FULLY MODDED YAMAHA Fz10/MT10 | Rhinomoto Bar Ends | Austin Racing SOUND!!!

FULLY MODDED YAMAHA Fz10/MT10 | Rhinomoto Bar Ends | Austin Racing SOUND!!!

All right guys Yamaha Fz. 10 modded it’s been on my instagram I’m going to put that on the channel right here, but if you haven’t been on the instagram checking it out I want to bring a Youtube video obviously some people have been telling me I need to mix it up and do different things than just dank ass wheelies And so that’s the plan right now anyways a quick walk through I’m going to show you guys right from the bat everybody even on the street has been asking me What I’ve been doing for this mirror lever barring situation and I’ve got one in my hand right here This is a Rhino moto bar And I’ll just put on I took it off because I need to make a quick adjustment to the mirrors But I’m going to put it on right now And I’ll show you guys how to do it and also a link you guys there because for me I Need a low profile like badass looking bar end in mirror combo I hate the mirrors that come up and over so finding something like this that has this groove right here Was exactly what I needed to set the mirror can clamp on and basically give me this you know this awesome fucking look where I could get the mirror on there and still have this slide protection and this weight and Rhino moto had just that the guys that are super cool that I talked to because I basically talked to them like I you know It’s my first time doing real work on my bike before I do this install show you quickly just what I’ve got here So 20 17 ft. 10 in black as you can see got some shorty levers in Black here both Clutch and brake I’ve got the Rhino moto bar in that’s going to go on right there You can already see what it looks like over here with the mirror Crg Aero mirror which is pretty quality down here. We’ve got the yamaha Factory quickshifter This thing is fucking epic I really like that got the integrated tail light right here the blaster echo no I Just dropped this fucking I hate the big fender that yamaha puts on here with all the plastic and blinkers and so this thing fully Integrated I just need to find a way to stick my plate down here And we’ll be good and then the last thing you guys need to see right here It’s probably the part that everyone’s been waiting for this is an Austin racing GP3 belly exit This thing oh my I’m trying to think of how I can best describe this this thing would make for Want to punch himself in the fucking face it sounds so good and so insane it’s like It might be too much. It’s just so grody and loud, and I know you guys want to hear it you guys have earned it backdrop when Lord Like it’s dirty as hell by the way look at this jesus yeah very Brutish and compact which I really like I talked about this as opposed to some of the other bikes I was checking out this bike is a brute. You know you’ll hear more of that in the videos coming But very very tight very mean right now Let’s go ahead and put this last guy on I forgot to mention the ram mount for the cell phone Let’s go ahead and get this bar and on right here, because I know all you guys this is the this is the first thing people have been asking me about so rhino moto bar and this one specifically fits yamaha the Really cool thing about these is that you’ve got the actual bar and piece and then you’ve got this individual plastic beats at the end that can be replaced in case you do slide on it, but really all you need is a Little Allen Wrench here to get this out in the beginning Okay, okay there. We go. So that comes out got a washer there And this little cap comes straight off this just came out then the cap came off and you had your washer in there inside The cap as well, so you have the bar end and then this section right in here Hopefully you can see that is actually threaded for an allen wrench as well So you can just stick that straight in there and use that to put it into the handlebar So this is a good thing. This is threaded to fit the yamaha a handlebar exactly you don’t need the adapter I used to have some of those they oh my God They’re terrible and the cool thing is that they have these for each brand of bike like to have ducati They have called sake they have a bunch of other things. I’m pretty sure go on their website and check it out But really you just throw it on the allen wrench right there and just go straight into the bar end right there, let’s start without it on the allen wrench just so I can get it in the thread, okay alright, and We’ll just tighten it down a little bit Okay, there we go Once it gets tight. I’ll throw this guy back on there alright So now we’re just going to go ahead and tighten that down just a bit. I don’t want to oh. Yeah. Thanks solid okay And now we’re going to go ahead grab our Slider, so these are replaceable like I had mentioned if you go down like I fucking drop mine like an idiot I can see you Don’t need to be a tool master this done. You basically just get it on there go straight into the thread here And go ahead and tighten that down until I’m going till it’s pretty snug and that’s pretty tight so first off that just looks clean and mean I like it and Here’s the important part right this groove where you can take your mirror that has this clamp and basically hey guys hey Basically put it on so I’m doing it down underneath the hand like this And you know you can adjust the mirror once it’s under here, and you know figure How you want it a lot of people do it off the sides like this I might consider doing that, but if you live in California like I do any lane split You don’t want your bars any wider go ahead just put the mirror on I Think that’s how I want it right let me lower that up first so I can get it on Yeah, just tighten that down just a little bit obviously not exactly yet cuz I still want to make adjustments guys if you’re wondering Why there’s so many takes in between each thing? I’m showing you it’s because basically when you wear your helmet in a garage That’s which is the way I’m doing this and you You can’t like get fresh air you? Start breathing like a fat kid and so I’m trying to spare you guys my darth vader breath right now and get some shit done So is that’s a bike. I know you guys probably I don’t know let me know if you like the style video It’s different from you know throwing up 100 mile-Per-hour wheelies Or whatever a lot of really sick mods on this thing if you go through those links onto Amazon and buy them that way helps me get a kickback from Amazon without any additional charge you guys, so that’s cool because you’re supporting the channel and The last thing I’d say is definitely check out those Rhino moto bar ends I’ll put a link down in the description like I said if you’re looking for a way to You know make your bike kind of get that last fuck you factor, and I’m not apologizing for that That’s exactly what this is. It’s fuck you, and I think they could help you out and it was guys That’s the bug that’s how it is next time you guys see this thing. It’ll be back on the helmet I want to do 0 to 100 on this bike 0 to 100 cash are do style where I throw a wheelie Basically the whole way you guys know I’m going to do the FCo 9 verse FC 10 some other stuff But anyways, there’s a lot coming on the chan So hit me up in the comments below let me know if you have questions Let me know what you guys want to see on this thing I’m going to finish Modern this guy Let me know if there are other mods you guys think this needs and until I see you guys in the next one peace although

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  1. Hey Kishardio! Did you get the bike flashed/tuned with the decat exhaust? I don't think you mentioned that part. Love the vids

  2. You should get the Yamaha comfort seat too, it's sooo much better than stock. Oh and you gotta get rid of those ugly front reflectors, they stick out like dog balls when everything else is black. The exhaust is sweet as!

  3. Sounds mean as Fuck brotha! CRG Arrows are the best, I went with the CRG bar end adapters because all my bars are weighted for dampening. Get your punk ass down to Palm Springs for SCMM!

  4. I watch your videos and pretend its me on my fz09 hahaha yeah… im a wheelie beast! ( thats what i tell my self after watching you :D)

  5. 09 vs 10 would be sweet… im trying to decide that myself… well, between those two and about 10 other bikes.

  6. How good are the Rhino Moto Bar ends?
    I have them on my 07 with the CRG Mirrors. The only combination I ever go with now.
    Also that bike with the AR and especially with the Midpipe sounds like a wild animal!!

  7. First thing I did on my FZ-10 was to get the stupid "warning" sticker off the tank. An hour in the sun and it just peels off. I also am a fan of the DPM race shield I installed. Really completes the look of the FZ. Bike sounds good but I need a quiet exhaust where I am.

  8. fuck yes bro . sounds so bloody savage looks so clean. man your vids be so much better with that sound of the beast . chur brother nice job

  9. Great video … thanks for sharing … just picked up my fz 10 last week it's awesome … how hard was the tail light instal ?

  10. You need to remove that ugly orange circle thing on the front fender. I removed that instantly after I got my MT-10.

  11. Great bike man. I really want the same exhaust for my SP. How's the clearance between the end can and right footpeg though….I'm worried that my US size 13 boot will cause problems etc… haha

  12. +1 to Rhinomoto Bar Ends and CRG Arrow mirrors. Running that combo on my FZ-07, with the mirrors up, and can't recommend them enough.

  13. Just subbed! Great channel! True bikers always work on their bikes with their helmet on 😉
    Greetings from Switzerland!

  14. Nice bike, It would look even better If the front turn signals was integrated inside the side fairings with a led strip or something, Nice videos 👍

  15. if you want some low profile indicators in your front check out theese goodies:

    i got them installed on my MT10 you can check them out here: https://www.instagram.com/mirohinberlin/

  16. What did you do with the exhaust valve that led up to the servo under the seat that was on the stock exhaust? Did you have to add a servo buddy?

  17. I love the way the mid pipe cleans the underside & how to exhaust tip is basically underslung.. I'm not a fan of the big soda can exhausts which most of the aftermarket ones are.. @Kischardio do you have the link of where you bought the mid & exhaust tip from?

  18. Hey man, im fairly new to your channel, my brother just grabbed an fz10 and im lookin into 1 soon myself, could you email me where you bought your exhaust man it sound so damn good

  19. Best looking and sounding FZ-10 I've seen. I know it's not good to be a copy cat but if I get a FZ-10 I want it to be just like this one

  20. Kishardio how can I get in touch with you all I have if fb and have questions on your bike I know you don't have it anymore…. but I have questions!!

  21. Get the Yamaha Plugs Part # 90338-09012. It will fill the holes left by removing your mirrors. Cleaner look

  22. Austin racing underbelly looks great and sound great. The other decat system dont look good with that giant gap after removing the cat. Could someone confirm that this system comes with DB? I cant get any respons from Austin racing.

  23. Hey man, love the bar ends. How did you decide on the end buttons? There's round, tapered and flat. Flat seems too big, round and tapered seem better.

  24. Hey bro, so I'm looking into getting a fz10 but no one can answer my question. I'm 6'4 would I be comfortable on this? How tall are you?

  25. Now… how does one acquire / purchase a austin racing gp3 and i have a cat delete already am i going to have change that bottom pipe as well?

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