Frozen 2 Official Trailer

Frozen 2 Official Trailer

♪♪ ELSA:
[Exhales] ELSA:
Uhhh! Whoa! [Gasps] PABBIE:
Elsa… the past is
not what it seems. You must
find the truth. Go north across
the enchanted lands and into the unknown. OLAF:
Aaahhh! PABBIE:
But be careful… KRISTOFF:
Heeyah! PABBIE:
We have always feared Elsa’s powers were too
much for this world. Now we must hope… they are enough. ANNA:
I won’t let anything happen to her. [Gasping] ♪♪

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  1. remember when anna said " it has to be snow? why not spring / summer" while walking on the snow after her horse left her. well anna i guessed they make your wishes comes true.

  2. No one:
    Not a soul:

    This comment section:

    Disney 2013: let’s make a silly movie for kids to enjoy

    Disney 2019: they’re older now let’s make overly dramatic

  3. Still Waiting for the Sequel since We Watch the First Movie 😍❤😊❤😍, and wait for the New Song too

  4. Why did the begging feel like a horror movie

    Also i just thought about how long it would take to animate that water holy Jesus

  5. When education and fun comes together — Disney can stop climate change 😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  6. Can all we just admit that this looks good as fuck. The dark color scheme, the more serious tone, the animation that screams magic. Now this is a Disney movie I’d like to see.


  8. At 0:56 is that their mom or is that Ana? If it's her mom why would she be there? At 1:25 why do kristoff and sven appear but then disappear to a close up of Ana and Elsa and appear again as they walk into to the stones that looks like they appeared in the movie Brave?

  9. Elsa should ask Frozone to help her. Not only that , but also should ask help of Dr.Strange to make sheilds and portals. All of these water practice and hiding from monster stuff don't need to occur then.


  11. Let’s make this a good movie ok?????? Nothing weird I swear make something I don’t like,everyone will hate this and you 100% sure

  12. 1:16– damn, Christoph literally snatched Anna off her feet-

    Get you man who can snatch you up while riding his pet rEiNdEeR

  13. "We're separate now"
    …….. and yet I wanted that in early 2011 when I threw away my phone (multiple times)and headed for the hills (multiple times) as the psychotic disney prison picture was slowly emerging…..
    Nice story Disney. NO means No (except if you are a sociopath)

  14. "They poo"
    Oh really… so you are just protesting this psychotic disney mimicking prison with 24/7 surveillance complete with monitoring and controlling of all electronic devices… with both men and women watching you in the weirdest places and at the weirdest times… SO WHO IS SIGNING UP FOR THIS AND WHY DID NOBODY ASK FOR PERMISSION!

  15. Snow White: You really think your the only Princess out there. I’m here to talk to you about the Disney Princess initiative.

  16. Yo the first one drove me crazy and I absolutely hated it (guess it wasn't made for grown ass adults anyways so I can't really complain) but this actually looks good 😂

  17. Elsa and Anna are always making me think of Princess Amber and Princess Sofia in Sofia the First. The older sisters are both blonde hair, Elsa has been a queen, Amber May be a queen in the future. The younger sisters are both brown hair and loving adventures!

  18. We need Disney people to be held accountable for 8 plus years of DAILY CRIMES…..
    I said it several times and I will say it again: This company epitomizes the theft and violence that is pandemic to our culture and will eventually result in our demise.

  19. This is the real story of what has been going on since late 2010…. "manufactured prison, sensory deprivation, self-inflicted pain"…..

    "An indispensable and riveting account" of the CIA's development and use of torture, from the cold war to Abu Ghraib and beyond (Naomi Klein, The Nation)

    In this revelatory account of the CIA's fifty-year effort to develop new forms of torture, historian Alfred W. McCoy locates the deep roots of recent scandals at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo in a long-standing, covert program of interrogation. A Question of Torture investigates the CIA's practice of "sensory deprivation" and "self-inflicted pain," in which techniques including isolation, hooding, hours of standing, and manipulation of time assault the victim's senses and destroy the basis of personal identity. McCoy traces the spread of these practices across the globe, from Vietnam to Iran to Central America, and argues that after 9/11, psychological torture became the weapon of choice in the CIA's global prisons, reinforced by "rendition" of detainees to "torture-friendly" countries. Finally, McCoy shows that information extracted by coercion is worthless, making a strong case for the FBI's legal methods of interrogation.

    Scrupulously documented and grippingly told, A Question of Torture is a devastating indictment of inhumane practices that have damaged America's laws, military, and international standing.

  20. Knowledge/education is self-defense and it is power. It is our only hope of surviving sociopaths with their unlimited power, control, resources, above all laws and norms… and their dictatorship of the official "narrative".

  21. Our dark and nefarious friends at Google. Don't worry, he is "mentally ill"………

  22. What this movie could be about:

    Elsa trying sth new

    Elsa figuring out sth

    Anna and Elsa’s relationship

    *literally any other topic related to frozen*

  23. Frozen: over a billion dollars
    Frozen 2:?
    If people really liked frozen it could reach 2 or 3billion
    Or it might disappoint and turn far less.
    The possibilities are endless.
    Who knows?

  24. Did I just watch a DC movie trailer? Intro is the typical strings with snapping drums over and over again for every movie ever now, everything looks dark and moody, big 'ol monsters to fight, looks like the end of the world, and incredibly giant wide lens landscapes that are way too big compared to the original.

  25. I love how Disney has made the film much darker because these days all he new crap is just crap

    She protecc
    She atacc
    But most importantly
    This movie is gna be dark
    Hotel? Trivago

  26. "Let it Go"…
    They have been trying to manufacture violence for 8 years while they continue to inflict theft and violence…

    The opposite of violence isn't non-violence
    It is a positive way to say I am here, I have a voice, and I have Constitutional protections like everybody else.
    HUGE FAIL from the sociopaths in Hollywood or whatever. Education is for self-defense.

  27. Am I the only one or does anyone else think that the voice at
    the start sounded just like the one from Black ops zombie theme ? 😀

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