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  1. I love using the cans of foaming tire spray to clean off my rims. It is amazing how it eats through all of the grease and grime that stick to the rims. Usually, I give it a good spray before going through a car wash. It's the easiest and most mess-free way of cleaning the tires!

  2. I presume this person is deff i feel so bad for them listening to music is my favorite thing to do we take so much for granted these days

  3. He's signing, he's deaf, looks a lot better, those rims were rough, great video, thanks for sharing. If it's a she, I'm sorry, either way great job.

  4. I thought by the title it meant use my 500.00 worth of snorting coke!! I was like HELL no! I'll snort it and be able to rub the hell out of the rim with the aluminum till shiny!! Lol

  5. More like brake dust build up and coke does not remove rust it just moves the stain . Dishwasher liquid cleans almost everything

  6. Go buy a pack of SOS PADS at your local Grocery Store…… Drink the Coke and save the Apple Cider Vinegar and Aluminum Foil for the Kitchen. SOS pads have been removing surface rust and other hard to remove gunk from auto/rims for years, no worries about scratching the finish and they come with the soap "built in"!

  7. Holy shit. Coke and foil who would have thought. Awesome work. Best part its cheaper than wheel cleaners and didnt need to take the wheel off. Stay happy and enjoy life

  8. I use always Coca Cola to soda pulvered wheels. And after 3 minutes all dirt, brake dust, insects, cats, rats and policeman release off.

  9. Old machinists and mechanics have known thus trick for decades. Thanks for sharing it. ( ps i only drink clear drinks after learning this in the 60's )

  10. Thats scary to know that Coke can litteraly rid off your Car tire rusts from its rim and how it can damage your esophagus and stomach from the acid it gives.

  11. That's right I STOP drinking Coca-Cola, because I love Coca-Cola, but my stomach getttin fatty, so now I but Coca-Cola an I used for clean

  12. I watched the vid and then binge drank Cokes. I now have absolutely NO rust or corrosion in me AT ALL. Now if I could just do something for my rusty brain.

  13. Coke and monster energy drinks clean much better than most cleaners including brake cleaner rilly good idea for restoration projects where new is not an option also works awsom for cleaning parts with built up grease and dirt submerg part in coke for 20 or 30 minutes wire brush the part wash it off with water u would be surprised haw clean and easily done

  14. Where do people come up with this crap ? Go buy some navel jelly, brush it on and hose it off. Instead you're wasting alot of good coke and tin foil !!! The damn wheels are shot, why are you wasting good shit to try and save junk wheels ? Oh well, carry on dude.

  15. I was thinking like this dude don’t want to talk on camera I guess lol, then they started signing, all I could think was ‘ah ok, lol’

  16. but I could have used to drink it at Coca-Cola I'm pretty thirsty LOL really good video thanks appreciate it learned a lot p

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