Garage Talk – Tire Lettering Tip / Trick

Garage Talk – Tire Lettering Tip / Trick

hello You know tires always have either white wall or white letters? or sometimes just black I wanted something different I thought of an idea You know those white letters? Ugly? Gonna try an idea So… I researched and i found something interesting they (internet) said to use oil based ink Ihad found some that Ihad for other project Ah ha! Cool Shake it baby! Don’t you be thinking dirty! The color… like paint..come look Finished all tires! Looks good! Better than white They (the ink pen) do have them in white for retouch Good product Probably sell them for $5 for one See you around!

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  1. I bought a white and gold tire marker from eBay very cheap with free shipment i painted my friends tires the letters on the tires gold on his gold Nissan Maxima gave a nice look and that red marker would look sweet on a red truck too

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