FWD drifting on steel rear tires (How to)

FWD drifting on steel rear tires (How to)

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Hey, look! Snow! And when it snow’s.. then I want to slide around in the snow! But.. the snow doesn’t last on the ground.. So I have this solution; I have this; spare tires for this Ford Ka I’m going to fit a steel band around it Then it will slide, also without snow! Let’s deflate it first Inflate it They’re fitted on both sides We arrived at the test area Let’s see how long they will last I think the sheet metal is too thin and they will come off easily But maybe it’s enough Let’s find out! I think one is rubbing They have been pushed off Maybe I should have welded an extra edge to it then they can’t slide off But it works very well! And they didn’t wear fast These rings can go for another round! Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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  1. whatever language this guy is speaking, It sounds like someone is trying to speak with an entire jar of peanut butter in his mouth

  2. Put it up for sale online………..have photos showing only carefully sellected angles to hide the fact its………whatever the fuck it is and then film the interaction with the would be buyer.

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