Fuel Bros Episodio 8 Suzuki SV650X (English subtitled)

Fuel Bros Episodio 8 Suzuki SV650X (English subtitled)

We live in a time that the vintage, retro or cafe racer bikes are cooler than ever and the last brand to make a bike of this kind is Suzuki that has made an spectacular bike using a basic and well known base bike With a few modifications made, Suzuki has converted the famous Sv650 in an spectacular bike with a very characteristic modern cafe racer style that stands out for every motorbikes lovers The Sv650 has been a very important bike for Suzuki in the 90´s and the first 2000´s and the last year decided to revive this model and also surprising this year with a modification and leaving a great expectation with this Sv650x The riding position in this Sv650X is more sporty than the regular Sv650 leaning a little bit over the handlebars but without any uncomfy position knowing that most of buyers will give it a daily use The 70´s style seat, the tiny mask, the side fairing or the two tone paint gives it a true change from the regular Sv Despite sharing a lot of parts with its naked sister you will only think it´s the same bike if you look from behind Its dynamics is very good thank to the 76bhp coming from this 645cc(39.3c.in.) twin cylinder that cannot take to its limit the beautiful tubular chassis and riding with 120 front and 160 rear tires it makes it very agile in turns you have a perfect balance of power of the engine The conventional 41 mm front fork works well in every road but with a more sporty feeling comparing to the regular Sv 650 and with a double 290mm front disc with abs to stop this neo cafe racer of only 198kgs(436lbs) it will give you a lot of confidence to ride hard The 6 speed gearbox works with any complainings and now have a start assistant to make an easier start from static, a good solution that we probably will see in future bikes The beautiful seat is only 78cm(30.7inch) high being affordable for everyone It´s comfy but not fluffy so when you finish the high mileage despite having a 14.5litre (3.83 gal) tank you may find it a bit hard, but without changing the desire of traveling with it It´s a great job what Suzuki has made with this Sv650X giving a radical change to a basic bike and making a very desirable bike with the easy use and the characteristic know-how of the Sv650. Outstanding It´s truly a modern cafe racer concept Originally that cafe racer concept was about modifying your stock bike to make it faster and more sporty and that´s what Suzuki has achieved with this Sv650X with a few changes they´ve been able to give a new look to the bike aesthetically being more sporty than the regular Sv and its dynanics, that you feel it more sporty too, maybe a bit hard of suspension. But is adjustable so you can feel more comfy. It mixes retro and modern style the mask, the seat and the paint gives us the retro look and the exhaust, the dashboard or the tail gives us the modern style The mix stands out and open to the modern bike lovers and also the classic bike lovers It´s a brilliant product, powerful enough it handles well, you can travel with it thank to its great mileage and with a competitive price it will be a great seller See you with another special bike in the next episode of Fuel Bros

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  1. Buena prueba, buenos planos y música. Me ha faltado un poco las diferencias técnicas con la SV como la bomba de freno radial, pero buen vídeo, pero habéis ganado un suscriptor

  2. Un modelo injustamente infravalorado. Un buen trabajo de Suzuki a un precio ajustado que satisface las necesidades e ilusiones de la mayoría de los motociclistas. Comentarios desafortunados sobre su frenada esponjosa hacen dudar a algunos futuros propietarios o incluso a los que ya lo son, haciéndoles mirar con malos ojos a una excelente máquina.
    Otra buena elección de Fuel Bros, que muestra motos que en otros canales pasan desapercibidas o son mal entendidas. Algunos quedamos que vivimos el motociclismo desde otro punto de vista que no sean las puras prestaciones. La mayoría peinamos canas, o ya no peinamos, pero mantenemos la ilusión de la moto como un estilo de vida.
    Un saludo.

  3. Me ha encantado el video, las opiniones, los planos, la música… Me suscribo al canal!
    Me gustaría ver una comparativa entre esta moto y la nueva Continental GT 650 de Royal Enfield.
    Un saludo!

  4. Casi no puedo entender casi todo lo que usted dice porque usted usa otro idioma. Pero quiero transmitir esto. Vi muchas imágenes de esta moto. Su traje es la mejor que he visto. Estoy seguro de que es la mejor ropa para el SV650X. Además, su traje está completamente de acuerdo con lo que yo estoy buscando.

    Me imaginaba la forma en que tenía SV650X. Por supuesto, tengo que esforzarme mucho para tener ese músculo. Gracias.

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