Game Grumps (D)animated: Captain Motorcycle!

Game Grumps (D)animated: Captain Motorcycle!

*indecipherable babbling*
(Dan laughing) WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? *more babbling* Hey, I’m Grump! I’m Not So Grump! (Bolth) And we’re the Game Grumps I, uh, used to work at a Harley Davidson shop (Sarcastically) No way you worked at a Harley Davidson shop? Isn’t that crazy town? That’s cra- You’ve never told me that before Except for when we did before Yep, those were the days Uhh… When I was 23 I used to work at a Harley Davidson shop in Bloomfield, New Jersey -Mmhmm
-And um It was… It was cause my friend’s dad owned the Harley shop It wasn’t because I was fucking Captain Motorcycle (Arin doing a movie trailer voice) Captain Motorcycle! -Yeah!
-Arrives on the scene to give you quick and fuel-efficient transportation (Dan making revving noise with mouth) Hey, I’m Captain Motorcycle You girls go to high school or…? (Dan sniggering) (Arin doing a girl voice) I don’t really think that- (Revving noise gets louder) Captain Motorcycle can’t hear you cause he’s revving his engines I think this was more cool in like the ’80s and ’90s. Now it’s just kinda like Captain Motorcycle wears a lot of denim on denim Okay… (laughs) Cause he knows that’s what the ladies love I like a guy with like a Prius (laughing) (falling pancake slaps) You know, very, very, economical Proves he’ll make a good husband Captain Motorcycle thinks Priuses are for pussies Captain Motorcycle thinks he’s awesome You can tell because Captain Motorcycle talks about himself in the third person I’m gonna- I’m gonna go I just gonna – you know I don’t, uh, wanna look at you anymore See ya Captain Motorcycle’s gonna play it off like you were a bitch (laughter)

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  1. Back in the early 90's, I was very METAL. I had long hair, wore skinny black jeans, cowboy boots, Metallica t-shirts and a leather jacket with tassels along the sleeves and back. However, I rode a Honda Vision 50cc moped, so I looked even more of a knob.

  2. this really weird, bitchy teacher at my school drives a prius…. so every time I see her I think “priuses are for pussies”

  3. I love the intro! I remembered it in my head and was like… I want to watch that again… Oh this style was the animation..

  4. "Captain Motorcycle thinks priuses are for pussies. Captain Motorcycle thinks he's awesome. You can tell because Captain Motorcycle talks about himself in the third person"

  5. 0:31 woah why the heck are dans eyes red???.!! He must be SUPER tired for his eyes to become red because that happens to me! When my I’m really tired or have been playing fortnight to long !!, If there is anuther resin could please explain!?m?

  6. Don't do it!!!!

    Captain Motorcycle thinks you're a fucking asshole for doing it….
    (JK you're a beautiful person!!!)

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