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  1. What if they just release a new game mode where you race like Trials Fusion, all maps are player created.

  2. PUBG is just like "wooow they just keep taking our ideas, we're suing them before things get worse" lol

  3. I don't like fortnite because of building, but i enjoy it wen me n someone else have a non building 1v1 till someone else comes in and kills me, thats when i hat fortnite

  4. Can't figure out how to give us cars or trucks to drive in the game but we can operate shopping carts, yeehaaaaww! NOT!!

  5. Who all agrees that play station and Xbox should cross so that we can all play fortnite together. Please PlayStation look at this comment and think of how much money you and Microsoft will go up if y’all just join forces do it for the fans please

  6. Finally by reading the comments it looks like Fortnite is going to die down. I give it a few more months until E3 when a new game is released to overthrow it.

  7. EPIC Games needs to stop putting still so much effort into this game, it’s getting old and their new ideas are lame and useless, don’t they have other games to plan

  8. I love these players who think that Fortnite is the best game ever made and barks to everyone who commented on something negstive😂 it's so sad LMFAO😂

  9. I wonder why people who don't like something, take the time to click on it and comment. Ah, right, no-life haters. lol

  10. is dual shock move real for ps5 when is ps 5 comin out and plz make it 2019 or im switchin to xbox

  11. I have been saving my lunch money for many months now so I could buy a ps4 and now I need 30 more dollars.Can't wait!!

  12. Pubg players saying Fortnites bad, when Fortnite has actual variety, originality, and constant updates to keep the game fresh.
    Pubg on the other hand, died 2 years ago, is filled with cheaters, awful graphics, and bad overall game.

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