Fraser’s Felt IA Advanced | GTN Presenter Pro Bike

Fraser’s Felt IA Advanced | GTN Presenter Pro Bike

– Okay everybody, I have got
an exciting video for ya here, because our brand new bike partner at the channel Felt Bicycles
have just sent a delivery to GTN offices and that
means, rather excitedly, I am able to unveil this. (soft calm music) (digital clicking) And this is my brand new
Felt IA Disc Advanced with Shimano Di2 Ultegra and as you can see, some disc brakes. Now, this is the first time
that I’ve ever had a TT bike with disc breaks, so really
looking forward to riding those, and all in all I think it’s a beauty. Now as you can see it
is pretty much straight out of the box and as yet unridden, although pretty much fully built up. So now is an ideal time for us to go through the details of this bike. Right, so I’m going to get
started on the frame set on my Felt, and it is a
very striking one indeed. I’m sure you’ll agree and
I guess that in large part is due to these very wide
down tube and seat tube shape. Also, not to mention, this deep head tube and fork juncture as well. It’s just really different
to all the other frames you see out there in the market. Plus, as well, another
thing that catches my eye is that rear triangle which
is very unique to this Felt, because you’ve got extremely
dropped seat stays there and that whole design has
been built around the discs, and the through-axle system that Felt have integrated into this frame. Now talking about
through-axles, as I said, this is the first time I’ve ever ridden a TT bike with disc brakes. And to cope with the power
of those disc brakes, the bike has through-axles
both front and rear. So I best make sure I carry my trusty Allen keys with me out on bike rides to make sure that I can get that out should I have a puncture. In terms of the frame size,
this is a 54 centimeter that I have opted for
and the color scheme, which I like a lot if I must admit. This is called the spatter,
and it has a nice mix of red, blue and yellow in there alongside a bare naked carbon checkered effect and a gray glossy effect at the bottom of that there in the frame. So all in all I think
it’s pretty eye catching. Now as with most top end frames
on the market these days, it’s almost impossible not to discuss integrated storage solutions that come with those frame sets. And this is no different
with my new Felt here. And it has, not one, but two
storage locations on the bike, and the first one is this integrated setup up here on the top tube. And they’re often called Bento boxes but specifically Felt called this their integrated Cal-Pack 2.0, and it’s a really useful bit of kit. It’s nice and deep. There is quite a lot of
space here into the frame, so there’s loads of
opportunity to put things like nutrition which would
probably be my option mid-rider, especially, if I was racing. Maybe even you phone or of course, not forgetting those
Allen keys that we need to pull out those both through-axles should we have a puncture. And then moving back on
to the seat tube here we’ve got the second
storage option on the IA. And this is what Felt called BTS pack, and this has been aerodynamically optimized to make sure
that there is absolutely no penalty from a drag
perspective which is pretty good to know considering I’m
going to hopefully try and ride this bike quick at times. But you can take it off if you want and there’s just two boss mounts here that it is mounted on to
similar to the ones here for your bottle cage. I’m going to personally keep it on there, because I just think it’s
entirely useful for spare tubes, CO2 canisters and keeping my
jersey pockets nice and free. So now I am moving on to the cockpit on my bike here and this has come with Felt’s proprietary handlebar which is this aluminum Devox bayonet and the accompanying
extensions to go with that. They’ve got a nice ski bend
rise which I am a fan of. I like the relief that gives to my wrist when I am sitting in the TT position, so I am pleased about that. And on the end of those, I’ve
got the Shimano DI2 blips for changing gears and on
the end of the base bars is this integrated shifter
and hydraulic brake combo from TRP for those hydraulic brakes that the bike comes fitted with. And one final point on my cockpit to talk about is the point if contact. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these arm cups and pads that have come with the bike, but
I’m quite particular, especially, when I am sitting
in a TT position quite a lot, about the feeling up
there on the arm rests. So I’ve actually got
my own set of arm cups that are going to come off of another bike and I’m going to swap out, but we’ll get on to that a
little bit later in the video. So now moving on to the
group set on the bike and it has come with a full
Shimano Ultegra D02 group set. Now in terms of the cranks, Felt has supplied all of these IA’s with 52/36 combination in the chain rings. Now moving back here to the cassette, I’ve got 11/28 on there and
standard Shimano 11 speed chain. In terms of the crank length on this bike, well that is dependent on the size and since this is a 54
centimeter, as I mentioned, that means that they are 170 mmil cranks that Felt have put on the bike. But interestingly, on
their smaller models, so say the 40 and 51 centimeter model, those cranks would have come as a 165 and similarly if it was a larger model up to a 58 centimeter set then
those would be a 172.5 mil. Now as I’ve mentioned
already in this video, this is the first time I’ve experienced disc brakes on a time trial bike, and that stopping power on this bike is provided by TRP discs
with 140 mil rotors. So I’m really looking forward to seeing how these disc breaks
improve the ride experience when I’m using them. Now the wheels I’ve got on the bike are these Vision Metron 55
SL’s, which personally speaking, I think are a super compromise between being not too deep if it’s windy and nice and aerodynamic should I be able to go fast out there on the road. Now equipped on to those wheels, I’ve got some Grand Prix
5,000’s from Continental, and they are 25 mil wide front and rear. Now as much as this is an
absolutely fantastic bike, don’t get me wrong, there are just a few things
as I alluded to earlier that I want to tweak on it to make it a little bit more preferable
for my riding position. Now, the first thing I want
to talk about is the saddle. Now, this actually was the
saddle that came on the bike. This is ISM PS1.0 and
this is a very popular time trial saddle you
see a lot of athletes riding with these days, but it’s actually a saddle
that I have never ever used and not familiar with sitting on. So, I’ve already swapped
that over for the saddle you can see on there which
is this Phyisque Arione, a much more traditional
road saddle which is something that I use
throughout my racing careers. So a lot of people are
surprised that I don’t opt for a more wider rimmed saddle like this ISM but I’m
going to stick with it. I’ve always been happy with
those types of saddles. So there we go. I’ve already got that moved over already. Now, moving on to another addition. As I mentioned earlier, these arm cups, again are perfectly good arm cups, but I have become quite
fond of these high sighted arm cups that some of you
might be familiar with because back in the summer, I did a bike fitting video with Matt Botcho and he suggested these which I have definitely
gotten used to riding on my other bike. So these are moving over too, and I am going to be popping
on up there very soon too. And a final few alterations to complete this bike for my on preferences will be adding a set of pedals
because as you can see I don’t have any pedals on there. So I will be adding on
a set of Luke pedals that’s the ones I tend to use. I’ll also be adding a bottle
cage on to that seat tube because I definitely want to have some hydration when I’m out on my rides. And finally, the more keenly aware of you will notice that this bike is not sitting in the 52 as it is on this bike. 52 large chain ring and
the 11 coil at the back. And that is unfortunate
because the D02 is in charge. So, I need to get my
D02 charged up as well and then I will be ready to go and get out on the roads
on my brand new Felt IA. Now hopefully, you enjoyed this video about my brand new Felt bike. I am really excited about
the prospect of getting out on the roads and riding on it. Please hit that thumb up like button if that is the case. Find the globe onscreen to
get all of our other videos. And if you do want to see
that video that I made about my bike fit early in
the year with Matt Botcho, you can find that down here. And for another video with a Felt in it that Mark shot recently
about tubeless myths, well you can find that up here.

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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to recommend you an amateur documentary, tells the story of a boy from a small town in Brazil who became a cyclist through his willpower:

    Riello Documentário – Não Foi Apenas um Sonho (Parte 1)
    (To find the documentary the title must be in Portuguese)

  2. @6:53 you sate that the ISM is a saddle that you have never used. If it came with the bike….why not give it a go? It's free to try.

  3. I love this bike. I’m a bit biased though…. have the same one but with the SRAM Force AXS. Raced to a PB in 70.3 Arizona on it. Enjoy!

  4. Frasier, you evil man, you got my hopes up. For a second there I thought you were doing an unboxing (giving us a chance to win the bike)…

  5. Fraser.. that bike is Horrible.. it doenst suit you man.. give it to me.. LOL .. good luck and congratulations

  6. the bts box (draft box) sucks. the bottom bolt is a pain to tighten/loosen as it's hard to access with an allen key and depending if you mount a bottle in the rear off the saddle, it gets in the way of opening the draft box. otherwise, i love my NON-DISC IA 😉 i personally would've chose the black/white paint scheme vs. the rainbow splatter you got, but to each his own. congrats on the new sponsor.

  7. Does the BTS pack also fit onto the bottle bosses on the seat tube? Looks like a similar shape to the space above the bottom bracket and down tube.

  8. That's a bloody nice bike, just waiting on my lottery payout and I'll get one tae keep up wi Fraser. Need to buy a ticket first though I suppose 😂 🎫 🥇

  9. Oh My GOD you lucky Lucky Lucky Man!!!! Not loving all the colour scheme but who care because it just looks rapid either whatever the the colour…..🤔💪🏻😃🇮🇪

  10. 2.0 probably stands for the number of gels it can fit. To me the most interesting part is the TRP brake levers. Very clean and tidy

  11. Cool video like the bike is ! buuuuut … little bit "dark" color for the competitions 🙂 I wish it will be more "fancy" one 😉

  12. Nice to see some of the disc upgrades up close – have a no disc IA aka the Camel given the amount of fluids I could bolt onto it
    The one aspect Fraser will find I am pretty sure once you have to travel is the front end is a pain to break down and the fasteners have a nasty habit of rusting out and lets not talk about the aero bar risers and their spacers……… of cards – all fall down !!

    I ended up with a watt shop aero bar to suit my mantis style setup

    However frame rock solid and with the thru axles this can only be improved
    Saddle adjustment – meh that 3t item is sill being used!!??

    Front hydration – all the usual suspects work but i settled on the xlab torpedo and once i moved to mantis i slung it BELOW the aero bars (did some one say fairing)

  13. Awesome bike! Could you perhaps do a vid on wheels? I am currently in the process of buying a triathlon bike (probably the Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0) and im struggling with what to go for with wheels. Thanks !

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