– What’s goin’ on guys? Fuller here from Custom
Offsets and we just released this brand-new hoodie. So not only does this hoodie
get you automatically entered to win free wheels and free tires, but it also benefits
breast cancer research. And it’s pretty much good for
a lot of other things too. Since it’s cooling down, we
figured it’d be the perfect time to release a new hoodie
that’s great for everything, like walking your dog or
carrying it if it’s too stubborn. Carving pumpkins. (gun clicks) (gun fires) (bell dings) Like driving with the
top down ZL1 convertible. (engine revving) Hangin’ out in the beer cooler. Oh, is that White Claw? Drivin’ your truck with the windows down. (cans rustle) Crackin’ a cold one with the boys. (can cracks open) For those cold days in the office. (fingers tapping on desk) (wheels rattle) Hangin’ out in the shop. (wheels rattle) – [Worker] Welcome to Starbucks,
what can we do for you? – Hi, can I get a tall
pumpkin spice latte? (corn rustles) Getting lost in corn mazes. And if that’s not enough for you, this hoodie also does two more things. So not only does it get you entered to win free wheels and free tires and gas, and Atturo will mount
and balance and ship ’em right to you so you can bolt ’em on, but it also, you guys,
when you grab this hoodie, and get entered to win,
it’s gonna also help us make a contribution at
the end of the contest to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer
and have new breast cancer research so we can prevent the disease and the death from this. I know it’s effected me
personally in my family. It’s effected a ton of people worldwide. So we really are proud
to stand behind this, and help those guys out so
they can do all of that. So if you wanna get entered to win. It’s It goes live right now. This is a limited quantity, Adam. We only bought 1,000 of these. So you gotta get one
before your size sales out. Peace.

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  1. Enter to win it all! –

    Goodluck Y'all! We're super excited for this one!!

  2. First the donation for Saint Jude Hospital and now another donation for Breast Cancer research, bravo. As a person currently dealing with cancer myself, I think it says alot about Custom Offsets and what their values are and what this company does. Hats off to you guys, wish more companies had the morals and values in life that you guys show with donations for great causes.

  3. This is the exact setup i want. I just recently bought a different set of wheels the motometal 970s and after watching so many of yals videos I've fell for the tis wheels. Never had atturos but they look badass and would love to win! Gonna rock this hoodie

  4. You guys should make it so instead of purchasing the product we can just make a donation of equal or greater value on your site and also get entered j to the raffle. This way we can participate while donating even more money. Personally I have no interest in the hoodie so it would be a waste. 👍🏼

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