just gonna do a lap and see how it is but if
there were that rude to my friend that we can’t even support that maybe to me do that in my ass
the pimple on the collector but yeah we are not really another right
now that are all beginners oh hi I’m afraid well I know that you want to do this video
but I personally don’t feel comfortable with you at all your being for making it
like Pharrell Pharrell like this is not like like funny content but like all
shit aside like that place looks grimy like I don’t I don’t good okay it looked
a little prison in there it’s just there’s annotate this sanitary it just
not does like you know like I know that you want to do this but like we just had
a great alta moment it’s fun like I would much rather it’s just like go to
dinner and do not get like I’m dead serious like okay I’m done with you something
crazy all the time but like the fact that they actually truly do
like and you’re like oh like you’re the less I grew the average customer right
so for you to get treated like that and to come back here like that like it’s
like undercover like you know a new news story where like hidden camera and
you’re just like look at this gala court like for not Geoffrey start so we just
walked in yeah that’s unacceptable and that’s fucked up
they really think we should like leave there’s a bunch of dudes over there like
on the phone : said on the security call we should be there did you already order a carnival I did
yeah it’s this red one we enabling okay sure are you going there before you see
my curse the red one red red yep what’s up what’s going on there’s a
bunch of fans who pulled up and we’re staring at us and on their phone
in there it’s not a good nice to sit here and stay right now okay had to make an executive call there
yeah for everyone’s safety here energy feels weird like what hit us when we
walked in I’m like the Energy’s not hard to breathe I call jokes aside but it’s
just so crazy how it’s like people tune switches so like oh my god I’m like but
you were just so fucking rude to my friend without even knowing her yeah and
you didn’t even know that I got the exact instant feedback and then I go in
in a sec like how do I change with horses and i’m a coconut right now I was so down to get something to I honestly was
I just know and also go to much kids work on your body in your I need you idea that was real alright let’s go to the one star Sephora we’re pulling up to the hotel where
poofs needed to air out that asbestos from that tattoo parlor that was a lot okay well well let’s go to dinner and
then we’ll figure out if we’re going back okay so after talking with everyone
again back in the room I decided to not I won’t be going back I don’t want to
give someone money that was really rude to someone just because there’s an
average person like girl I was so ridiculous that’s generic term accurate
you’re the average member oh my god that guy called you like a like a peasant or
something wow this everyone’s warped okay so I wanted to give them my
business but in return and insulting my average friend I’ll sit this one out
maybe we’ll try it again somewhere else or maybe we’ll go to a one-star Blanc
you guys let me know but for now we’re gonna go enjoy an amazing dinner
celebrate this crazy launch and not die today thank you so we will see one the
next video and thank you for all your prayers during the watching of this it
really helped me survive 155

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  1. Real talk, why would Jefree go to the hood all iced out and dressed to the nines? I mean I know it’s your brand or whatever but safety should be the number one concern. I worry!!

  2. Omg you're security guy. Was so pro. But watched as the colour kept draining from his face.

    He went from, ok we can scope this place for a tattoo, to shit need to scooooooppppppeeee, to GTFO and I reckon he was ready to take Jeffree along with Nicole by any means necessary

    And the way Jeffree meets everyone omg doesn't matter who they are treats them all beautifully. Even if he shouldn't!

  3. Btw, they accidentally show the name of the tattoo shop. I wont say the name, but if you go to 16:00, its on the side of the door in red

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  6. Hey Jeffree Star,
    So just got into your YouTube channel after swiping up on a Snapchat on your story… SUPER IMPORTANT I have been researching into the vapes and thought I saw your weed vape on this video. Its SUPER DANGEROUS!! Please research the cases that have been reported for those hospitalized by vapes. I work in the health care field and just wanted to share… I love your videos and you have such a vibrant sweet personality!

  7. Okay so like Nicole is a dope ass friend like for real and Jeffree can we like so be friends you could teach how to do my makeup cause I need so much help with that. But thanks for this video cause I love Huston and I know where to not get a tattoo.

  8. how about more positive shit like going to the BEST tattoo artist or the BEST of anything — that's what id like to see – because i certainly cant afford that shit (o;

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  10. Nooo why! You don't need a bad tattoo on that gorgeous body. I'm not ready for this lol I haven't finish the video yet…Omg, I'm nervous about the tattoo!!! The prices and pictures, comments ugh…don't go through with it! Almost died, Jeffree 😦 a few min away your close to death! Pray your beautiful barbie butt off it dosen't end horrible. The place looks scary!!!!😱 O hell no listen to your friends!!! Where are the lights??? That's definitely not a license facility. Sketchy as fuck!! Your friends are supporting you ❤🌹 I'm glad everyone got away safe and stopped to realize it wasn't safe there. Yes enjoy your meal! 🍽🥂

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  13. I live in Houston and i'm not even kidding while driving by there, I would see people yelling at the employees while walking out and mostly nobody is there

  14. Nicole is an AMAZING friend and I love how she treats you. She is right about not being able to loose you. I love her and hope you keep her as a friend.

  15. I’m a little disappointed that it fell through but definitely everyone’s safety is more important. Had y’all gone back they would have called all their friends and their moms and you’d have been mobbed!!

  16. Thank goodness you didn’t go. These places are dangerous, my dad has HIV due to unsanitary needles. Honestly I’d hate to hear something like that happened to you because of a simple video! Love you!

  17. I love that he makes these videos showing us the real of what happens in situations. If Jeffree had a show (which I'd love) Idk how much of it would be as authentic as it is on youtube….
    PS love you, I'm so glad y'all didn't waste your time on those people, or risk your health.

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  22. Just watched this. I'm from the Houston area but when there are bar on the windows and barred wire on fences, I wouldn't stay there for long. So glad his friends and security got them out safely.

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  26. Instantly had a bad bad baaaaaad feeling so glad y’all didn’t stay there and got the heck out. Safety above any Vid idea. Never gamble with your health or safety sweetie. Gawd my heart nearly stopped. This Southern momma was about get all kind of sideways.

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  29. Coming at this 5 months late, but you most likely went to a front for a human trafficking ring. Born and raised in the motherland of Houston, I learned a lot of shit. Houston, Texas is #1 in human trafficking. Most tattoo parlors in Houston close around 12 pm, so the store being open until 5 am was clue #1. The low ratings and lack of proper care/equipment showed it was never meant to be a proper tattoo parlor in the first place, clue #2. The fact that you had multiple people start calling others after you appeared and filmed was clue #3. Most likely they saw that you had a crew and you also were filming so they were calling bosses and clients to let them know that location might possibly be under investigation. I’m SO happy you did not go back. You could’ve been in serious danger 🙁

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